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Book Review: Time for Truth: Living Free in A World of Lies, Hype, and Spin

By Luke Nix Introduction “Time for Truth: Living Free In A World of Lies, Hype, and Spin” by Os Guinness has been on my reading list for several years now. It is a relatively short book, so I popped it in my bag to read during downtime on a trip to see family. By the […]

¿Por qué no soy Fideísta? Parte I

Por Xavier González No les ha pasado que cuando están debatiendo con un ateo e intentas dar sus mejores argumentos, un hermano en Cristo o un desconocido que se meten en la discusión y comienza a dar sus argumentos. Pero cuando te das cuenta es pura tontería lo que proponen, dicen cosas como “La filosofía […]

You Might Be a Deist

By Brian Chilton Atlanta native Jeff Foxworthy made a name for himself as a stand-up comedian doing a routine called “You might be a redneck.” Some of these classic one-liners include, “If you have a set of salad bowls and they all say Cool Whip on the side, you might be a redneck … If […]

How to Work through Doubt and Uncertainty

By Matthew Slama In the guide to Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement from JCGM, it defines uncertainty as meaning doubt. It specifically defines uncertainty of measurement as meaning doubt about the validity of the result of a measurement. I recently presented at a technical conference on methods of computing measurement uncertainty and was thinking about […]

Racism, Racial Reconciliation & The Gospel

By Carter Keller In recent years, America has once again become susceptible to racial prejudice on a cultural scale. It is difficult, however, to determine how widespread racism is in the nation. Especially since those currently in the spotlight, politicians, media, cultural influencers, etc., are constantly making charges of racism at every turn. However, it […]

Molinismo, identidad y mundos posibles

Por Randy Everist ¿Es el molinismo verdaderamente compatible con la idea de personas en otros mundos posibles? ¿Realmente puede ser posible que haya una verdad contrafáctica sobre mí tal como “Si hubiera nacido en el siglo 18, ¿me habría puesto del lado de los colonos americanos contra los británicos”? Así que, aquí, depende mucho la […]

No, it’s not wrong to argue for God’s existence.

By Erik Manning There are dozens of arguments for the existence of God. To rattle off just a few: there’s the moral argument, ontological, religious experience, miracles, consciousness, reason, desire, and the families of cosmological arguments and design arguments. Some Christians say that while these arguments are good for building up the faithful, they’re useless […]

Yes, We Do Need to Put God in A Box

By Bob Perry “You can’t put God in a box.” It’s a popular saying within the Christian community. And it seems reasonable to say. After all, God can do anything He wants to do. Who would question that? I submit that every thinking Christian should question that … because it’s not true. God’s character does […]

Ambassador at Work – Faith, Vocation, and Apologetics

By Mikel Del Rosario How do people see you at work? I’ve been thinking about the relationship of your vocational work to spiritual conversations, especially as I reflect on collaborative events I’ve participated in over years, like the National Faith and Work Association Meeting. And here’s the thing: Our apologetic arguments aren’t heard in a vacuum. They’re wrapped […]

Clearing Up Cosmos: Fact and Fiction in Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Landmark Series

By Terrell Clemmons Douglas Ell became an atheist as a youth because of misinformation handed down to him in the name of science. It took him thirty years “to climb out of the atheist hole.” Sadly, Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, the 2014 series brought to you by Neil deGrasse Tyson, Family Guy’s Seth MacFarlane, and […]

The Idea That Faith is Caught and Not Taught is False…and It’s Hurting the Next Generation

By Natasha Crain As Christians, we have all kinds of pithy sayings that make their way through churches and establish themselves as generally accepted truths. Some end up on bumper stickers, some on wall decals, and some just get repeated so many times that people think they’re actually in the Bible. There’s a popular one […]

What is Truth? A Description of the Nature of Truth in the Gospel of John

By Brian Chilton   “What is truth?’ said Pilate” (John 18:38). This classic question was asked by Pilate to Jesus during Jesus’s trial. This question does not resonate with Pilate only. In fact, people throughout generations have asked the same. What is truth? What is the nature of truth? Can truth be known? While Jesus […]

4 Critical Tips for New Apologists

By Timothy Fox I’m no professional apologist by any means, but I’ve been around the scene long enough to have witnessed plenty of apologetics presentations. I’ve also seen many of the same mistakes being made by new apologists. Here are four critical tips to avoid common rookie mistakes: 1) Beware the curse of knowledge – […]

La participación del creyente en el proceso político, parte I

Por David L. Rogers Un libro, una Ilustración de los Gobiernos Los libros, que tanto nos enriquecen la vida, son una invención del siglo XVI. Antes todos los escritos fueron en rollos o pergaminos o en cartas. No existían los libros así como los conocemos hoy. Los libros están unidos por algo que la mayoría […]