Exposing More Contradictions

In this brief podcast, Frank tackles some of the inconsistencies of adhering to a worldview that claims we can choose our own gender. He also educates those who claim that one can be “racist” against Islam (Muslims).

Listen also to Exposing Atheists Contradictions (Part 1)


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    • craig says:

      this may sound callous and oversimplified (dunno how, but someone will say it is) how much more time does it take to discover your gender than past dropping your britches and skivvies around your ankles and looking between your legs? Seems like a no brainer. Am i missing something?

      • John B. Moore says:

        Yes, you’re missing the difference between sex and gender. Simply put, sex is physical whereas gender is psychological and social.

        The reason it’s sometimes hard for young people to discover their gender is because so many people around them (parents, teachers, peers) are telling them to be one thing, even though that might be the wrong thing.

  1. Bud Press says:

    A male-to-female transgender is convinced he is a female trapped in a male’s body. To complete the transition of “becoming a woman,” he undergoes years of hormone treatments, breast enhancement, psychological counseling, and painful, dangerous surgeries to transition into a “woman”.

    In a similar situation, a woman who suffers from anorexia looks in a mirror and THINKS she is morbidly obese–despite the fact that her body is dangerously thin from starvation.

    In both situations, THOUGHTS play a major role in how the man and woman view themselves. In reality, the man is a man, and the woman isn’t obese. They both suffer from a denial of reality.

    The liberal news doesn’t report it, but there are transgenders and transsexuals who have sought help and returned to their original birth-gender (in reality, they never left). Many credit the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ for the change. “Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding.” Proverbs 3:5


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