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Apologetics Is About Love

By Ryan Leasure Apologetics is about love. Wait, what? Apologetics? About love? You mean to tell me that apologetics — making a defense for the Christian faith — isn’t about academic scruples that few people care about? Don’t apologists thrive off arguments and heated discussions? How could it be about love? While I can’t speak for […]

Terrell Clemmons Interviews Nancy Pearcey About The Impact Of Secularism

By Wintery Knight Salvo magazine is my favorite magazine for the discussion of issues related to the Christian worldview. They focus on the most interesting topics; sex and feminism, intelligent design and evolution, marriage and family, abortion and euthanasia, etc. One of their writers, Terrell Clemmons, has just about the best Christian worldview I’ve ever […]

Evil, Suffering and Evidence for God

By Mikel Del Rosario On November 13, 2015, coordinated terrorist attacks rocked Paris, France: A shooting rampage, explosions, and a mass hostage-taking that leftover 100 people dead and over 300 more badly injured; people who went out to see a band, a soccer game, grab a bite to eat or just enjoy the evening. The Islamic State claimed responsibility and the […]

Did God Create Evil?

By Brian Chilton After Bible study, one evening, a good friend of mine and I discussed the problem of evil. He asked an excellent question, “Did God create evil?” I said, “No, I don’t think he did.” However, my friend objected because he said, “God created everything, so he must have created evil.” This conversation […]

¿Tienen las ideas consecuencias? ¡Claro que sí!

Por Ted Wright En 1948 un profesor inglés en la Universidad de Chicago escribió un libro cuya idea principal repercute en el mundo moderno y en los titulares de la noticias de hoy en día. El profesor era Richard Weaver y su libro Ideas Have Consequences (Las ideas tienen consecuencias). La idea principal del libro […]

Truth and Tone in Cultural Engagement

By Darrell L. Bock and Mikel Del Rosario INTRODUCTION Over the past few decades, some evangelicals have seen cultural engagement as fighting a culture war for Christ. But the landscape has changed in a way that most people who graduated from seminary forty years ago might never have imagined. Today, we as Christians find ourselves […]

How to Get Men to Church

By Timothy Fox There’s a critical gender gap problem in America: Christianity’s gender gap. Men attend church far less than women. Why? There are many reasons, from weak, whiny worship to emotions-based sermons. Church isn’t masculine, so men don’t go. So what’s the solution? Churches create “manly” ministries and boot camps, involving sports and YELLING and other macho […]

A Parent’s Guide to the 5 Skeptics Who Want to Shame Your Kids for Being Christian

by Natasha Crain  Having blogged for over six years now, I’ve received hundreds (and hundreds) of comments and emails from skeptics of Christianity. Once in a while, I receive one from a pleasant non-believer who is truly interested in discussing evidence, asking reasonable questions, and engaging in thoughtful discussion. But that’s the exception. Those who contact […]

The Goodness of God

By J. Brian Huffling My last post on God and morality brought up the issue of if and how God is moral. My main point was to reject the notion that God is moral in the sense that humans are moral. But I did mention that God is good, just not morally good. That is, he isn’t […]

Why Being Comfortable Makes You A Bad Leader

By Alex McElroy We live in a result-oriented society. I suppose it’s better than living in a status-quo oriented society. The mantra of the day is “what have you done for me lately?” Harsh as that may seem, there is some truth to it and the adage can aid us in becoming more efficient and […]