Can Science Explain Everything? Featuring Dr. John Lennox

  • Can science explain everything?
  • Is science an unstoppable force in human development?  Will it provide for all of our needs?
  • How can a scientist believe in God?
  • Are Christians committing the God of the Gaps fallacy when we say the universe, and certain designs in the universe, point to a being like God?
  • Is Christianity at odds with science or is atheism at odds with science?
  • Isn’t it irrational to believe in miracles and the supernatural?
  • What’s the best way to correct mistakes that people make about science and Christianity?

There’s nobody on the planet better at answering these questions than Dr. John Lennox of Oxford University. He joins Frank to share some wonderful illustrations and discuss his new book Can Science Explain Everything?

Don’t know who Dr. Lennox is?  Go to YouTube and search for his two debates with Richard Dawkins.  Dr. Lennox is the best blend of truth and grace out there!

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