Leaving Christianity For Sex?

Pastor and author Joshua Harris recently announced that he has divorced his wife and left Christianity. He also has denounced Christian sexual morality. What can we learn from this? Here are some of the questions Frank addresses:

· What reasons did he give? Did he cite evidence that Christianity is false?
· By leaving Christianity hasn’t he adopted a new faith?
· By what standard does he support his new beliefs?
· Should we call out false teachers?
· According to the Apostle Paul and Thomas Aquinas, how does sexual immorality make us stupid and dismissive of those who disagree with us?
· Is this a choice between Christianity and the religion of sex?
· How is Mr. Harris being just as exclusionary as the Christians he now blames?

We need to pray for Mr. Harris and his family. But all of us have to make a choice: Are you going to trust your life and eternity to the sinless Jesus or the sinful culture?

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