• if there were a FUN way to get your kids more interested in God and Christianity.
  • if you could relate the Gospel to people by citing stories THEY enjoy.
  • if you could reveal biblical life lessons to people of all ages without getting preachy.

You can!

Frank’s son Zach Turek joins the podcast to show how you can do all this by watching your favorite movies! They do this by drawing on their brand new book, Hollywood Heroes: How your Favorite Movies Reveal God.

It’s amazing how many filmmakers include central elements of the Christian story in their movies (often unknowingly), and how the heroes create a point to the ultimate hero—Jesus of Nazareth. In this episode, Frank and Zach show how Iron Man, Harry Potter, Batman, and the Lord of the Rings do this. In next week’s show, they’ll cover Star Wars, Wonder Woman, and Captain America and reveal the characteristics that make Jesus the ultimate hero.

This book is great for anyone who likes movies and is especially helpful to parents and youth leaders. Also, remember! If you pre-order your copy BEFORE May 3, you’ll get the audiobook for free too! Go here and follow the cues.

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