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No, the argument from miracles has not been debunked

By Erik Manning Is the argument from miracles full of fallacies? Popular atheist YouTuber 'Rationality Rules' argues that’s the case. Rather than examining miracles on a report-by-report basis, he opts to say that the case for miracles is doomed from the start. This reasoning follows the tradition of the famous 18th-century philosopher David Hume. For those of you who aren't into YouTube, Rationality Rules has had his channel since March of 2017. In that short time, he's gained over 200k...

Are Mormon doctrines supported by philosophy, science and history

By Wintery Knight This post presents evidence against Mormonism/LDS in three main areas. The first is in the area of science. The second is in the area of philosophy. And the third is in the area of history. The scientific evidence First, let’s take a look at what the founder of Mormonism, Joseph Smith, believes about the origin of the universe: “The elements are eternal. That which had a begginning will surely have an end; take a ring, it is...

Don’t Buy “The Science Guy”

By Bob Perry Bill Nye, “The Science Guy” used to host an enjoyable and informative TV program for kids. In the last few years, however, Bill Nye has entered into a different realm. Apparently, he fancies himself an arbiter of all truth; the man who can quite literally save the world. But if you have any interest whatsoever in seeking that truth in a coherent, consistent, intelligent way, please watch this two-and-a-half-minute video. As you do, think about what he is saying....

How Standard Evangelical Books on Biblical Interpretation Are Undermining the Bible(1)

By J. Brian Huffling When one thinks about apologetics, he usually thinks about such disciplines as philosophy, history, archaeology, etc. There is one area; however, that is relatively undeveloped in the practice of apologetics, and yet it is ripe for the work: literary studies. I am not talking about what genre the gospels happen to be, or if the saints in Matthew 27 were literally raised, or any such argument that has been popular as of late. I am talking...

The Problem with Christian Celebrity

By Robby Hall The backlash against Lauren Daigle for her comments on homosexuality sparked debate amongst Christians who both defend and critique her. John Crist, a Christian comedian, recently posted a video on his Instagram feed condemning those who judged her for her comments. Crist seemed to be unaware that he himself was judging other Christians for their behavior.   The thing is the church should make judgments on truth.  The New Testament constantly warns us of false prophets and teachers. ...

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