Why believe in Christianity? Why believe that God exists? Aren’t there reasons NOT to believe in God? Reasons like:

  • Evolution
  • Evil
  • Divine hiddenness

For centuries, skeptics have disputed the claims of Christianity―such as the belief in an eternal God and the resurrection of Jesus Christ―arguing that they simply cannot be accepted by reasonable individuals. Furthermore, efforts to demonstrate the evidence and rational basis for Christianity through apologetics are often deemed too simplistic to be taken seriously in intellectual circles. And miracles? Ha! They’ll say anything is more probable than a miracle, even the idea that Jesus had an identical twin!

In his new book, Why Believe: A Reasoned Approach to Christianity, apologist and theoretical chemist turned homeschool dad, Dr. Neil Shenvi, engages in some of the best contemporary arguments against Christianity. He presents compelling evidence for the identity of Jesus as portrayed in the Gospels, his death and resurrection, the existence of God, and the unique message of the gospel. As you’ll discover in this podcast episode, Neil is no “uneducated Christian” and responds to some of the most common objections to Christianity with precision, clarity, and grace.

Neil also talks with Frank about his college days at UC Berkeley and Princeton, where he came to faith during a class nicknamed “The Faith Buster,” taught using Bart Ehrman’s textbook and other liberal religious scholarship. Talk about a miracle; you won’t believe his testimony!

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