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¿Por qué todos deberían creer que los Evangelios son confiables?

Por Brett Lunn Traducción: Los cuatro evangelios hablan de Jesús, el Cristo. Juntos nos hablan de la vida de Jesús de diferentes formas. Nos hablan de su nacimiento virginal, sus argumentos con líderes religiosos, sus enseñanzas, sus milagros y mucho más. Destacan su crucifixión en una cruz romana y su resurrección de entre los muertos. […]

Putting God on Trial

By Al Serrato “I can’t believe in a God who would allow so much evil and suffering in the world.” Have you encountered this challenge? Most anyone who has tried to defend the Christian worldview surely has. The person bringing this challenge will often claim to be atheist, but when you dig in a bit […]

Jesus: The Greater Moses

By Ryan Leasure An untrained eye might miss it, but the Old Testament, properly read, points to Jesus. From Genesis forward, we see reference after reference to a coming Messiah who would one day crush the head of the serpent (Gen. 3:15). Certainly the covenants with both Abraham (Gen. 12, 15, 17) and David (2 Sam. 7) […]

Tomar el tiempo en serio para diferenciar el pasado y el futuro: una respuesta a Wes Morriston

Por William Lane Craig RESUMEN Wes Morriston argumenta que, si incluso consideramos que una serie interminable de eventos es meramente potencial, en lugar de actualmente infinita, aún no se ha establecido una distinción entre una serie de eventos sin comienzo y una serie interminable, que es relevante para los argumentos en contra de la posibilidad […]

Does The “Legacy of Slavery” Explain Black Women’s 72% Out-Of-Wedlock Birth Rate?

By Wintery Knight I don’t like Calvinist theologian James White at all, but at least he’s willing to defend the moral teachings of the Bible against the woke identity politics that is taking over Christian churches. A few months ago, he tweeted something very controversial (see above), and got into a lot of hot water with […]

La Verdad Proposicional—¿Quién La Necesita?

Por William Lane Craig RESUMEN En una visión deflacionista de la verdad, el predicado de verdad no atribuye una propiedad de significado explicativo a las aseveraciones. El predicado de verdad es simplemente un dispositivo de ascenso semántico, por medio del cual hablamos de una aseveración en lugar de afirmar esa aseveración. Tal dispositivo es útil […]

The Problem of Evil

By Al Serrato One of the most common challenges to the Christian worldview is the problem of evil. We see evil all around us; we need to do little more than pick up a newspaper or watch the nightly news to have our sensibilities assaulted with countless acts of senseless violence and suffering. Many are […]

Why Do Christians Tend to Align With “Conservative” Economics?

By Luke Nix Introduction A while back, I saw an intriguing question on social media from a person who is in the middle of a worldview transition. This person is concerned about why so many Christians follow conservative economic theories and not more liberal ones. As I have thought about the question more and more, […]

The Genuine Saint Nicholas

By Brian Chilton It may surprise you to discover that there really is a Santa Claus! The Santa Claus figure was taken from a genuine person of history. His name was Saint Nicholas of Myra. Earlier on BellatorChristi.com, I posted an article on this issue. However, I thought it necessary to update the article, especially now […]

7 Legit Reasons Why So Many Kids are Bored by Church

By Natasha Crain  Last Sunday, our church did its annual multilingual service, with three congregations—Mandarin-speaking, Spanish-speaking, and English-speaking—all coming together for worship. We had readings in multiple languages, and a sermon was given in Spanish with an English translator. There was no Sunday school this week, so kids joined their parents in adult church. When we […]

Was the Deity of Christ A Legendary Development?

By Ryan Leasure Skeptics of all stripes vehemently deny the deity of Christ. Besides their a priori commitment to philosophical naturalism, a major argument they put forth is that the earliest Christians didn’t believe Jesus was divine. Rather, this belief in his deity was a legendary development, as evidenced by the four Gospels. It’s the skeptics’ contention that the […]

Was Jesus Married?

By Mikel Del Rosario Every Christmas and Easter, I tend to get into conversations about Jesus with people who see Christianity differently. But I’ve also found that even Christians can ask questions raised by skeptics in the public square like, “Was Jesus married?” Often times, Christians find challenges to the Bible’s portrayal of Jesus in […]

Bethlehem To Bedlam

By Bob Perry If Christmas is supposed to be about “Peace on Earth,” why all the chaos and stress at this time of year? It started when we, through an ironic accident of language, warped Bethlehem into bedlam. But the history of that change is incidental to what we’ve done since then. It starts every […]