Can we really believe Jesus rose from the dead? If the Resurrection of Jesus didn’t really happen, then Christianity is false (as even the Apostle Paul admitted in 1 Cor. 15). On the other hand, if it really did happen 1,989 years ago (give or take a few years), then the essentials of the Christian faith really are true. So which is it?

Justin Brierley, host of the wonderfully interesting Unbelievable show in the UK, joins Frank to discuss the evidence for God and the Resurrection of Jesus. Justin has more insights than most because he doesn’t sit in a Christian echo chamber. He engages the best atheist and Christian minds in the world to debate these issues. He’s heard the best both sides have to offer and will reveal why he still thinks the Resurrection really happened.

Justin is also hosting the “God Unmuted” conference at the British Library on May 14. You can sign up to watch and interact from the US by going to

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