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An argument from cancer

By Robby Hall Natasha Crain wrote a great article last year on what an apologist does when they believe they have cancer.  Little did I know at the time that 6 months later, I would get the news:  Stage 2 colon cancer. I've tossed back and forth about writing this, but I felt two points I wanted to make were worth writing about. Surrendering to Death The Christian worldview is that those who are in Christ – that is, those...

God & Evil: A Rapid-Fire Response

By Timothy Fox The problem of evil (pain or suffering) is probably the number one argument against the existence of God. While it is definitely not a problem that can be answered quickly and simply, I’d like to offer some short, rapid-fire responses that can be used to begin a deeper discussion: Free will – Freedom is a great good that God has granted us. But God can’t give us free will and then forbid us from using it. He...

Voltaire’s Prediction, Home, and the Bible Society: Truth or Myth? Further Evidence of Verification

By Daniel Merritt Editor’s Note: Previously, we ran an article that featured Dr. Merritt’s research into the story concerning Voltaire’s prediction that the Bible would not be read in a century and the use of his facilities as a Bible repository. After running the article, Dr. Merritt came across further evidence verifying this story. This updated edition features eyewitness accounts that Voltaire’s own printing press was used to print copies of the Bible. As Dr. Merritt and I discussed in...

Yale computer science professor David Gelernter expresses doubts about Darwinism

By Wintery Knight How did life begin? I had to learn about David Gelernter when I was doing my Masters in computer science. We studied his book “Mirror Worlds”. A few weeks ago, I blogged about his impressions of the difficulty in forming a simple protein by chance – something that naturalistic mechanisms would have to do in order to avoid intelligent agency as a cause in nature. He found it very unlikely. But there’s more! Recently, my friend Terrell...

Safeguarding Yours from the Modern Cult of Experts

By Terrell Clemmons [Although this essay was written at another time, Cross Examined considers its content to be current and relevant to share] Few years ago, Current Biology, a research journal published by Cell Press, carried an article titled, "The Negative Association between Religiousness and Children's Altruism across the World." The report, authored by seven psychologists from four continents, related the findings of experiments with approximately 1,200 children ages 5-12 from six nations. The study was funded by a grant...

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