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Reconciling a God of Love with the Problem of Evil

By Daniel Merritt Theologians and philosophers when engaged in explaining the mysteries of life, wrestle with two mysteries that challenge the mind and the soul. Those mysteries have to do with the problem of evil, which has two components: moral evil and natural evil. Of the two, moral evil poses the easiest solution, as we grasp that bad things happen as a result of man’s capacity to choose between good and evil. The choices one makes brings about consequences; bad...

If Christianity is True, Why Do So Many Kids Have Doubts Today

By¬†Natasha Crain Christianity Today¬†recently featured an article titled, ‚ÄúThe Biggest Hindrance to Your Kids‚Äô Faith Isn‚Äôt Doubt. It‚Äôs Silence.‚ÄĚ The article summarized the findings of researchers Kara Powell and Steven Argue on the faith of youth group graduates. They found that: 70 percent of churchgoing high schoolers report having serious doubts about faith. Less than half of those with doubt shared their struggle with an adult or friend. Opportunities to express and explore doubts were correlated with greater faith maturity....

Is There a Difference Between Apologetics and Evangelism

By Robby Hall Many have an idea that the discipline of Apologetics is limited to showing some esoteric point to be true or getting into long debates with atheists. The truth is, apologetics is about one thing ‚Äď bringing people to Christ. Some see evangelism and apologetics as differing from each other in their end goal. But is this the case? The late Dr. Francis Schaeffer referred to apologetics as "pre-evangelism". He believed that most were not ready to hear...

Responding to Sam Burke's Argument That Christianity Entails Anti-Natalism

By Evan Minton  In the comment section of one of the posts on the Cerebral Faith facebook page, Sam Burke commented "If I found out Christianity was true, I would do everything in my power to stop people from having kids so that more people don't go to Hell. According to Matthew 7:13 only a few people will find the way to Heaven. Almost everyone who is born will end up being burned in eternal conscious pain for eternity according to the Bible....

Sunday March 10, 2019

Rays of Hope

Rays of Hope

By Matthew Slama I was recently thinking about how we view God and how he interacts with us in this world. I was also reflecting about the verse about us being light unto the world. As I reflected, I searched for an illustration to ground this Biblical concept. I think I found it. The lamp on my desk was shining as I had finished a glass of red wine. This lamp emits a very white light and has a color temperature of over 6000 Kelvin...

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