Is it arrogant to say you’re right? And many other questions

Is it arrogant to say you’re right? And many other questions.

So you think you’re right and everyone else is wrong! You’re arrogant!

Is that true? Frank answers many of the questions you’ve emailed to including:

  • Is love possible if atheism is true?
  • Unless you observe it directly, do you have to have faith to believe it?
  • Why pray when these shootings keep happening?
  • How can we love America when its founders were slave owners?
  • Why do we say the God of the Bible is the ground of morality?
  • Is once saved, always saved, true? What about those who fall away?
  • Did God create us, or did we create God?
  • Is it arrogant and pompous to say you’re right and others are wrong?

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