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How To Become a Self-Taught Apologist

By Evan Minton  You’ve just been introduced to Christian Apologetics and have discovered that there are many good arguments and evidence that demonstrate that Christianity is true. However, you’re not sure that you’re smart enough, have enough free time, or have the financial means to learn this material yourself so that you can be a better […]

A Quick History Lesson

By Nick Peters Objection: The Bible is a compendium of fireside tales and fables recounted orally for generations by goat herders and primitive tribes from the stone age until writing was invented, and then again many different sources, transliterations, and versions were written down. There were no grand central universities to organize the many various […]

Is missionary work full of “cultural imperialism and insane arrogance?”

By Erik Manning John Allen Chau’s death has sparked questions about the morality of Christian missions. Is missionary work full of “cultural imperialism and insane arrogance?” Unless you’ve been living under a rock, by now you’ve heard about the death of John Allen Chau. The 26-year old missionary traveled to a remote Indian island in hopes […]

Is Apologetics A Discipline? A Conversation with Robert Bowman

By J. Brian Huffling  A few months ago I wrote a post titled “Why Christian Apologetics Is Not A Discipline.” Dr. Robert Bowman has graciously responded with a blog post titled “Is Apologetics a Discipline?” I appreciate Bowman’s article as it highlights the importance and nature of apologetics. I have been a fan of his for well over decade since […]

J. Warner Wallace: Different Answers to The Question “Why Are You a Christian?”

By Wintery Knight I sometimes think about the horrible experiences I had encountering “normal” Christians in American churches after having become a Christian on my own through reading the New Testament, reading apologetics, and watching William Lane Craig debates. I heard a lot of different reasons to be a Christian from the church Christians, and […]

Ciudad Gótica y Nazaret no están en la misma categoría

Por Ryan Leasure Cuando era niño, consideraba a Batman como mi superhéroe favorito. A diferencia de otros superhéroes que podían volar, ver a través de las paredes o convertirse en gigantes verdes, Batman luchó contra el crimen en Ciudad Gótica por medios más convencionales. Era un gran luchador, usaba artefactos geniales, tenía un traje asombroso […]

Whirled Views

By Terrell Clemmons A Framework for Mapping Reality & Engaging Ideological Confusion. “Science is more than a body of knowledge. It’s a way of thinking,” said Carl Sagan in the last interview he gave before his death in 1996 at age 62. Sagan and Charlie Rose were discussing Sagan’s last book, The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a […]

Is Genesis History?

By Luke Nix Introduction A couple of years ago the documentary “Is Genesis History?” was released. This documentary aims to defend the truth of the Christian worldview by defending the historicity of the early chapters of the Bible from a scientific perspective. The documentary attempts to accomplish this by demonstrating evidence in support of intelligent […]

Book Review: Scientism and Secularism by J. P. Moreland

By Timothy Fox (Orthodox Fox) J. P. Moreland is one of the most prominent Christian thinkers of our time, and I’ve been greatly impacted by his works, such as Love Your God With All Your Mind and Kingdom Triangle. In his latest popular-level work, Scientism and Secularism (Crossway, 2018), Moreland addresses one of the most dangerous ideologies facing our culture and […]