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Messianic Convergence in the Gospels: A New Way to Frame the Argument from Old Testament Fulfilment

Anyone who has spent considerable time studying the gospels can tell that they are literally saturated with Old Testament fulfilment and allusions. Indeed, the early church used two primary lines of argument to establish the Messianic credentials of Jesus of Nazareth — the resurrection of Jesus from the dead and Messianic prophecy. How useful is […]

The Trinity in the Old Testament (part 3): The Divine Messenger of Yahweh

In previous blog posts (part 1, part 2), I began a series exploring the expression of God’s Triune nature in the Old Testament, an oft-neglected subject among Christians today. In this article, I will discuss the divine messenger of Yahweh, who shows up numerous times in the Old Testament. Before we dive into the relevant Biblical […]

Who Wrote the Gospels?

One often hears the claim, made frequently by skeptical scholars and laypeople alike, that we have no grounds on which to think the four canonical gospels were actually written by the people to whom they are ascribed. The original documents, we are told, were written in anonymity, the attributions being added by scribes at a […]

The Apologetics Academy: Equipping the Church to Confront the Culture

I recently launched my new ministry, the Apologetics Academy (http://www.apologetics-academy.org). The Apologetics Academy seeks to educate, train, disciple and equip the church at a personal level. By hosting weekly Webinars with leading scholarsand thinkers, Christians are provided access to world class intellects that they probably would otherwise never meet. In addition to Christian speakers, we often […]

New Website: Advanced Apologetics

Last week, I launched my new website, AdvancedApologetics.net. The website contains information on my upcoming speaking engagements and debates, as well as upcoming online meetings of my Advanced Apologetics mentoring group. It also features a blog, and links to the collection of videos available at my YouTube Channel. Check it out here AdvanceApologetics.net.

Ijaz Ahmad Continues To Misrepresent Me

A few days ago, I posted a response to a review of my recent debate with Dr. Shabir Ally on the doctrine of the Trinity vs. Tawhid, written by Muslim blogger Ijaz Ahmad. Not long after my article appeared, so did Ijaz’s response. I noted previously that Ijaz appears to have developed a peculiar habit […]

Sharing Your Faith With Muslims

Last weekend, at a church in Middlesbrough, England, I presented the above talk on sharing one’s Christian faith with Muslims in a winsome and persuasive way. Islam is a religion that accounts for well over a billion people worldwide, and self-professes to be the world’s fastest growing religion. It is a subject that we often hear about […]

Introducing BeliefMap.org

If you’re an apologist in training, I want to call your attention to a really neat resource. BeliefMap.org is a pretty neat Christian apologetics website, which is building online “pocket-apologist” for believers and nonbelievers to use. Imagine an encyclopedia that allows users to interact with academic material in a point-counterpoint debate format. That is to […]