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Reference Guide to the Biblical Symbolism of Colors

By Brian G. Chilton Understanding portions of Scripture, particularly prophecy and apocalyptic literature, requires the reader to understand the symbolic meaning of the devices used by the prophet or apostle. Last week, I posted a reference guide describing the symbolic meaning of various numbers. In Revelation, John describes Jesus’s appearance as having hair as “white […]

Should God Reveal Himself More Clearly?

By Al Serrato God gave us free will so that we can freely choose Him, for freedom of choice is essential to love. But, the skeptic counters, many people do not believe God is real. Why doesn’t God reveal himself more clearly? This question has considerable surface appeal, as it plays on our intuitive sense […]

Can You Have Purpose Without God?

By Luke Nix Introduction One of the more convincing reasons to believe that atheism is false comes from man’s desire for life to have purpose. If there is no designer behind the universe, life in general, and our individual lives in particular, have no ultimate purpose, no goal to guide our decisions, no finish line to […]

The Identity Argument for the Soul

By Evan Minton C.S Lewis once wrote “You don’t have a soul, you are a soul. You have a body“.[1] Most Christians believe that we are not merely physical bodies, but that we are immaterial entities that live inside our bodies. We are embodied spirits. This view is known as Substance Dualism. The Bible very clearly teaches substance dualism (see, for […]

God Behaving Badly? – Destruction of the Canaanites

By Timothy Fox This is the second article in my series God Behaving Badly? where I address passages of the Bible where God seems to do some immoral things. In the introductory article, I discussed what it means for an action to be immoral, that it goes against some moral code. However, I argued that God is the […]

The Canon Conspiracy

By Timothy Fox I’ve always been intrigued by conspiracy theories. New World Order, Illuminati, stuff like that. Christianity has its own share of conspiracy theories, like the existence of “lost” gospels suppressed by the Church. However, we all must wonder why the Bible contains the books that it does. What if there really are texts […]

Reference Guide to Biblical Numerology

By Brian G. Chilton Early Apostolic Church Fathers (100-451 AD) recognized that Scripture had four layers of interpretation. They used a method called quadriga which held the following layers: 1) Literal (sensus historicus), 2) Allegorical (sensus allegoricus—texts hold symbolic meaning), 3) Tropical/moral (sensus tropologicus or sensus moralis—broader moral lessons), and 4) Anagogical (sensus anagogicus—mystical, metaphorical sense). Often numbers are […]

Why Can’t God Just Forgive Us?

By Evan Minton Some non-Christians, mainly Muslims, ask why Jesus had to die on the cross in order for us to be saved. “Why does God need a blood sacrifice?” They’ll ask, “Why can’t He simply just forgive us?” This objection was recently posed to me in the comment section in another article in this […]

Why Should Christians Care About Logic?

By Andrew Cabrera I was at a Christmas party a few years ago and someone walked up to me and began talking to me about my views on God. At one point in the conversation he asked the age-old question, “Can God make a rock so heavy that he himself can’t lift it?” Among other […]

Christianity Is Based in Truth, Not Superstition

By Al Serrato My last post dealt with the belief, common among skeptics, that Christianity is simply a form of superstition. Modern “science-minded” people reject superstitions, and so religious belief holds no interest for them. Historic Christian doctrine is in fact much different, however; while some who claim to be Christian may indeed be superstitious, […]

When and What Time Was Jesus Born?

By Brian Chilton This past Sunday, I received a wonderful question from a young man in our church. Matthew Cleary was in Sunday school and asked his teacher, who in turn asked me, “What time of night was Jesus born? Was it at midnight?” To be honest, I had never really thought about the question. […]

Is Christianity a Form of Superstition?

By Al Serrato Superstition is as old as man. An incomplete picture of why things work the way they do fuels the imagination to conjure up hidden forces at work behind the scenes. Pull back the curtain and perhaps one will find an “all-powerful” being at work pulling the strings. Accessing – and eventually perhaps […]

¿Quién Escribió Las Cartas De Juan?

Por Brian Chilton El sitio web ha dedicado un tiempo considerable a explorar la identidad de los autores de los textos del Nuevo Testamento. Este viaje continúa mientras exploramos las tres cartas atribuidas a Juan. ¿Quién era la persona llamada Juan detrás de estas cartas? Autor La iglesia primitiva atribuyó casi unánimemente a las tres […]