Do God’s Commands Change?

After several presentations in different universities across the U.S. Frank unpacks some of the most commonly asked questions by his audience during the Q&A section of his I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist presentations. He also answers some questions from his live audience during the last segment of the show.

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  1. Philippe Lalonde says:

    The issue with the command to kill ALL the Canaanites is at first troubling. I thought through this when an atheist challenged me with the question. I discovered as I thought about it that the problem people have is not with God killing people but with God killing people earlier than they think is just. Death comes to everyone. God is not simply responsible for commanding the deaths of the Canaanites but is responsible for deaths of all people who have ever lived (with perhaps two Biblical exceptions) because he has judged that all people are guilty of sin and deserve death. We seem to have an idea that people have a right to a certain amount of life before death. The death in old age is understandable while the death of a child is tragic. They are of course the same end. God has judged us all with death and if you have a problem with God killing the Canaanites then you really need to broaden your view of God’s culpability in the death of all people of all time. If he has the right to judge all with death then how can we quibble with WHEN he determines to execute this judgement.


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