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C. S. Lewis with Max McLean

A fascinating interview with award-winning actor and founder and artistic director of the New York City-based Fellowship for Performing Arts the great Max McLean.

Q&A Show | Topic: Morality

Frank takes calls from the audience in this recording from his last live Q&A show!

 Politics Disguised as Science w/ Dr. Jay Richards

Frank talks to the Executive Editor of The Stream, Jay W. Richards, Ph.D about the recent “March for Science” gathering, Bill Nye, and his latest article titled “Politics Disguised as Science: When to Doubt a Scientific ‘Consensus’.”

Read Dr. Richards article here: Politics Disguised as Science: When to Doubt a Scientific ‘Consensus’

 Don’t Major in the Minors

How we make a clear and compelling case for Christianity without getting bogged down on minor issues and objections?

 The Real Jesus w/ David Limbaugh

Dr. Frank Turek interviews #1 New York Times bestselling author David Limbaugh about his new book.

Jesus on Trial 3d BOOKBuy Here

“Who do you say that I am?”

Uttered by Jesus Christ, this profound question has presented an age-old challenge to believers, skeptics, scholars, and rulers.
In attempting to answer this question, The True Jesus goes straight to the unimpeachable source: the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Only in the Gospels, says #1 New York Times bestselling author David Limbaugh, do we come face-to-face with the Son of God, Whose sublime teachings, miraculous actions and divine essence leap off every page and into our hearts.


Evidence for the Resurrection | Interview with Dr. Jeff Myers

In the first half of this podcast, Dr. Frank Turek discusses the evidence for the resurrection. On the second half of the show, Dr. Turek interviews Summit Ministries president Dr. Jeff Myers and they talk about how to better prepare our young people for college and how they can have a Biblical worldview.


Israel: God is in the detail

Dr. Frank Turek discusses his trip to Israel and discusses how God is found in the detail.


The Case for Christ (Movie) w/ Lee Strobel

Frank talks to author and journalist Lee Strobel about his new film (On theaters NOW!)

3 Lies we believe about freedom 

Was Jesus offensive? w/ J. Warner Wallace

Frank and his guest J. Warner Wallace discuss the following topics: What does it mean to be Christ-like? Was Jesus a pacifist? and More! 

Q&A Podcast

Frank takes questions from live listeners on topics related to Theology, Apologetics, Politics and more!

Hidden in Plain View: Undesigned Coincidences in Gospels and Acts

This is the best evidence for the New Testament you’ve never heard!

An undesigned coincidence is an apparently casual, yet puzzle-like “fit” between two or more texts, and its best explanation is that the authors knew the truth about the events they describe or allude to.

7 Reasons Flowers Don’t Cover Sin

The Washington State Supreme Court recently found seventy-two-year-old florist Barronelle Stutzman guilty of violating a Washington State law for refusing to use her artistic talents to compose flower arrangements for a same-sex wedding. I’ll be sharing seven reasons why Ms. Stutzman is right and the Court is wrong.

The Curse of Fake Knowledge

It’s not what you don’t know that is the always the problem; the problem is often what you think you know that really ain’t so!

STOP to interpret the Bible”

Learn how to properly interpret scripture using the ? STOP ? method! Listen to it now right here!

There are NO verses in the Bible!

Do you want to know, why we titled this show “There are NO verses in the Bible?” Make sure you listen to this podcast and learn one of the essential skills when it comes to reading and studying the Bible.

Unbelievable? w/ Justin Brierley

If you don’t know who Justin is, you will want to know, his radio show is one of the most popular debate programs on the air. The show is also a popular podcast and has produced an annual evangelism and apologetics conference. He is also the Senior Editor of Premier Christianity magazine.

Trumped up Double Standards

The same people who are opposed to freedom-of-conscience claims are now making them. All of a sudden the Left cares about conscience rights again!

The Story of Reality w/ Greg Koukl

Biblical Christianity is more than just another private religious view. It’s more than just a personal relationship with God or a source of moral teaching. Christianity is a picture of reality.

Official Website: The Story of Reality

5 Royal Problems with MacroEvolution

The Royal Society calls for a meeting to revise the standard theory of evolution because of the many issues with such theory. Our two guests who are experts in the field went there and are here to talk about the top 5 problems with Macro-Evolutionary Neo-Darwining theory. Find out what they are!

Wonderful? Only if it’s true!

The Gospel is the greatest most wonderful story of them all, but this is so, only if it’s true. Make sure to listen to this great end-of-the-year message by Dr. Frank Turek.



Making Sense of God: An Invitation to the Skeptical

Buy it now ? Making Sense of God: An Invitation to the Skeptical

Tim Keller identifies those transcendent desires—which are things we really can’t live without—as meaning, satisfaction, freedom, hope, justice (or a moral compass) and an identity grounded in something stable, something eternal. And he makes the case that only Christianity delivers those things.

What are the essentials of Christianity?

Almost every Christian makes some distinction between essentials of the faith and non-essentials. But what exactly are the essentials?

The Radical Book for Kids w/ Champ Thornton

Buy it now ? The Radical Book for Kids: Exploring the Roots and Shoots of Faith

Frank talks to Champ Thornton about his new book, a brilliantly illustrated and extremely kid-friendly book.

How to teach your kids Apologetics.

Authors Natasha Crain and Detective J. Warner Wallace talk about how to teach your Kids apologetics and how to keep them on God’s side.

7 Messianic Prophecies

The Scriptures prophesied the coming of the Jewish Messiah centuries before Jesus of Nazareth was born.


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