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Scalia Defended Democracy: Liberals Subvert It

“I write separately to call attention to this Court’s threat to American democracy,” wrote Justice Scalia in his dissent from last year’s Supreme Court decision, where five unelected judges imposed same-sex marriage on all 320 million citizens. “This practice of constitutional revision by an unelected committee of nine, always accompanied (as it is today) by […]

Abortion Advocates Don’t Want You to See this Video

Abortion advocates don’t want you to see this one minute video. They would rather suppress the truth than conform to it. Had or encouraged abortion? There is healing. Please visit the CaseforLife.com  On this tragic anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, I would like to clear up a massive misunderstanding: overturning Roe vs. Wade will NOT […]

Israel & Footsteps of Paul Trip this Summer

Have you ever wanted to see the Bible come alive by visiting actual biblical sites?  When I co-led a Footsteps of Paul cruise last year with my friend Bob Cornuke (the REAL Indiana Jones), the experience was even more enriching than I had anticipated.  So this year we are going to do it again.  Except […]

Tragedy Then Hope: Like the First Christmas

           I was physically sick when I heard the news. The mass murder of children and adults at the Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut is shocking and sadly too common. Evil is a reality in our world, and, tragically, evil has been perpetrated on children for centuries.  Just before the birth of Moses, Pharaoh commanded […]

Was Jesus Married?

Dr. Daniel Wallace, one of the top New Testament manuscript experts in the world, has weighed in on the recently revealed manuscript fragment where Jesus allegedly refers to “my wife.”  The bottom line is that even if this fragment is authentic, it is far too late to give us any new information on the historical […]

Evidences Jesus is ALIVE

My guest on the radio program today was Dr. Tim McGrew, Professor of Philosophy at Western Michigan University.  He provided five lines of evidence that Jesus is ALIVE:  A         Appearances to his followers (1 Cor 15, Mt 28, Lk 24, Jn 20-21, Acts 1, Josephus and others)  L          Low status of women […]

Mr. Bonhoeffer Goes to Washington

My friend and best-selling “Bonhoeffer” biographer Eric Metaxas brilliantly wove wit and humor through a speech against dead religion at the National Prayer Breakfast on Thursday.  Calling on the heavenly witnesses of Wilberforce and Bonhoeffer, Metaxas courageously defended life and natural marriage before about 4,000 people and with President Obama and Vice President Biden sitting […]

Turek & Cornuke to Lead Footsteps of Paul Cruise, July 2012

Frank Turek and Bob Cornuke (the REAL Indiana Jones) will be leading a “Footsteps of Paul” cruise in July 2012!  Our ship will be Oceania’s beautiful “Regatta.”  We’ll present evidence and insights about the New Testament while we tour the Biblical sites of: Ephesus (Ephesians, Paul’s home for three years, and his confrontation with Diana […]

The Universe Had a Beginning

Cosmologist Alexander Vilenkin wrote a book in 2006 (Many Worlds in One) in which he refers to a theorem he developed with Alan Guth and Arvind Borde. Although not a believer in God but the mulitverse, Vilenkin says that their theorem proves that even if other universes exist there was an absolute beginning of them […]

Frank Turek Interviews William Lane Craig

During the National Conference on Apologetics at the end of October, I had the chance to sit down with Dr. William Lane Craig before an audience of about 1,700 and ask him about his recent trip to the UK, including his proposed debate with atheist Richard Dawkins which, after much controversy, never materialized. However, as […]