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Why The Apocrypha Isn’t In The Bible

By Ryan Leasure I’ve had more than a few conversations about the Apocrypha. From my experience, this group of a dozen Jewish books written between the Old and New Testaments (400 BC-AD 50) perplexes most Christians. A couple of reasons exist for this confusion. First, most have never read these books. That is, nobody knows what […]

Worldviews Shaping Culture: Can You Name America’s Top 3?

By Mikel del Rosario You’ve got a worldview. Everyone does. What’s a worldview? It’s everything you believe about what’s real and what really matters in life. Ronald Nash defines it like this in his book, Worldviews In Conflict: A worldview is a set of presuppositions (or assumptions) which we hold (either consciously or subconsciously) about the […]

Determining the Apologetic Starting Point

By Brian Chilton I am fully immersed in a fantastic course describing apologetic methods. I have been engaged in apologetics since 2007. But, I never realized that there were so many various methodologies employed. One of the most off-putting of the methodologies that I have encountered has been one version of a method called presuppositional apologetics. Presuppositional […]

Did Jesus Exist?

By Evan Minton I don’t know why, but 99% of the atheists I talk to on the internet hold the ludicrous position that Jesus never existed. Now, they’re atheists. I expect them not to believe in the divinity of Jesus. How could they? If they did, they wouldn’t be atheists. They’d be Christians. No. I’m not […]

What is the Difference Between Absolute and Relative Truth?

By Natasha Crain (This is one of 40 key questions I address in my new book, Keeping Your Kids on God’s Side: 40 Conversations to Help Them Build a Lasting Faith. If you’re a parent, grandparent, church educator, or other special person in the spiritual life of a child, please check out my book for guidance on having […]

From a Sonnet to a Savior: Finding ways to present a reason for Christian faith

By Michael Sherrard  A little while ago I was discussing a sonnet by Jon Donne with several high school students. (I know you discuss sonnets all the time.) The sonnet by Donne was one that mocked death, comparing it to a sleeping pill. Actually, it compared it to opium but said that opium was better. Anyway, the […]

Why God Is Not In Time

By J. Brian Huffling Is God in time? This is a popular question. Does it matter? What does it mean for God to be in time or not? In this article, I will argue that the answer to this question is terribly important in maintaining a biblical and orthodox view of God. In order to […]

Did We Really Not Have A New Testament Canon Till The Fourth Century?

By Ryan Leasure Is it true the New Testament documents weren’t Scripture until the fourth century? That is, the books weren’t authoritative until church councils conferred authority upon them? Liberal scholars make this suggestion since it removes any supernatural explanation for the New Testament canon. To them, a scriptural authority can be explained merely on human […]

El debate como un deber cristiano

Por Douglas Wilson Para muchos cristianos, parece una pregunta razonable preguntarse si es del todo rentable para nosotros el participar en los debates públicos. ¿Quién ha cambiado de opinión debido a algún debate público? ¿Por qué disputar acerca de algo? Las Logomaquias solo provocan dolor la cabeza. En contraste con esto, quiero argumentar que tal […]

Science And Imperialism

By Terrell Clemmons The Wall Street Journal commissioned Richard Dawkins and Karen Armstrong to respond independently to the question, “Where does evolution leave God?” Their answers became an article in the Life & Style section called Man vs. God. Richard Dawkins said of Darwinian evolution, “We know, as certainly as we know anything in science, that this is the […]