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Q&A: Biblical Reliability and Hebrews 6:4-6

By Brian G. Chilton The following is a question submitted to Bellator Christi.com. If you would like to submit a question, fill out the form at https://bellatorchristi.com/submit-a-question-to-bellator-christi/, and your question may be featured in a future article or podcast. Question: Dear Brian, “I have a question that has been deeply troubling me for a while now, […]

The Minimal Facts of the Resurrection

By Aaron Brake “The evidence for the resurrection is better than for claimed miracles in any other religion. It’s outstandingly different in quality and quantity.” —Antony Flew— INTRODUCTION The truth of Christianity stands or falls on the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ. As Paul himself said, “If Christ has not been raised, our preaching is […]

If You’re Sick of Thoughts and Prayers Because Shootings Still Happen, You Don’t Understand Christianity

By Natasha Crain In response to the latest tragic school shooting, social media is on the warpath against anyone who dares to offer “thoughts and prayers” for the situation. Popular articles feature headlines like, “Everyone Is Finally Realizing ‘Thoughts And Prayers’ Are Not Saving Our Kids” and “People Sick of ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ Demand Action After […]

Reflecting On “The Divine Council”

By Evan Minton Recently, I read Michael Heiser’s book The Unseen Realm: Recovering The Supernatural Worldview Of The Bible.  I mentally wrestled with his prospect of “the divine council”. Heiser talks about this in this lecture as well btw. Sometimes I do a soliloquy or write out my thought process when there is subject matter or information that […]

The Image Of God, Mental Faculties, And The Sanctity Of Life

By Evan Minton Genesis 1 teaches that human beings are created in God’s image, in His likeness. Much debate and speculation over the years have occurred over what exactly that means. It obviously cannot mean that we look like God if for no other reason than that everyone looks different. In my blog post “What Does […]

Would Jesus Participate in Politics?

By Luke Nix Introduction “Would Jesus participate in politics?” This has been a common question posed among followers of Jesus Christ since he was asked about paying taxes to Caesar. It came across my Facebook feed a few weeks ago, so I thought I’d take some time to prepare a careful answer. Some Christians believe […]

Is The Universe A Computer Simulation?

Por Evan Minton Some atheists, in an attempt to avoid the conclusion that The Big Bang origin of our universe was caused by a spaceless, timeless, immaterial, uncaused, powerful, supernatural Being (i.e God), have posited that perhaps our universe and everything in it is just a computer simulation being run by aliens in a laboratory. […]

¿Es el universo una simulación computarizada?

Por Evan Minton Algunos ateos, en un intento de evitar la conclusión de que el origen del Big Bang de nuestro universo fue causado por un ser sin espacio, intemporal, inmaterial, sin causa, poderoso, sobrenatural (es decir, Dios), han postulado que tal vez nuestro universo y todo lo que hay en él es solo una […]

How To Become a Better Apologetics Communicator

Timothy Fox So you want to be an apologetics writer or speaker. Or maybe you already are one. How can you be a better communicator? Here are five quick pointers: Watch Your Language No, I don’t mean profanity. I mean your vocabulary. If you’re like me, you’re immersed in the apologetics world. You read apologetics […]

The Omnipotence of God

By Tim Stratton One of my primary goals is to help others comprehend God accurately. I have previously written about the attribute of God’s perfect love for all people (See The Omnibenevolence of God). I spend much time on this specific attribute because so many people (Christians and non-Christians) have a faulty and low view of […]

¿Quién escribió el libro de Apocalipsis?

Por Brian Chilton Cuando era adolescente, recuerdo haber estado un poco asustado con el libro de Apocalipsis. El olor del limpiador facial para el acné llenó la habitación mientras me zambullía en misteriosas representaciones de ángeles de cuatro caras, bestias del mar y de la tierra, de enormes ángeles y granizo de 100 libras arrojados […]

Will There Only Be 144,000 People in Heaven?

By Brian G. Chilton At our church, we recently began a new series of messages on heaven. After the service, I received a wonderful question from one of our members, Allison Mathews. Allison said that she had heard that only 144,000 people would be in heaven, and wondered if that was true. Some groups, especially […]

¿Quién escribió el libro de Judas?

Por Brian Chilton En los últimos meses, hemos estado examinando a los autores y la información de los antecedentes para los libros del Nuevo Testamento. Para este artículo, examinaremos un pequeño libro hacia el final del Nuevo Testamento conocido como Judas. ¿Qué sabemos sobre este libro y quién lo compuso? Autor: Judas abre el libro […]

Book Review: Welcome to College

By Luke Nix. Introduction With today’s culture ever-increasingly becoming hostile to the Christian worldview, it is vitally important that we prepare our children for the challenges they will encounter to what they believe. Jonathan Morrow wrote a book several years ago that focuses specifically on a Christian’s journey through college. He recently updated this volume […]

Are Religious Discussions Important?

By Brian G. Chilton An old adage claims that the two worst conversations to have with a person involve religion and politics. Since people hold deep emotional feelings pertaining to these two issues, the logic of the cliché claims that the two topics must be avoided. However, these two topics are arguably the most important […]