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4 Questions Everyone Investigating the Case for Christianity Should Ask Themselves

By Evan Minton When it comes to investigating the evidences and arguments for and against worldviews, we need to realize that we human beings are not mere thinking machines; only considering the facts and logic, and generating conclusions based on hard, cold rationality. We’re not perfect, and one of the effects of the fall said […]

No, the argument from miracles has not been debunked (Pt. 1)

By Erik Manning Is the argument from miracles full of fallacies? Popular atheist YouTuber ‘Rationality Rules’ argues that’s the case. Rather than examining miracles on a report-by-report basis, he opts to say that the case for miracles is doomed from the start. This reasoning follows the tradition of the famous 18th-century philosopher David Hume. For […]

The Problem with Christian Celebrity

By Robby Hall The backlash against Lauren Daigle for her comments on homosexuality sparked debate amongst Christians who both defend and critique her. John Crist, a Christian comedian, recently posted a video on his Instagram feed condemning those who judged her for her comments. Crist seemed to be unaware that he himself was judging other […]

Blinded by Science?

By Terrell Clemmons Don’t Be; That’s Just the New Atheists Masking Their Faith Choice In the November 2006 cover story of Wired magazine, Gary Wolf thoughtfully gave ear to some of atheism’s most aggressive voices and labeled the movement that they lead “New Atheism.” Envisioning a brave new world in which science and reason overcome religious myth […]

7 Independent Lines of Evidence for God’s Existence

By Luke Nix Introduction- Why Is God’s Existence So Important? One of the most heated debates in any setting is the existence of God. If God exists, then He is the foundation for objective morality. One’s view of morality governs their thinking in everything from politics to workplace interactions, from scientific research to everyday behavior. […]

El argumento epistemológico en contra del materialismo

Por Maverick Christian Para comenzar citaré a Alvin Plantinga: El argumento, en esencia, es el siguiente: que ordinariamente pensamos que el contenido de una creencia, o una intención, o una acción es relevante para las acciones causadas por creencias, intenciones y acciones. Yo creo que hay una cerveza en la nevera; que ordinariamente pensamos lo […]

¿Cuál fue el pecado de Sodoma y Gomorra?

Por Greg Koukl ¿Por qué Dios destruyó a Sodoma y Gomorra? ¿Fue verdaderamente por causa del pecado de la inhospitalidad y no por la homosexualidadel el juicio más grande que se encuentra en la Biblia aparte del libro de Apocalipsis? La gente encuentra lo que quiere en la Biblia. Pero si busca lo suficiente, puede […]

“The Ring of Truth”

By Tim Stratton What religion or worldview possesses the “Ring of Truth?” It is definitely not Islam or atheism! To be sure, this is not a deductive argument like the Kalam, Freethinking, or Ontological Arguments. I am simply encouraging readers to pay attention to their intuition. Although we cannot always trust our intuition, I contend […]

John the Baptist in Josephus

By Ryan Leasure Several reasons exist for why we should trust the Gospels. Their eye-witness testimony, familiarity with the Palestinian world, embarrassing nature, early dating, and undesigned coincidences, all suggest that the Gospels are reliable documents. Beyond that, the plethora of Greek manuscripts and strong evidence that the text hasn’t changed give us even more […]

¿Qué es Dios? ¿Cómo podemos definirlo?

Por Carlos E. Rodríguez En sus argumentos sobre la existencia de un ser que trasciende el universo los teístas cristianos suelen identificar a este con el nombre de Dios. Lo que vamos a hacer es a proporcionar un significado claro y sencillo sobre este concepto. ¿Cómo definimos a Dios? Esta palabra puede ser usada como […]

Did God Command Genocide in the Old Testament?

By Ryan Leasure Richard Dawkins’ famous quote just about sums up how skeptics view the God of the Old Testament. He retorts: The God of the Old Testament is arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction: jealous and proud of it; a petty, unjust, unforgiving control-freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser; a misogynistic, homophobic, […]