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Knowledge and Certainty Can You Know that God Exists

Mikel Del Rosario Do you have to be absolutely certain about something like ‚ÄúGod exists‚ÄĚ before you can say that you actually know it?¬†Christians who talk about the evidence for God sometimes get frustrated when skeptics challenge a basic premise like ‚Äúeverything that begins to exist has a cause,‚ÄĚ by saying that we haven‚Äôt explored the entire universe to know if that‚Äôs true. Maybe you‚Äôve heard a friend say you can‚Äôt actually know anything about God unless you‚Äôre absolutely sure...

Book Review The Beauty of Intolerance

By Luke Nix Introduction A few years ago, Sean McDowell gave a talk at the AMP Conference called "The Beauty of Intolerance." In the talk, he spoke of two different views on tolerance that seem to be clashing in today's society. He explained how the differences explain much of the political rhetoric of "hate" and "phobias" and "intolerance." He focused specifically on the Church's speaking truth in love and how this view is actually the most tolerant. This talk has...

Cashed Out Feminism

By Terrell Clemmons The War Against Sexual Order Has Young Men in Full Retreat Beware of the sperm-jacker, warns Dean Cardell on the men's website She's "all about getting pregnant and not about being into you." He identifies five types: (1) the Lesbian, who may at least do you the courtesy of asking for your contribution directly (the others go after it by stealth); (2) the Girl Running Out of Time and (3) the Trapster, both of whom are looking for a "just-add-water" family; (4) Miss Lonely,...

Reconciling a God of Love with the Problem of Evil

By Daniel Merritt Theologians and philosophers when engaged in explaining the mysteries of life, wrestle with two mysteries that challenge the mind and the soul. Those mysteries have to do with the problem of evil, which has two components: moral evil and natural evil. Of the two, moral evil poses the easiest solution, as we grasp that bad things happen as a result of man’s capacity to choose between good and evil. The choices one makes brings about consequences; bad...

If Christianity is True, Why Do So Many Kids Have Doubts Today

By¬†Natasha Crain Christianity Today¬†recently featured an article titled, ‚ÄúThe Biggest Hindrance to Your Kids‚Äô Faith Isn‚Äôt Doubt. It‚Äôs Silence.‚ÄĚ The article summarized the findings of researchers Kara Powell and Steven Argue on the faith of youth group graduates. They found that: 70 percent of churchgoing high schoolers report having serious doubts about faith. Less than half of those with doubt shared their struggle with an adult or friend. Opportunities to express and explore doubts were correlated with greater faith maturity....

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