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The COVID-19 War

By Dr. Dan Eichenberger The United States incurred an unprovoked attack, and the enemy (COVID-19) has inflicted casualties. The President declared war and already invoked the Defense Production Act, essentially forcing private companies into the production of what the government demands. Since the war has been declared, the expectation is there will be casualties, both […]

Does The Cambrian Explosion Disprove Darwinism?

By Ryan Leasure In The Origin of Species, Charles Darwin argued that “all the organic beings which have ever lived on this earth have descended from some one primordial form.”1 Darwin suggested that this primordial life form gradually developed into new life forms, which subsequently developed more life forms, eventually producing all the complex life forms we see […]

Ravi Zacharias: un recuerdo personal

Por William Lane Craig  En 1973 llegué a Trinity Evangelical Divinity School para comenzar mis estudios en Filosofía de la Religión. Para empezar a introducirme en el tema, decidí comenzar tomando una clase de Apologética durante la escuela de verano del cuarto trimestre con el Prof. John Warwick Montgomery. En la clase se inscribió conmigo […]

Jeff Hester Debates William Lane Craig On The Topic “Is Belief In God Rational In A Scientific Age?”

By Wintery Knight  I was very excited to see a recent debate by Christian philosopher William Lane Craig against atheist astronomer Jeff Hester. When I summarize a debate, I do a fair, objective summary if the atheist is intelligent and informed, as with Peter Millican, Walter Sinnott-Armstrong, or Austin Dacey. But the following summary is […]

Secularism, COVID-19, & the “Non-Essential” Church

By Rich Hoyer Many have asked the question, “Why are churches considered ‘non-essential’ during the Coronavirus shutdown and places like restaurants considered ‘essential’? Why are churches closed while grocery stores and restaurants remain open (at least for carry-out orders)?” The insinuation is NOT that food isn’t necessary, but the focus of the inquiry is on […]

La ciencia y el nuevo ateísmo son incompatibles

Por Shadow To Light Uno de los argumentos centrales del movimiento del Nuevo Ateismo insiste en que la ciencia y la religión son «incompatibles”. Los científicos no deben ser religiosos y si alguien realmente valora la ciencia, se supone que deben abandonar su religión. El argumento es convincente solo para nuevos ateos, simplemente porque es […]

Why Religious Freedom Should Matter to Absolutely Everyone

By Mikel Del Rosario Religious Freedom in a Pluralistic Society Why should religious freedom matter to everyone? Because the value we put on religious liberty shows how much we really care about freedom. If you’re going to be able to work for the common good—with people from all sorts of backgrounds—the law has got to […]

EPS Panel Discussion On Divine Simplicity

By J. Brian Huffling In November of 2018, I was on a panel with Richard Howe, Stephen Davis, and William Lane Craig at an Evangelical Philosophical Society session hosted by the American Academy of Religion. The topic was “Divine Simplicity.” It can be viewed here. Howe argued for why it is true, Davis argued why it is not […]

6 Ways Atheism Is A Science-Stopper

By Luke Nix Introduction: Science vs. Christianity? It is commonly claimed that Christianity is a science-stopper. What is usually put forth to justify this claim is that many Christians are content to look at nature and say, “God did it,” without looking further to discover how God did whatever “it” happens to be. For many Christians, questions […]

What COVID-19 Reveals About Us: Four Categories of People Surfaced from the Pandemic

By Brian Chilton COVID-19 has brought great panic across the globe due to the rapidity of its transmission and the danger it poses to seniors and those with compromised immune systems. However, COVID-19 has done more than just bring panic. It has also catalyzed several truths about American people, revealing a more troubling underbelly of […]

Is Earth Just A Pale Blue Dot?

By Ryan Leasure  In his book Pale Blue Dot, the late astronomer Carl Sagan had this to say about the above photograph taken aboard Voyager I: Because of the reflection of sunlight… Earth seems to be sitting in a beam of light as if there were some special significance to this small world. But it’s just an accident […]