Andy Stanley Responds to the “Who Needs God” Controversy

Who Needs God?  Some Christians say Andy Stanley does.  In fact, he gets more attacks from Christians than non-Christians.  Is it his message, his method or both?

Some are upset with him because, in their judgment, he uses the wrong apologetic method by not assuming the Bible is true. Others are upset with him because, again, in their judgment, he doesn’t really believe in the inerrancy of the Bible and appears to agree too much with skeptics. (You can see some of their concerns in the comments of my previous post called Why Andy Stanley is right about the Foundation of Christianity and How to Defend it.)

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All of this criticism came to a head during Andy’s recent apologetics series called “Who Needs God.”  Now Andy has responded, and done so in detail.  His thorough response to these charges is called “Why ‘the Bible says so’ is Not Enough Anymore”.

In it he confirms his belief in inerrancy and explains his approach to reach, not non-Christians but post-Christians. Andy explains the difference between non-Christians and post-Christians, and how that difference has impacted his preaching approach.  His theology hasn’t changed, but his method to communicate that theology has.  The question is, should yours?

If you’re open-mined enough to engage this well-written piece, I would enjoy hearing your comments.  What does Andy have right?  What do you think he has wrong and why? Please only comment if you have read the entire article.


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