The Top 20 Christian Apologists

Frank Turek with the world's most credentialed and likable apologist, Dr. John Lennox.

Frank Turek with the world’s most credentialed and likable apologist, Dr. John Lennox.

These are the Top 20 Christian Apologists from whom I’ve learned much.  They were the subject of today’s radio program.

Outside of Dr. Norman Geisler being in the top spot (since I studied under him for several years), the rest are not necessarily in order.  Do I agree with everything these men say?  No.  (I don’t even agree with everything I say!)  But I think you’ll find a wealth of wisdom and practical insights about the truth of Christianity from these men and organizations.  Many of these men have appeared on our radio program.  You can listen to them anytime by downloading our free app here.

  1. Norm Geisler:
  2. William Lane Craig:  Reasonable
  3. Ravi Zacharias:
  4. John Lennox: John
  5. Greg Koukl:
  6. J. Warner Wallace:
  7. Paul Copan:
  8. Ed Feser:
  9. Lee Strobel:  Lee
  10. Josh McDowell:
  11. Discovery Institute  (Dembski, Meyer, Richards, Luskin, Wells):
  12. C.S. Lewis:
  13. Gary Habermas:
  14. Timothy McGrew:
  15. Dr. Michael Brown:
  16. Richard Howe:
  17. Tim Keller:
  18. J. Budziszewski:
  19. Hank Hanegraaff:
  20. Hugh Ross:

Bonus (includes some cultural commentators):

R.C. Sproul

Wayne Grudem

J.P. Moreland

Mike Licona

Southern Evangelical Seminary 



David Limbaugh

Scott Klusendorf

Mike Adams

Ryan T. Anderson


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