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How To Be Civil With A Political Party That “Wants To Destroy You”

By Michael Sherrard  Hillary Clinton has thrown more fuel on an already raging fire. In a recent interview, she stated very plainly that until the left has power again, they cannot be civil. If not for the fact that this advice will be followed by many to extreme ends, I’d just laugh at the extreme irony of saying “after I beat you up, I’ll be nice to you.” Well, I think there is a better way, the way of Jesus...

John Lennox And Paul Davies Discuss Aliens And The Origin Of Life

By Wintery Knight Christianity and the progress of science An amazing debate about the origin of life and the cosmic fine-tuning between a Christian and a materialist agnostic. John Lennox is AWESOME in this debate, and he only talks for a tiny part of the debate. He’s very gracious and focused the discussion on the areas that we care about. Paul Davies is an EXCELLENT scientist and well aware of what Christians believe. This is a great debate, very easy...

Did the Apostles Really Die as Martyrs_

By Mikel Del Rosario Evidence That Demands a Verdict Growing up, I had a lot of questions about the faith. So I went looking for answers. One of the first apologetics books I discovered on my dad’s shelf was Josh McDowell’s classic work, Evidence that Demands a Verdict. My dad even arranged for me to meet Josh while I was transitioning to high school. But neither one of us knew I’d eventually meet his son, Sean, during our college days at...

Where the Evidence Led Me

By Terrell Clemmons A Review of Heretic: One Scientist's Journey from Darwin to Design, by Matti Leisola & Jonathan As a student beginning his scientific studies in 1966, Finnish biochemist Matti Leisola used to laugh at Christians who "placed God in the gaps of scientific knowledge," as the criticism often went. As he saw it, those people lacked the patience and level-headedness that he possessed. After hearing Francis Schaeffer speak in 1972, though, he realized his concept of truth was naïve. He...

A Deeper Understanding Of Christ's Love Through Suffering

By Luke Nix Introduction How can you helplessly watch as a child dies from agonizing cancer? Doesn't the love you feel tell you that that suffering is evil and a God who is all loving and all powerful would rescue that child? How can God be all loving and all powerful if He allows such a child to suffer and die? This is a challenge that is often raised by atheists to reject the God of the Bible. But today,...

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