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Jeff Hester Debates William Lane Craig On The Topic “Is Belief In God Rational In A Scientific Age?”

By Wintery Knight  I was very excited to see a recent debate by Christian philosopher William Lane Craig against atheist astronomer Jeff Hester. When I summarize a debate, I do a fair, objective summary if the atheist is intelligent and informed, as with Peter Millican, Walter Sinnott-Armstrong, or Austin Dacey. But the following summary is rated VS for Very Snarky, and you’ll soon see why. The debate itself starts at 29 minutes: The audio is very poor. Dr. Craig’s opening...

No, Dan Barker. Covid-19 Doesn’t Disprove God

By Erik Manning Not one to let a good crisis go to waste, former minister and atheist activist Dan Barker tells us that the coronavirus proves that the Christian God doesn’t exist. Why? Because God promises to answer prayer. People have prayed for COVID-19 to stop. The virus continues to spread and people continue to die. Therefore Christianity must be false. Here’s Barker in his own words: The Christian god makes a crystal-clear pledge: “I will answer your prayers.” Jesus stated boldly:...

Homeschooling is not the best for every family. But if it’s at least a possibility, I think every Christian parent should give thought to it.

By Natasha Crain  This is going to be a very long post, so I’ll cut to the chase: My husband and I decided back in January that we were going to begin homeschooling our twins for middle school this fall…weeks before we had any idea that the coronavirus existed and that it would lead to everyone schooling at home this spring! I guess we were unintentionally ahead of the “curve” on this. (Get it? Curve? Coronavirus? Hello?) This decision was the product of...

There’s More Than One Way To “Trust The Science”

I have made the case before that scientism is a dangerous belief system. And the COVID-19 Pandemic has done nothing but prove the point. In their response to the virus, many in power exhort us to “trust the science.” Listen to the doctors. Their wisdom should guide the trajectory of our collective futures. But accepting that view greatly depends on your understanding of what science is … and whose science you’re trusting. The truth is that science never provides answers to anything. Scientists...

The Redefinition of Love—Resulting From the Loss of Truth

By Rich Hoyer Most people agree that we should love one another. But what does it mean to love others? Love can’t mean what our culture says it means.  It can’t be untethered from a transcendent moral standard (i.e., God’s word and natural Law) and left to be defined subjectively by our feelings, to be molded and fashioned into whatever shape current societal trends bend it. The average person in the US today is a Popular Secularist[1] and has accepted the...

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