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How Does Christianity Differ From Other Religions On Homosexuality?

By Terrell Clemmons It’s probably not what you think. Saving Truth on Human Sexuality “Sorry if this is off topic,” the young woman stammered into the microphone, “but, um, I’ve searched for answers, and I can’t seem to find any, so I thought I’d come tonight and ask you guys. Where does Christianity, if it does at […]


Islamic Terror, Homosexuality, & the Consequences of Ideas

By Tim Stratton Sunday morning I awoke to horrific news on my Facebook feed: an Islamic terrorist brutally gunned down over fifty of our fellow human beings at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. This broke my heart and made me extremely angry! I cannot imagine the sorrow, pain, and anguish the friends and family […]


Does The “Legacy of Slavery” Explain Black Women’s 72% Out-Of-Wedlock Birth Rate?

By Wintery Knight I don’t like Calvinist theologian James White at all, but at least he’s willing to defend the moral teachings of the Bible against the woke identity politics that is taking over Christian churches. A few months ago, he tweeted something very controversial (see above), and got into a lot of hot water with […]


The Problem with Christian Celebrity

By Robby Hall The backlash against Lauren Daigle for her comments on homosexuality sparked debate amongst Christians who both defend and critique her. John Crist, a Christian comedian, recently posted a video on his Instagram feed condemning those who judged her for her comments. Crist seemed to be unaware that he himself was judging other […]


¿Cuál fue el pecado de Sodoma y Gomorra?

Por Greg Koukl ¿Por qué Dios destruyó a Sodoma y Gomorra? ¿Fue verdaderamente por causa del pecado de la inhospitalidad y no por la homosexualidadel el juicio más grande que se encuentra en la Biblia aparte del libro de Apocalipsis? La gente encuentra lo que quiere en la Biblia. Pero si busca lo suficiente, puede […]


25 Quotes On Tolerance

By Luke Nix “Most of what passes for tolerance today is not tolerance at all but actually intellectual cowardice. Those who hide behind that word are often afraid of intelligent engagement and don’t engage or even consider contrary opinions. It’s easier to hurl an insult than to confront the idea and either refute it or […]


Why Would God Make Me a Lesbian?

Could there be any more sensitive and provocative question in our culture today?  (Since we posted this video on YouTube two days ago it has averaged nearly 2,000 views per hour.)  A student posed the question at Towson State University.  Here is our four-minute discussion: The video ends abruptly because the young lady went on […]


The Gay Agenda & the Wrong Side of Hate

By Brady Cone Protestors. Death threats. Misleading newspaper articles. In the days leading up to a talk I was doing on campus at North Carolina State University last year, the environment consistently became increasingly hostile. I was simply speaking about my story of struggling with sexuality issues, and how God’s overwhelming grace had rescued my soul. Why the […]


Terrell Clemmons Interviews Nancy Pearcey About The Impact Of Secularism

By Wintery Knight Salvo magazine is my favorite magazine for the discussion of issues related to the Christian worldview. They focus on the most interesting topics; sex and feminism, intelligent design and evolution, marriage and family, abortion and euthanasia, etc. One of their writers, Terrell Clemmons, has just about the best Christian worldview I’ve ever […]


Nancy Pearcey’s Love Thy Body and Integrating Truth about the Body

by Terrell Clemmons Have you heard of intersectionality? Unless you’ve been hanging around the rarified halls of academia lately, this may be a new term for you. Intersectionality theory was introduced by Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw in a 1989 paper with the unwieldy title, “Demarginalizing the Intersection of Race and Sex: A Black Feminist Critique of […]



By Tim Stratton It seems commonplace today for entire groups of people to be painted with a broad brushstroke and labeled as being afraid or fearful. The word “phobia” or “phobic” is often attached to the end of another word which is supposed to represent a group who is scared of other people. So, what does […]


Unholy Benefits of Atheism

By Rajkumar Richard Examining atheism from the vantage point of Christianity motivates a Christian to ask two questions. First, “what would I gain if I convert to atheism?” Second, “is there any value to the benefits stockpiled from atheism?” What would I gain if I convert to atheism? Thankfully, the “Creed” penned by the English […]


Genocide and the God of the Old Testament

By JC Lamont Many people take issue with the idea that God commanded the Jewish nation to initiate war against the Canaanites, ordering them to wipe them out and take their land for their own. Not only have some people rejected Christianity over this, but it has even spurred some Christians to leave the faith. Are […]