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Por Brian Chilton En el Nuevo Testamento, se atribuyen trece cartas al apóstol Pablo. Pablo es, por supuesto, el individuo que había perseguido a la iglesia, pero se convirtió en un misionero cristiano después de un encuentro con el Jesús resucitado en el camino a Damasco. Pero ¿Pablo realmente escribió las trece epístolas que se cree que fueron escritas por él? Algunos creen que Pablo solo fue el autor de siete de las trece. Las epístolas son cartas antiguas escritas...

Reason Relationship God

By Al Serrato   Most atheists feel confident that they have “reason” on their side. As a result, many are surprised when a Christian apologist takes an evidentialist, or reason-based, approach to matters of “faith.” Not long ago, the issue arose in a conversation I was having with a skeptic. I had been laying out the basic philosophical arguments for the existence of a supreme, uncaused being. Accepting the logic of these arguments, she shifted her challenge, saying: “You want me...

Purpose Faith

By Al Serrato   Many skeptics maintain unquestioned faith that science will solve the world’s problems. Seeing the evidence of chaos throughout the world, often the product of religiously-inspired violence, they conclude that religion is somehow the problem. Authors like Christopher Hitchens capitalize on such assumptions, writing best-selling books that explain how “God is not great” or how religion has “poisoned” everything. By contrast, science has provided “progress,” the sense that things are definitely getting better from a technological sense, as...

Insights Traveling Israel

Last week I had the chance of visiting the beautiful land of Israel. My wife and I went with Israel Collective, an organization dedicated to peace-making in Israel. We saw remarkable sites, met unique people (Israelis, Palestinians, Druze), heard powerful lectures, and ate some of the best food I have ever had—period. There are so many insights that I could share. And I will probably blog on some of these themes again in the future. But for now, I just...

Science Doctrine Creation

By Evan Minton Science is an amazing thing! It's enabled us to transcend so many of our previously existing barriers, from being able to walk on the moon to being able to carry on a live conversation with someone on the opposite side of the planet, from helping us know what makes fevers run hot to knowing what makes stars hot, from giving us the flashlight to the strobe light to the blacklight. It's an amazing thing, but unfortunately, many...

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