Talking with Your Kids about Jesus with Natasha Crain

Jesus of Nazareth is not only the most influential human being in history but God incarnate.  Do you know how to talk with your kids about Him?  You will after you hear this podcast because author and apologist Natasha Crain is Frank’s guest.  Natasha and Frank discuss:

  • Is Jesus God?
  • If Jesus is God, how could He die?
  • Did ancient people believe in miracles because they were more gullible?
  • What did Jesus teach about Hell?
  • Didn’t Jesus tell us not to judge?  If so, how are we to make any decisions?
  • What did Jesus teach about love?  Is it approval?
  • What did the death of Jesus accomplish?
  • Why does it matter if Jesus resurrected?
  • Did the disciples lie about the resurrection story?
  • How is the Christian view of God different?

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