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A Deeper Understanding Of Christ's Love Through Suffering

By Luke Nix Introduction How can you helplessly watch as a child dies from agonizing cancer? Doesn't the love you feel tell you that that suffering is evil and a God who is all loving and all powerful would rescue that child? How can God be all loving and all powerful if He allows such a child to suffer and die? This is a challenge that is often raised by atheists to reject the God of the Bible. But today,...

Emotional Doubt and How to Combat It

By Brian Chilton In a recent class at Liberty University, it was noted how 80% of a person’s doubts do not stem from intellectual problems with Christianity, but rather from emotional doubt. Emotional doubt is a problem for every person, but it seems to be a tougher concept for men to combat. The reason is that most men abstain from talking about their emotions. Many will suppress the emotional doubt and ignore it. However, such actions do not eliminate the...

Colossians 2:8 Does Not Condemn Philosophy

By Evan Minton  Some well-meaning but very misinformed Christians discourage the study of philosophy on the basis of a verse in Colossians chapter 2. In Colossians 2:8, the apostle Paul wrote: "See to it that no one takes you captive by philosophy and empty deceit, according to human tradition, according to the elemental spirits[a] of the world, and not according to Christ." This verse has become the chief proof-text for anti-philosophy Christians. In fact, even the famous reformed preacher John MacArthur argued against...

What I Learned About Faith While Thinking I Had Cancer This Week

By Natasha Crain A few days ago I felt a rather large, firm lump on my body. My first reaction was, “What on Earth is that?”… followed closely by, “Oh my gosh. This could be it.” Honestly, I started to panic. I know I’m at a higher risk for certain types of cancer and I imagined the worst. My doctor wasn’t able to get me in for five days. I spent that five days consumed by Google research—diagnosing myself, guessing what stage cancer...

“How Would You Respond to This”

By Timothy Fox Once people discover that you’re a Christian thinker, they often start coming to you with all of the objections they hear: “The Bible is hopelessly corrupt.” “Jesus never existed.” “Science disproves God.” Your friends will offer you the objections and ask, “How would you respond to this?” And here is what I always say: “I wouldn’t.” I never respond to objections. But wait, aren’t I an apologist? Isn’t it my responsibility to provide an answer to people’s objections? Not...

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