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No Real Jesus Without The Trinity

By Marcia Montenegro The Trinity may be a rather neglected doctrine in the church today, even seen as secondary by many. In this article, we’ll consider some of the responses from Christians and non-Christians objecting to the importance of the necessary doctrine of the Trinity and evaluate them. Non-Trinitarians may seem to be Christian, especially in their avowal for a love for Jesus, but if the Trinity issue is raised, they will usually denounce it as a non-issue, pagan, evil,...

Is Christianity useful anymore

By Michael Sherrard According to recent research, the coming generations have no use for Christianity anymore. I’m sure you’ve seen what these sociological studies have found: the younger the generation, the more post-Christian it is. Young Americans are less inclined to believe in heaven and hell, that scripture is the word of God, that Satan is real, or that God even exists. They pray less, go to church less, and give less money to the church than the older generations. Many are...

Theistic Foundation of Science, parte 3

By Ken Mann Think Week: The Foundations of Science Found in Christian Theism, 3 We have been considering five presuppositions of science and how they can be explained by Christian theism. In the previous post we considered first three, here we will address the last two presuppositions, An Understandable World, and An Expressible World. An Understandable World We now turn to the significant mystery of why the world is understandable. From the perspective of naturalism, how or why this is...

The Postmortem Appearances To Paul and James

by Evan Minton This is part 6 in a blog post series on the evidence for the historicity of Jesus' resurrection. The Minimal Facts Case for the resurrection of Jesus is what I've been defending the past 5 articles, and in part 2, I explained what a minimal facts approach is. Part of a minimal facts approach is a two-step process: (1) establishing 5 historical facts through the use of "the criteria of authenticity" and (2) discerning what the best explanation...

Human Nature According to Darwin – A Christian Response

By Ken Mann The following is was delivered as a plenary session at a Biola on the Road conference in April 2017 at Faith Bible Church in Houston Texas. Introduction Charles Darwin. Evolution. Perhaps no other man and no other idea have had a wider influence on western culture. Since On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection was first published in 1859, how we perceive our world and ourselves has been transformed. For those who have embraced...

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