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From Christianity To Atheism: Parenting Millennials Under A Biblical Worldview

By Jason Jimenez This article is adapted from Jason's book Abandoned Faith. Clayton, a sophomore in college, was influenced by a couple of classes taught by a professor from The Jesus Seminar. Clayton shocked his family by announcing, at his brother's birthday party, that he was now an atheist. "Dad, I know you may not like this, but I don't believe in the Bible anymore. I've come to learn that the Bible can't be trusted. The church has doctored it up...

Were There No Camels During the Time of Biblical Patriarchs?

By Mikel Del Rosario Camels in the Bible? Engaging skeptical challenges to the Old Testament and Camels in the Bible Most people I knew growing up had no problem saying most Old Testament stories were based on some kind of real event. Even those who were skeptical about supernatural parts of the Scriptures didn’t question basic details of ordinary events like Abraham’s travels or even the presence of camels in the Bible. Today, not so much. Many archaeologists and historians...

An Intro to Arguments for God’s Existence

By J. Brian Huffling Does God exist? This has been one of the most asked questions in history with the most profound implications. As Norman Geisler used to say, our view of God’s existence is most important since it determines what we think about everything else. There are many arguments for God’s existence. This article will examine the standard classical proofs with typical objections and evaluations. The proofs for God are varied and different, but they can be classified as...

Whose Morality Should We Legislate? 44 Quotes from Frank Turek and Norman Geisler

By Luke Nix "We're living in a society in which people feel no obligation to control their own actions. Instead, we rationalize and justify every aberrant behavior under the umbrella of freedom granted by the First Amendment, never admitting that freedom without reasonable and responsible limits destroys individual lives and ultimately destroys the fabric of a civilized society." "It is critical to recognize that the founders [of America] were pledging their lives to restore not someone's revealed religion, but everyone's self-evident morality." "It is important...

The Best Kind of Love

By Tim Stratton Question: Dear Dr. Stratton, In your interview with Jorge Gil on Cross Examined’s Hope One, you attempted to answer “all the problems of evil” by appealing to love. In fact, you said that “the best kind of love requires libertarian free will.”  Surely this is false, for I can think of a counter-example that clearly shows this to be false. After all, the members of the Trinity are the epitome of perfect love and they do not have...

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