The Left vs. Free Speech

Frank analyzes the debate between Jordan Peterson vs. Cathy Newman. They discuss topics such as gender, equality, pay gap and more. The crystal clear thinking and eloquence shown by Prof. Peterson puts the spotlight on the Left’s position to subvert free speech. This is a podcast you definitely want to listen and relisten.

Watch the debate here:


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  1. Rick Townsend says:

    I’m a bit behind and just got to this podcast. While I respect Peterson’s unusually clear contact with reality, his overall world view is clearly lacking perspective and prescriptive qualities. He is deliberately vague on his position on God, and is rightly criticized in this assessment:

    It might be worth a follow up mention at some point, since this podcast was quite complimentary toward Peterson overall. I “discovered” Peterson at a recent campus apologetics event where a liberal student was quite enamored with Peterson’s clarity without realizing his substance leads right up to a cliff with no way across the divide.

    –Rick Townsend, 2017 CIA graduate


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