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If Christianity is True, Why Do So Many Kids Have Doubts Today?

By Natasha Crain Christianity Today recently featured an article titled, “The Biggest Hindrance to Your Kids’ Faith Isn’t Doubt. It’s Silence.” The article summarized the findings of researchers Kara Powell and Steven Argue on the faith of youth group graduates. They found that: 70 percent of churchgoing high schoolers report having serious doubts about faith. Less than […]

Rays of Hope

By Matthew Slama I was recently thinking about how we view God and how he interacts with us in this world. I was also reflecting about the verse about us being light unto the world. As I reflected, I searched for an illustration to ground this Biblical concept. I think I found it. The lamp […]

Atheism: The Old Vs. the New

By J. Brian Huffling Introduction Ever since humans have walked the earth, they have been plagued with many and various questions. Perhaps the most vexing question one can ask is, “How did we get here?” The question of origins, both of the universe and of life on Earth, is a question of great importance. Areas […]

Sickness and the Annihilator

By Roby Hall [We consider this publication important even though it was written more than 1 year ago, the reflection written here remains valid and valuable]. A year ago, my wife surprised me with news that we were pregnant.  I was overjoyed and the next few days were like Christmas morning over and over again.  […]

Christopher Hitchens Debates William Lane Craig at Biola U: Does God Exist?

By Wintery Knight Here is the video of the debate: TOPIC: DOES GOD EXIST? MY NOTES ON THE DEBATE: (WC = William Lane Craig, CH = Christopher Hitchens) WC opening speech: Introduction: WC makes two contentions: – there are no good arguments for atheism – there are good arguments for theism These topics are IRRELEVANT […]

¿Qué es la filosofía y por qué no puedes evitarla?

Por J. Brian Huffling Muchos cristianos creen que la filosofía es una disciplina pagana practicada ya sea por los catedráticos de las torres de marfil o por los hippies de Starbucks. Esta creencia ha llevado a algunos a objetar en cuanto a la importancia de la filosofía, ya que creen que sólo un grupo relativamente […]

What Is The Intellectual Cost of The Pro-Choice Position?

By Luke Nix Introduction In recent months a major political and moral shift has been underway across America. The legality and morality of both infanticide and murder are actually being debated. But not under those terms. No, euphemisms are being used to obfuscate what is truly at stake- the lives of millions of people- your […]

Argumentos que un cristiano no debe usar para defender su fe: el aire no lo puedes ver, pero lo sientes

Por Carlos E. Rodríguez ¡Dios les bendiga! Mi interés en este blog es proporcionar, para el cristiano, herramientas para defender su fe cristiana. Aunque, también quiero hacerle ver al ateo lo errada que está su cosmovisión, y que la existencia de Dios puede ser probada más allá de toda duda razonable. Hace unos meses desarrollé […]

Christians: Persons of Faith or Knowledge?

By Tim Stratton We expect people in positions of authority to have training and experience in their respective fields. For example, I want my pilot to have knowledge of the helicopter in which I am a passenger, just as I want my surgeon to be proficient, and to know what he/she is doing before I go “under the knife!” Guessing, […]

Why Should We Trust the Extra-Biblical References to Jesus?

By Jeremy Linn We received a great question on our Instagram page this week: “How do we know that the extra-biblical sources which mention Jesus are trustworthy? Josephus, Tacitus, and the rest weren’t eyewitnesses; they never knew Jesus.” The questioner here is referring to ancient historical accounts – especially written by the historians Flavius Josephus and Cornelius Tacitus […]

Abortion and The God Molech

By Ryan Leasure History is filled with barbaric cultures. One of the worst, though, has to be the ancient Canaanites. As was customary in that culture, parents offered their newborn children as sacrifices to their god Molech. Most depictions of Molech include large metal statues of a man with a bull’s head. Usually these statues had […]