Money, Greed and God with Dr. Jay Richards

Many people seem confused about what socialism is and whether or not it would be better than America’s capitalistic system.  If there’s one book you should read on this—in fact, it’s one of the best books on economics you’ll read anywhere—is the new edition of Money, Greed and God: The Christian Case for Free Enterprise by Dr. Jay Richards.  On this show, Frank interviews Jay and gets clear answers to these questions:

  1. What are Socialism, Marxism, and communism and how do they differ?
  2. Shouldn’t Christians be communists based on the early believers communing their resources in the book of Acts?
  3. We hear that socialism works in Sweden.  Is that true?
  4. Why doesn’t socialism work?
  5. Why do you think so many young people are attracted to a failed system?
  6. Isn’t capitalism based on greed?  How can Christians be for it?
  7. We hear a lot about income inequality. Is that a bad thing, and, if so, what can be done about it?
  8. When politicians use the phrase “paying your fair share”, what standard are they using to determine what is fair?
  9. Our welfare system actually pays women to have kids out of wedlock.  How do we improve the safety net to prevent that from happening?
  10. Why does religious and economic liberty fall together?
  11. The two industries in which the government controls significantly are education and health care.  Why are prices high and quality low in those industries?
  12. You say that no one person at Apple, including CEO Tim Cook, knows how to make an iPhone.  What does this say about the difference between socialism and free-market capitalism?

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