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Does Suicide Condemn Someone to Hell_

By Brian Chilton NOTE: We recently received a question related to this topic so we decided to reblog this entry. We believe this is an extremely important issue we need to deal with as a Christian community. Pastor Rick Warren and his family suffered a great loss as his son died from suicide. Suicide is the killing of one’s self.  It is a crime and a sin since there is a life taken which was made in the image of...

The MAVEN Experience

By Tim Stratton The primary goal of¬†FreeThinking Ministries¬†is to equip the church to engage the culture. In my opinion, no one is doing that better than Brett Kunkle. Kunkle became well-known in the apologetics community through his time at Greg Koukl‚Äôs organization,¬†Stand To Reason. Recently, however, Kunkle has branched out and started¬†MAVEN, an organization focused on helping the next generation know the truth, pursue goodness, and create beauty. What exactly is a ‚Äúmaven?‚ÄĚ Wikipedia defines maven as ‚Äúa trusted expert...

How Do I Explain Abortion To My Children_

By Michael Sherrard These kinds of questions keep you awake at night. Knowing how and when to talk to your children about sensitive issues isn't an exact science. But we better figure it out quick. While we contemplate the best way to do it, our little ones are being taught by someone else. The internet, social media, and public education have changed the rules of the game. With that in mind, here are four practical suggestions for parents and church leaders on...

Would A World Without Satan Lack Evil_

By¬†Rajkumar Richard The question, ‚ÄúWould there be less evil in a world without Satan?‚ÄĚ could be relevant, for if the answer to this question is a yes, then we could plausibly ask, ‚ÄúWhy did God create angels, i.e., Satan if evil in this world would be lesser without Satan?‚ÄĚ Within this context, if God had not created Satan, evil would have been less, and our world would have been a good world. However, since God created Satan, could we then...

A Call To An Intellectual Faith

By J. Brian Huffling I would venture that if you asked people what is meant by ‚Äėfaith,‚Äô they would likely say ‚Äúbelieving something in spite of the evidence or in the absence of evidence.‚ÄĚ However, such has not historically been the view of faith. Faith has traditionally been understood as trusting a reliable source. For example, while it is possible to prove through historical means that Jesus died, it is not possible to prove through merely historical means that his...

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