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You Don’t Understand the Old Testament

  By Timothy Fox Unbelievers rip its verses out of textual and historical context. Christians use expired laws as bludgeons and others’ promises as life-verses. Just admit it: You don’t understand the Old Testament. And that’s okay. The OT writings are thousands of years old. They consist of various literary genres like history, poetry, and […]


After Debate, Atheist and Christian Defend Free Speech Against Gay Activists

On April 16, I, Frank Turek, debated atheist Michael Shermer at Stony Brook University on the question: “What Better Explains Morality:  God or Science?”  Following the debate, the Graduate Queer Alliance at Stony Brook wrote a letter to the editor of the school newspaper wanting an apology from the university for allowing me to speak […]


Godbuster: A Debate With Elliot George

This past week I engaged in a radio debate with an atheist on Unbelievable on Premier Christian Radio (which you can listen to here). My interlocutor was a British atheist, a retired biology teacher who goes by the pseudonym Elliot George. In his book, Godbuster, George attempts to dismantle theistic belief. I knew when I saw the front cover that the […]


Same Sex Marriage Decisions: The Constitution Protects Gays But Not Blacks or Women

Your vote counted. No it didn’t. Last week, one unelected judge overturned the will of 1,317,178 North Carolinians when he declared North Carolina’s definition of marriage in violation of the United States constitution.  Judge Max Cogburn, appointed by President Obama, said that the definition 61 percent of voters approved just two years ago violated the […]


The Culture Chronicle

  The following list of events is a representative sample lifted from recent headlines and compiled in this format to offer some perspective concerning the current trends in our culture.  Items included were selected at my sole discretion.  Jim Whiddon. May 2014 Florida State University quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston was cited for […]


On Same Sex Marriage: A Response to Stephen B.

Commenter Stephen B has offered a response to my previously published article concerning same sex marriage. Stephen writes, “Sorry Jonathan, but this is not a category error, and your objection doesn’t work. Here’s the comparison: White man marrying black woman / man marrying man. If you want to describe it in terms of ‘actions’ then […]


Is Banning Same Sex Marriage Discrimination?

[Note: This is an exchange which took place between myself and an anonymous correspondant regarding a recent article I published on (and also posted here). The correspondant’s comments are appended below and immediately followed by my response.] Dear Blogos Editor, First of all, congratulations on your new site. I’m glad and excited for your […]


Cherry Picking the Bible? Are Christians Expected to Follow the Levitical Laws?

I recently posted an article on this blog wherein I outlined my viewpoint with regards same sex marriage and some of my reasons for holding to that position. Now, my views on this issue fall into two categories — theological and sociological. While I think that there are good sociological arguments against the institution of […]


Who are the Real Gay Bigots and Bullies?

George Orwell said, “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” When you tell the truth about homosexuality today, you can be sure that the central tools of deceit—name-calling and bullying—will be unleashed. I recently was having a respectful conversation with a homosexual activist, but after I made a point […]


Sex at Work?

Are you supposed to have sex at work? I guess it depends on your profession, but for most of us the answer is “no.” Why then is corporate America obsessed with training about sex? As described in several recent columns by Mike Adams (beginning June 16, 2011), I was fired as a vendor by Cisco […]


Jesus, Christians and Politics: Why They Go Together

The United States Congress was in a rare joint session. All 435 representatives and 100 senators were in attendance, and the C-SPAN-TV cameras were rolling. The members were gathered together to hear a speech by a descendant of George Washington. But what they thought would be a polite speech of patriotic historical reflections quickly turned […]