Did Jesus Really Claim to Be God?

Sometimes you’ll hear Muslim apologists and other skeptics of Christianity ask, “Where does Jesus say, ‘I am God, worship me’”?  You won’t find Jesus using those words anywhere in the New Testament documents.  Instead, we read Jesus kept calling Himself “The Son of Man.”  On the face of it, that sounds more human than divine.  Is that right?  Did Jesus really claim to be God in words and actions other than “I am God, worship me”?   And if He did claim to be God, why wasn’t He more overt about it?  Why not just come out and say it plainly?

Frank invites Crossexamined.org board member, and budding apologist, Ryan Crews to the show to answer those questions and more.  Join them for a fascinating discussion about the self-identity of Jesus, and how to answer objections to the divinity of Jesus.

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