Israel & Footsteps of Paul Trip this Summer

Have you ever wanted to see the Bible come alive by visiting actual biblical sites?  When I co-led a Footsteps of Paul cruise last year with my friend Bob Cornuke (the REAL Indiana Jones), the experience was even more enriching than I had anticipated.  So this year we are going to do it again.  Except in addition to following in the footsteps of Paul, we’re going to follow in the footsteps of Jesus as well!

We’ll start in Israel on May 27 and visit the major sites in the Holy Land for four days.  Then we’ll fly to Istanbul to board a beautiful 600 passenger ship– which just the right size for a comfortable trip– and see the places where Paul actually ministered:  places such as Ephesus, Troas, Athens, Corinth and Malta.  We’ll also stop at the breathtaking Island of Santorini as well.

Our group will be around 50.  Check the one minute video above and this site ( for all the details. I hope you can join us for this once in a lifetime trip!


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