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An Encounter With Jehovah’s Witnesses

By Terrell Clemmons It was a bright and cold December morning, and I was up to my elbows in bread dough when my doorbell rang. The dog barked at full volume, and my preschool daughter zipped past me as I brushed the flour from my hands and followed her to the door. There waited a tall, professionally dressed, blond young woman, smiling confidently as if she were arriving for a job interview. She offered me some free literature on the Bible...

5 Keys To A Respectful And Persuasive Conversation (1)

By Michael C. Sherrard You can have respectful and persuasive conversations about controversial issues like politics, morality, and even religion if you check your P.U.L.S.E. When you feel yourself getting angry and sense the conversation is ready to spiral out of control, ask yourself these five questions: Am I being too Preachy? Am I Using good questions? Am I Listening? Am I Staying on Topic? Am I being Encouraging? Conversations with people that disagree with you do not need to become ugly. There is no...

Exclusivity Claims Of Major World Religions

by Rajkumar Richard You may have encountered and engaged these claims, “Christianity is intolerant!” and “Christianity is exclusive!” The other religions are allegedly tolerant and hence, inclusive. Is it so? No! Every major religion claims exclusivity. Within the theme of “Religious Diversity,” three relevant theories should be recognized.[1] The “Pluralist theory” believes that one religion is as truthful as another. The “Exclusivist theory” considers only one religion as uniquely valuable – the sole bearer of truth. The “Inclusivist theory” finds merit with...

The Evidence For Jesus' Resurrection, Part 9_ Probabilities and Plagarism

By Evan Minton This is part 9 in a blog post series on the historical evidence for Jesus' resurrection. In parts 3, 4, 5, and 6, we've seen powerful historical evidence that (1) Jesus died by Roman crucifixion, that (2) His tomb was found empty the following Sunday morning, that (3) the twelve disciples believed they saw Jesus alive after His death, that (4) a church persecutor named Paul converted to Christianity on the basis of what he perceived to...

Robin Collins And Atheist Peter Millican Discuss The Fine-Tuning Of The Universe For Life

By Wintery Knight You might remember Peter Millican from the debate he had with William Lane Craig. I ranked that debate as one of the 3 best I have ever seen, along with the first Craig vs. Dacey debate and the second Craig vs. Sinnott-Armstrong debate. Details: Science has revealed that the fundamental constants and forces of the cosmos appear to be exquisitely fine-tuned to allow a universe in which life can develop. Is God the best explanation of the incredibly...

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