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Ciudad Gótica y Nazaret no están en la misma categoría

Por Ryan Leasure Cuando era niño, consideraba a Batman como mi superhéroe favorito. A diferencia de otros superhéroes que podían volar, ver a través de las paredes o convertirse en gigantes verdes, Batman luchó contra el crimen en Ciudad Gótica por medios más convencionales. Era un gran luchador, usaba artefactos geniales, tenía un traje asombroso […]

Whirled Views

By Terrell Clemmons A Framework for Mapping Reality & Engaging Ideological Confusion. “Science is more than a body of knowledge. It’s a way of thinking,” said Carl Sagan in the last interview he gave before his death in 1996 at age 62. Sagan and Charlie Rose were discussing Sagan’s last book, The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a […]

Is Genesis History?

By Luke Nix Introduction A couple of years ago the documentary “Is Genesis History?” was released. This documentary aims to defend the truth of the Christian worldview by defending the historicity of the early chapters of the Bible from a scientific perspective. The documentary attempts to accomplish this by demonstrating evidence in support of intelligent […]

Book Review: Scientism and Secularism by J. P. Moreland

By Timothy Fox (Orthodox Fox) J. P. Moreland is one of the most prominent Christian thinkers of our time, and I’ve been greatly impacted by his works, such as Love Your God With All Your Mind and Kingdom Triangle. In his latest popular-level work, Scientism and Secularism (Crossway, 2018), Moreland addresses one of the most dangerous ideologies facing our culture and […]

33 Reasons Why We Need Apologetics

By Jeremy Linn I’ve written a bunch about what Apologetics is – a rational defense of the Christian faith – and what it all involves. But the “What” of Apologetics doesn’t matter if there are no reasons why we should use Apologetics or even have it on our minds. To show its importance on our […]

Secular Leftists Demand Christian Student Senator Resign For Disagreeing With Them

By Wintery Knight I had to blog about this story about a tough girl at UC Berkeley who is taking a lot of heat for her Christian beliefs. It would have been easier for her to keep them private. But they forced her to vote, and she had to respect her conscience. Campus Reform posted an article […]

Definiendo el argumento ontológico modal

Por Max Andrews ARGUMENTO ONTOLÓGICO[1] Este es el argumento ontológico que aboga por la existencia de un ser esencial, omnisciente, omnipotente y moralmente perfecto: La propiedad de ser máximamente grande se ejemplifica en algún mundo posible. La propiedad de ser máximamente grande es equivalente, por definición, a la propiedad de ser máximamente excelente en todos […]

The BGV Theorem: An Unexpected Asset for Christian Theism

By Brian Chilton Turn on the Discovery Channel or the Science Channel, and you may find interesting theories pertaining to how the universe came to be. Some propose that an eternal multiverse gave rise to our modern universe. Others will hold that eternal wiggling dimensions or planes collide to form universes. In 2003, three theoretical […]

If God Created The Universe, Who Created God?

By Evan Minton  This is a question that many, many atheists have asked Christians whenever Christians try to argue for God as Creator and Designer of the universe (by using, for example, The Kalam Cosmological Argument, or The Fine Tuning Argument). Once the argument for creation is over, the atheist will retort “Oh yeah? Well, if God made […]

If Kids Don’t Understand Why Miracles Don’t Discredit the Bible, Their Faith Will Be Easily Crushed

By Natasha Crain “The light of common sense, thrown on the stories of making snakes out of rods, of the Red Sea dividing itself, of Christ’s making wine from water, curing blind men by rubbing spit in their eyes, walking on water, the story of the flood, God’s making the world in six days, of making […]

Apologetics is Not For The Heart

By Richard Eng Growing up, my Dad taught me apologetics. He was really excited about it, and good at it too. As someone who studied under Norman Geisler at Southern Evangelical Seminary, my Dad got some of the best training out there. As a result, He taught me a lot of what I now know. I found myself […]