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4 Ways Parents Bore Their Kids Out of Christianity

By Natasha Crain The highlight of my summer was a family RV vacation to Kings Canyon National Park. Behind our campground flowed a gorgeous river that I returned to multiple times over the course of our trip. Each time I went, I sat and pondered the “big questions” of life. There’s something about the majesty of creation that bubbles up a deep sense of awe about who God is, what he has done, who we are, and the meaning of...

12 Reasons to Trust The New Testament

By Bob Perry If you claim to believe the Bible, you better be able to trust that what it says is true. Trusting the Bible means knowing two things. First, that the original authors recorded historically accurate information. And, second, knowing that the Bible we have today contains what the original authors wrote down. "Textual criticism" is the science that analyzes these kinds of issues. It's a complicated discipline. But the conclusions we can draw from it are simple to...

Jesus’s Understanding of Human Nature in Luke 17

By Brian Chilton Some have claimed that Jesus was not a theologian. Granted, he did not sit down and write out a systematic theology book. However, the teachings of Jesus denote a deep theology that resonated with his understanding of God, Jesus’s own identity, God’s judgment, and of God’s salvific plan. In addition, one can see Jesus’s understanding of humanity and its relationship to God. One such example of the latter is found in the Gospel of Luke 17:1–4. Jesus...

5 Steps Every Christian Should Take When Talking with Skeptics about Miracles

By Jeremy Linn When talking with skeptics about the resurrection of Jesus, it seems obvious to go straight to the historical evidence for the resurrection. But for many skeptics, there is an intellectual barrier that needs to be broken down before historical evidence can even be considered. The barrier is: A strong skepticism towards miracles. I came across this barrier in a discussion I had with a skeptic about Jesus' resurrection. When the discussion began, I immediately started talking about historical...

There Is No Rise Unless He Is Risen

By Alex McElroy If you are creating a building, the structure is important, but the foundation is most important. If a rock goes through the window, it can be replaced. If there is a leak in the roof, it can be patched. However, if there is a crack in the foundation, the building will be condemned. The foundation is the most vital part of the structure. In the Christian worldview, that foundation is the resurrection of Jesus Christ. What happens...

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