The following list of events is a representative sample lifted from recent headlines and compiled in this format to offer some perspective concerning the current trends in our culture. Items included were selected at my sole discretion. Jim Whiddon.

March 2014

Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore has angered environmentalist groups after saying climate change is “not caused by humans” and there is “no scientific proof” to back global warming alarmism. (The Independent)

NYC mayor Bill de Blasio kept his campaign promise to teacher’s unions and refused to let three new charter schools open. The schools were previously approved to open by former mayor Michael Bloomberg. (Wall Street Journal)

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple – the US’ most valuable company – made an impassioned speech which included a request that climate change “deniers” refrain from buying his company’s stock.

Kadena Air Base, Japan. What is believed to be the first drag show on a US military base was thrown in support for the base’s recently formed OutServe-SLDN chapter, a nonprofit advocacy group for the army’s LGBT community. The expected crowd of 75 grew to 400 in attendance. (The Week)

Starting in 2015, the Boy Scouts of America’s policy banning adult leaders who are gay will cost the organization donations from the Walt Disney Co. (LA Times)

A basketball team in Canada made up of 10-year-old boys was disqualified from playing in their tournament championship game for being undefeated in a league which “de-emphasizes winning” while emphasizing equal participation. (The Blaze)

The Dalai Lama, a long time avowed Marxist, leads prayer in US Senate and gives speech at National Cathedral.

The scene outside a marijuana industry career fair in Denver “looked like a throwback to the Great Depression.” Thousands of people waited for hours with resumes in hand in a line that stretched several blocks. (CBS)

Lawrence Torcello, a philosophy professor with the Rochester Institute of Technology has called for the incarceration of any American who actively disagrees that climate change is solely caused by human activity. (

Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel announced that free condoms will be made available at 24 high schools. (CBS)

The widely released film, “Noah”, has zero mentions of God in its dialogue but “numerous dramatic fabrications and heavy-handed ecological doomsday” themes. (The Hollywood Reporter)

University of Oklahoma professor Gerald Gurney estimates that 10% of athletes in revenue-producing college sports read at less than a fourth grade level. (Real Sports)

Former President Jimmy Carter says he corresponds with foreign leaders the old-fashioned way – through snail mail – because he suspects his communications are watched by intelligence agencies. (Politico)

Poll indicates that 78% of Americans favor requirement of proof of citizenship in order to vote – up from 71% one year ago. (Rasmussen)

Senate Dems proposed “Shield Law” for news reporters is seen as “totally inconsistent with the notion of a free press and the First Amendment,” according to Senator John Cornyn (R) from Texas. Dems claim they have the votes to pass the controversial bill which would require “licensing” from the federal government. (Breitbart)

A George Mason University law professor was pepper sprayed in his classroom. Ironically, the school says he was teaching a unit on vigilantes. (ABC)

At a University of Michigan exhibition called “4000 Years for Choice”, abortion is referred to as the “life-sustaining act” of the ages. The display is dedicated to defending and glamorizing the history of abortion and runs though May 29. (The College Fix)

According to a study in Alcohol Treatment Quarterly, children who attend church regularly are less likely to experiment with alcohol and drugs.

White House looks to reduce cow flatulence as part of its climate agenda calling for a 25% reduction in methane gas from dairy farmers by 2020. (WSJ)

The Oxford Junior Dictionary has removed several words related to Christianity including “sin” as well as “bishop” “chapel” and “disciple”. (Daily Mail)


“Cast your burden upon the LORD and He will sustain you;

He will never allow the righteous to be shaken.”

PSALM 55:22

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