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Saturday December 14, 2019

Was Jesus Married?

Was Jesus Married?

By Mikel Del Rosario Every Christmas and Easter, I tend to get into conversations about Jesus with people who see Christianity differently. But I’ve also found that even Christians can ask questions raised by skeptics in the public square like, “Was Jesus married?” Often times, Christians find challenges to the Bible’s portrayal of Jesus in a popular book, movie, YouTube video, or somewhere online and wonder how to respond. Recently, the question of whether or not Jesus had a wife...

20 Things Christians Can Create to Share Truth With Others

By Jeremy Linn The Apologetics world is filled with truth-infused books and lectures, many of which have made a lasting impact on people. But in a culture that's dominated by entertainment platforms like YouTube, Netflix, and Disney+, not everyone is drawn to read a 300-page book, or to watch a one-hour lecture on an Apologetics topic. What can often appeal to people is entertaining, creative content that does not compromise on presenting powerful truth. Just as there is a need for books...

Monday December 9, 2019

Bethlehem To Bedlam

Bethlehem To Bedlam

By Bob Perry If Christmas is supposed to be about "Peace on Earth," why all the chaos and stress at this time of year? It started when we, through an ironic accident of language, warped Bethlehem into bedlam. But the history of that change is incidental to what we've done since then. It starts every "Black Friday." The truth is that God never promised us peace on Earth. But he did send a Savior to Bethlehem to offer peace between...

A Neglected Proof for the Resurrection - The Sign of Jonah

By Erik Manning When arguing for the resurrection of Jesus, Christian apologists often make a historical case for the empty tomb and the appearances of Jesus that occurred after his death. I’d certainly never say that isn’t a legitimate way to argue, but there’s an additional reason to believe in the resurrection that flies under the radar: Jesus’ resurrection was a fulfillment of Scripture. The New Testament writers are pretty emphatic on this point. Then he opened their minds to...

One Woman's Quest for Straight Answers from Public Health Organizations

By Terrell Clemmons After three years' research on traumatic brain injuries he'd seen in prematurely deceased football players, Dr. Bennet Omalu wrote a paper in 2005 detailing his findings on the syndrome he named Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE). He was hopeful that NFL doctors would build on his discovery for the well-being of NFL athletes. But instead of welcoming his data, an NFL medical committee called for it to be retracted. A thoroughgoing medical scientist, Omalu would do no such...

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