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By Natasha Crain I don’t normally write just to moms—my readers are both moms and dads—but in honor of Mother’s Day this one is specifically for all the moms out there. For the past few days, I’ve been sick with some kind of flu/cold combination. Yesterday, I pulled myself out of bed while feeling like I had a thousand pounds on top of me. As every mom knows, being sick doesn’t exempt you from getting the kids to school. So,...

Minimal Facts Divine

By Evan Minton The Minimal Facts Approach is an approach to establishing the truth of Jesus' resurrection using two criteria; (1) they must be facts that have a lot of evidence in their favor, and (2) these facts must be universally or nearly universally agreed upon by scholars and historians who study the subject, even the skeptical ones. Then, once the facts are established as facts, we then examine which explanation best explains them, and it turns out that only...

Student Apologist Listener

By Michael C. Sherrard This is a bit exaggerated, but I’m not sure that anybody is actually interested in learning anything anymore. We live in a political and religious playground filled with thumbs in ears and shouts of “nah nah nah nah, I can’t hear you.” Most people are guilty of this. You are likely guilty of this. Of course the extreme examples are the “safe spaces” on college campuses and the slanderous biased media reporting. But there is also the...

Phobia LGBT Jihad

By Tim Stratton It seems commonplace today for entire groups of people to be painted with a broad brushstroke and labeled as being afraid or fearful. The word “phobia” or “phobic” is often attached to the end of another word which is supposed to represent a group who is scared of other people. So, what does it mean to be “phobic”? Consider Merriam Webster’s definition of phobia: an exaggerated usually inexplicable and illogical fear of a particular object, class of objects, or...

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