In addition to the main elements of I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist, the following instructors will present these topics (subject to change):

Dr. Frank Turek
- Answering the Five Toughest Questions in Five minutes or Less
- Science Doesn’t Say Anything: Scientists Do (a critique of Darwinism)
- How to Present Persuasively (co-presented with Greg Koukl)
-The Most Important Skill an Apologist Must Develop



Greg Koukl: 
- Developing the Qualities of an Ambassador
- The Top Five Tactics
- How to Present Persuasively (co-presented with Frank Turek)




Dr. Richard Howe: 
- How philosophy can help your theology
- Answering the Arguments of Popular Atheism
- The Existence of God




Brett Kunkle:
- Can We Be Good Without God?
- Why I Take Students to Berkeley & What I’ve Learned
- If God is Good, Why is There Evil & Suffering?






J Warner Wallace

- Cold Case Christianity