Theistic Evolution? with Dr. Stephen Meyer

Some Christians are trying to get the church to accept evolution by putting the word “theistic” in front of it. Is that wise? Is evolution true?  Join Frank and his guest Dr. Stephen Meyer (one of the best people on the planet to discuss this), as they investigate several important questions such as:

  • Theistic evolution:  What is it?
  • If it’s true, where does God intervene?
  • Is it a halfway house between naturalism and ID?
  • Does it contradict the Bible?
  • What about the “god of the gaps” fallacy? (Might evolutionists be committing the “natural law of the gaps” fallacy?
  • How do Christians explain the simple to complex progression of life in the fossil record?
  • What dating methods are used to date fossils?

Dr. Meyer contributed significantly to the massive recent book, Theistic Evolution:  A Scientific, Philosophical and Theological Critique.  You should also go to the CrossExamined app and listen to the January 2017 and September 2014 shows with Dr. Meyer.  Those shows are evergreen and lay out the evidence against macroevolution and for intelligent design.

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Theistic Evolution with Stephen Meyer – IDHEFTBAA Podcast


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