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60 Christmas Gift Ideas for Christian Kids and Adults

By Natasha Crain  I’ve recently had a lot of people asking for recommendations for Christmas gift ideas, for both kids and adults, so I’ve put together this detailed list of my top picks! They are almost all books, but there are a few other ideas as well. Gift ideas for kids come first (mostly for the under 12 crowd, since that’s where my own kids are), followed by gift ideas for adults. Enjoy! 30 Christmas Gift Ideas for Christian Kids Children’s...

J. Warner Wallace_ Different Answers to The Question “Why Are You a Christian”

By Wintery Knight I sometimes think about the horrible experiences I had encountering “normal” Christians in American churches after having become a Christian on my own through reading the New Testament, reading apologetics, and watching William Lane Craig debates. I heard a lot of different reasons to be a Christian from the church Christians, and what struck me was 1) their reasons had nothing to do with objective truth, and 2) their reasons hadn’t prepared them to have serious conversations...

My Conversation About Morality with an Atheist Millennial Man

By Wintery Knight [caption id="attachment_75184" align="aligncenter" width="474"] A meme that was posted on the WK Facebook page, by the new meme admin[/caption] I spent some time talking to an atheist millennial recently. He considers himself a moral person, and he is very helpful to others. I asked him to define morality, and he said that morality was feeling good, and helping other people to feel good. I was trying to think of a way to punch a hole in his...

Apologetics for Children

By Mikel Del Rosario How can we help our children understand evidence for the Christian faith? When people ask me about apologetics for children, I think back to the time when my son was in kindergarten. A classmate would tease him at school by sarcastically asking, “Why do you still believe in the God thing?” This confirmed my suspicion that it’s never too early to begin talking to your kids about what we believe and some of the basic evidence...

Monday December 10, 2018

Whirled Views

Whirled Views

By Terrell Clemmons A Framework for Mapping Reality & Engaging Ideological Confusion. "Science is more than a body of knowledge. It's a way of thinking," said Carl Sagan in the last interview he gave before his death in 1996 at age 62. Sagan and Charlie Rose were discussing Sagan's last book, The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark, and the danger that America's deficiency in basic science posed for future generations. People in positions of power, they agreed, as...

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