Fired for Opposing Pride?

Why is pride a sin? Frank gives an insightful answer to this question and analyzes the recent controversy that started when members of a gym said a special workout in support of “Pride Week” was canceled by gym owners that led to an executive at CrossFit was fired for a tweet on his personal account. Listen to this podcast and find out more about this story.



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2 replies
  1. Bryan says:

    Meanwhile, over 80% of you chose the most arrogant, prideful man in history to be your president.

    You could have nominated so many other Christians but you wanted Trump.

    And now most of you look on with glee as children are separated from their parents at the border.

    One reason I don’t believe Jesus is real is that, if he were, he’d come back right now and beat Evangelical Christians (including you, Frank Turek) with a whip like he did the moneychangers in the temple.

    Christianity is the antithesis of Jesus Christ.

  2. David Colf says:

    1. We chose him as president, not pastor.
    2. Many Christians were nominated. Mike Pence, a born-again Christian, is vice-president.
    3. Children are separated from their parents every day when the parents break the law.

    Your oppositions to Christ do not hold up to scrutiny.


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