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The Education of Jesus of Nazareth

By Brian Chilton Often, critical scholars make Jesus of Nazareth out to be a country bumpkin, one who was uneducated and unsophisticated. However, when one evaluates his life and teaching style, it appears that Jesus of Nazareth was a well-polished individual who spoke and taught with great authority and wisdom. The Jewish leaders marveled at Jesus, saying, ‚ÄúHow is this man so learned, since he hasn‚Äôt been trained‚ÄĚ (Jn. 7:14, CSB)? While this writer holds that Jesus was the divine...

You Can’t Make Your Kid a Christian

By Natasha Crain I thrive on control. I love projects that can be broken into goals, tasks, and success or failure criteria. Nothing motivates me more than the opportunity to strive toward the successful completion of something. I actually have spreadsheets that outline every hour of my life with a color code for the activity, so I can understand exactly where my time goes. I even have spreadsheets for my kids‚Äô lives! For a major ‚Äúcontrol freak‚ÄĚ like me, having...

When C.S. Lewis Warned Us About Alfie Evans and Charlie Gard

By Bob Perry Unfortunately, everybody has heard about Charlie Gard and Alfie Evans. They were both born with eerily similar and rare genetic disorders. They both died before they reached age two. Sadly, those kinds of things happen too often. But neither of them are the reason you’ve heard of Charlie Gard and Alfie Evans. You’ve heard of them because they became icons for the inherent dangers of a state-controlled health care system. C. S. Lewis warned us about this...

The Kalam Cosmological Argument NOT Debunked

By Evan Minton I discovered a YouTuber called "Rationality Rules" very recently. One of his many videos is "The Kalam Cosmological Argument Debunked - (First Cause Argument Refuted)" which you can watch here. One of my patrons brought this video to my attention and requested that I respond to it, so here we go. For the uninitiated, The Kalam Cosmological Argument is formulated as follows: 1: Whatever begins to exist has a cause. 2: The universe began to exist. 3: Therefore,...

How Can God be Sovereign over Evil and not Morally Culpable for It

By Ryan Leasure It‚Äôs not uncommon to hear those in the non-Reformed tradition make the claim that Reformed belief necessarily makes God blameworthy for evil. After all, if God has sovereignly decreed everything whatsoever to come to pass ‚ÄĒ including evil ‚ÄĒ how is he not morally culpable for it? It‚Äôs certainly a good question, but as I‚Äôll try to point out, it‚Äôs one that misunderstands the Reformed view. I believe that when we evaluate Scripture, we find a God...

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