Two High Court judges in the UK have ruled that a Christian couple can no longer provide a home to foster kids under the age of ten.  Why?  Because the couple does not agree with homosexual practice!

The judges declared that they were “secular.”  This ruling is a kind of atheist inquisition.  Contrary to popular opinion, all laws legislate morality, and there is no neutrality on moral issues, nor is there a neutral worldview.   This ruling legislates the view that any view that contradicts homosexual practice will not be tolerated– conservative religious and moral beliefs must give way to homosexuality.  Keep in mind that the Christian couple– Eunice and Owen Johns– were not even addressing homosexuality with their young foster kids.  According to the court, simply holding natural law, traditional religious views disqualifies them from being foster parents.  That’s not “tolerance,” that’s totalitarianism.

In fact, during the case, the Equality and Human Rights Commission, an official watchdog, suggested that the couple could attend a ‘re-education’ programme, according to Mrs. Johns. ‘Why do we need to be re-educated? Because we believe that homosexuality is not right?’ she said.

The people who say they are fighting for “tolerance” have proven once again that they are the most intolerant people out there.  Unless Christians and others start standing up, the atheist inquisition will continue.

Melanie Phillips does a good job highlighting the numerous problems with this absurd ruling here.  Worth the read.

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