Why Everyone Believes in Borders

Do you have locks on your doors? How about on your car? Got a fence so your kids can play safely? The truth is everyone believes in secure borders. In fact, life would be impossible without them. As long as human nature is what it is—bent toward evil—borders will be necessary.
Frank skillfully discuss this extremely difficult topic and help you navigate thru this issue with some clear and helpful insights.
Also, during the last section of this episode, he responds to a question from a listener related to a Bible Study she attended where they told her basically she doesn’t have to give reasons for the truth of Christianity. Yikes! Yes, we know; unfortunately, there are still preachers, teachers, and pastors that don’t get it, and then when 75% of their youth leaves the faith when they go to college, they act surprised. Make sure to listen until the end. God bless!

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