Belief In God Is Not a Feeling

By Al Serrato

“Remember, a Jedi can feel the Force flowing through him.” Obi-Wan’s admonition to Luke Skywalker sums up what some skeptics probably think about Christianity. If it were real, they would be able to “feel it” in some tangible way, and perhaps also be able to manipulate its power. A skeptic I spoke with recently framed it this way:

“I don’t ‘feel’ God in my heart the way most theists claim to, I don’t see any external justification for his existence, and I simply see no good reason to believe. So why is it my fault that I don’t believe? God supposedly created me just the way I am, after all. So, I’m not ‘rejecting God’ since he never made himself known to me in any real way. So why is non-belief a crime at all? What is the effect of non-belief that is so horrible?”

These thoughts express, I suspect, what Americans are thinking in larger and larger numbers. Raised in a culture led in many areas by a secular – and in many instances anti-religious – elite, they feel increasingly confident that their view that nature is “all there is” comports with the way things actually are.

Belief God Feeling

So, what is wrong with “non-belief”?

I suppose the first and quickest answer is that the thought itself is a bit incoherent. Consider what is being said. “Belief” is that state of mind in which one concludes that a fact is true. I believe that the car is red. I believe that John’s explanation regarding the accident is false. There is, of course, an issue of certainty. My belief regarding the car’s color may be mistaken, due to poor lighting; or my belief that John is lying may be wrong. But it makes little sense to say that, as to the car’s color, I have no belief. Or that I am hearing John’s explanation but believe nothing about it. Claiming to have “no belief” may seem high-minded and impartial, but it simply mistakes the way the human mind works. Whether we will it or not, our minds naturally move toward forming and reassessing beliefs. Indeed, at a basic level, we need to do so to stay alive. We must be constantly assessing our environment, our surroundings, to make prudent choices as to what to do next. Believing something about those choices and surroundings is indispensable.

As it relates to the question of ultimate things, one must acknowledge that complete certainty is not possible. So it’s fair for someone to say “I believe there probably isn’t a God, that the evidence I perceive of his existence is less compelling than the evidence which supports a conclusion that he does not exist.” But this begs the question: what is it that you are relying on forming this belief?

And this takes me to the second point, the one raised at the outset. If one approaches this assessment with the unspoken premise that God would cause himself to be “felt” in the manner suggested in Star Wars, then believing he is not there gains traction, since few, if any, people have such mystical experiences. Most committed believers I know never have such “feelings.” They conclude from the testimony of their senses, and the working of the reason of their minds, that a staggeringly complex and exquisitely organized creation requires a Creator. Though there are numerous logical proofs that support the belief in the existence of the immensely powerful and intelligent being behind all this, the common sense notion that something cannot be created by nothing has been more than sufficient for most people who ever walked this Earth.

As it relates to Jesus, and his divinity, the case is a historical one. The body of evidence relating to Jesus safeguarded and passed down through the centuries, establishes that he lived, that he was crucified and that he rose from the dead, leaving behind an empty tomb and galvanizing a following that changed the course of history. In so doing, he fulfilled numerous prophecies that predated his birth. The resurrection and the miracles he performed provide a solid foundation upon which one’s belief can rest. Numerous authors have detailed the evidence, but the PleaseConvinceMe website (here and here, for example) is as good a starting point as any for beginning to examine the logical proofs as well as the historical evidence.

So, is “non-belief” a crime? No more so that not believing in the power of medicine is the cause of someone’s death. A person with a fatal disease is not “punished” for refusing to get medical help; it is the disease, and not the lack of belief, that is causing the problem. So too with matters eternal. Christianity teaches that God’s law is written on our hearts so that we are all “without excuse.” Our own consciences will testify against us in the end. Christians do not believe God punishes us for “not believing.” He punishes us for rebellion – for the things we said and did which manifested this rebellion – by separating himself from us. Mercifully, he also provides the means for reuniting with him, through the work of Jesus.

Feelings are a wonderful part of human life. But in this galaxy, and in this time, they’re not particularly reliable in reaching sound conclusions or making wise decisions.


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29 replies
  1. Susan Tan says:

    You might want to ask yourself why you take atheistic questions so seriously, Al.

    Why? Do you personally value logic over meaning?

    People do not reason identically and you could argue a worldview is a mental system.

    There is a philosopher who explains feelings/emotions are rational. I think his name is Ronald D’Souza.

    Do some people feel the need to explain why their beliefs are coherent to the point that they over value logic?

    Not everything can be reduced analytically and still make sense. It just can’t.

    At some point arguing with unbelievers is non-productive. They are apples. Theists are oranges.

    You don’t replace an orange with an apple from an argument. At least I don’t think so.

    Faith is simply a different mental organizing system to logic. If your carnal side likes logic then your spiritual side might defer to it and attempt to explain theology using it.

    Still that doesn’t give anyone the right to rule out feeling. Feelings can be both rational and right.

    Because a logic devotee may have learned to devalue feeling doesn’t mean he is right about that.

    Love God more and logic less then you don’t have to entertain nonsense and other people’s mind games so much.

    Why should you let someone substitute his apple for your orange?

    There is no reason at all. You might like oranges better than apples.

    I don’t know if the above makes sense but I used to engage in some fierce arguments with unbelievers who didn’t know that emotions can be rational.

    They also devalued intuition but logic according to Sperry is the servant of intuition.

    Why do we even engage in these stupid games of proving to people on a different mental operating system when they can go to God and ask for the gift of faith and receive it.

    It is God’s will for people to believe and if you ask God for the gift of faith then you receive it. Just believe that you receive it because you do. Don’t mess it up by letting some skeptic train you to second guess God.

    Get faith then work on having the best relationship possible with God and that is an unbreakable one based on the truth and the truth always contains logic and feeling because meaningful relationships always do.

    Christians should be relationship counselors before being philosophers because philosophy is a minefield of mental traps and confusion.

    God is not an intellectual exercise. He is a Person that people have a meaningful relationship with. He’s the best Person so He is worshipped accordingly.

    Worship always involves meaning and feeling.

    Since when did people get so coldly analytical that they thought it was ok to forget all this in favor of logic and arguments.

    It could be that today’s world is busy taking the humanity out of people.

    Love God any way. People are built to form relationships.

    Arguing can be a form of meddling and sometimes people use arguments to devalue other people’s relationships to control and destroy them when they should have worked on having their own.

    God Bless everyone reading.

    • bob says:

      “Why do we even engage in these stupid games…”
      And yet, here you are Susan, over and over again criticizing Christians for “defending the faith”.
      hy·poc·ri·sy: noun – the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform.

      • Clinton says:

        God has left enough evidence to make faith a very reasonable thing. But He left enough out so that we can’t live on reason alone.

          • bob says:

            “What lead you to believe that reason alone is the best?”
            Reason yields results consistently. If you want to find out why something happened or if it is likely to happen again, reason is all one needs. My riding mower is broke down right now. Do you recommend I pray that God fix it, or do you recommend I consult someone who knows about lawn mower repair? Reason yields results consistently. The only thing faith yields is … more faith … and occasionally a loss of faith.

      • Susan Tan says:

        I am not criticizing Christians, Bob.

        I am telling them not to play the world’s game the world’s way.

        People never have to make anything about evidence.

        We have it but the question remains how does one get faith?

        Faith is the gift of God.

        If you didn’t get the gift then pray to God and ask for Him to send it to you.

        He will.

        Christ is the evidence. His perfect life is the evidence and it was testified about.

        The devil couldn’t stop him.

        So why should a little thing like evidence stop any one?

        No one is perfect without Christ. Perfect in the New Testament means mature.

        So why allow a worldly idea stop you from being like Christ?

        Did you really allow someone else’s misreasoned concerns to cause you to not seek the main gift from God?

        Think about it and ask God for the gift of discernment too.

        Who passes up a gift from God and denies the evidence He has already provided?

        Who taught you to do that?

        Why do people do any wrong at all?

        That ought to prove the existence of sin to you.

        God says anyone not receiving His Son is still a slave to sin.

        Keep on asking for the evidence Bob and you will continue to be a slave to you know who.

        A Christian is a free man. Set free in God’s eyes because we are covered by Christ.

        Material evidence? That is your problem because you prefer worldly games to asking God for help.

        But you are made in the image of God and can ask Him any time you want to. You just have to make up your mind to do it. Like Derek Prince did.

        I will pray for you. Then maybe you will make up your mind to distrust this world more and accept what God says about it.

        Not His people. God’s Word.

        His people make a lot of mistakes. They are all so busy trying to maintain their freedom in Christ they forgot Christian freedom is maintained by Christ by abiding in him. So why do we have to put on an act for the world? To convince it? That’s not freedom.. If you are free you are free and God can startt working on changing you day by day from the inside out. At first you might not even know He is there until you wake up one day and realize everything in your life is changed around.

        God is the only one who can manipulate circumstances because He is the only one controllling them.

        So why do so many Christians act like behaviorists?

        Most people already know right from wrong.

        Their problem is doing it.

        Ask God for the gift of faith.

        The revised life that you will receive from Him and the meaningful life you will receive will serve as your personal evidence.

        So when the world comes knocking with it’s bs questions then you can say “Hey, been there, done that….I am a child of God now” and slam the door on the nagging questions that shouldn’t be nagging any more. Not when you can take everything to God in prayer then let the chips fall where God wills them to fall.

        It’s that simple.

        Play God’s game and ask for the gift of faith and stop playiing the devil’s game.

        The devil’s game is to keep you confused thereby enslaving you to sin which seeks to keep making you weaker and weaker.

        But all you have to do is ask God. Ask for the gift of faith. He already said if you ask in His will then you receive it.

        Hope this helps.

        I don’t believe I am a perfect examp,e of Christianity yet. But I did learn that when God sets someone free that He sets them free and that I have to use my own noggin and call on God for the pointers otherwise some of the other more obedient Christians who don’t reason all the way out will have me enslaved all over again.

        Look what some of them let the popes get away with.

        So read the Book for yourself and be a good disciple of God.

        No other book can really claim to be written by God can it?

        There are over 1500 years of prophecy backing up that book.

        This life could be your life test from God.

        So start rejecting both Christian and skeptic. stereotypical modes of thinking and think for yourself.

        If there really is a God and a devil why would you let the devil set you up to fail God’s tests.

        There is still time for you to rethink things in your own way and escape the devil’s trap, Bob.

        So use your time wisely.

        No one in this world reasons perfectly do they?

        Only God in Heaven does.

        So do not burn your bridges to Him serving the false god of materialism that some imperfectly reasoning men taught you about.

        • bob says:

          My gosh Susan, you can go on can’t you, empty assertion after empty assertion, unsubstantiated claim after unsubstantiated claim, with a bunch of religious mumbo-jumbo and gobbledygook in between.

          “Hope this helps.”
          It didn’t. Your rant added absolutely nothing to an already dead conversation. It was an exhausting read.

          • Susan Tan says:

            Ok Bob. I did my best. I suspect you are a victim of some type of paradigmatic thinking though.

            If you can think for yourself instead of following the crowd then you may be able to reason your way to the fact that God exists some day.

            If you are Bob Seidensticker then you are a computer geek but to become a computer geek you had to submit yourself to all kinds of worldly principles to make that grade.

            So you probably lost some of your ability to reason individually.

            I will give you a key precept to meditate on though.

            If Christ died for me then in God’s eyes I am priceless.

            The world keeps trying to criticize and devalue and put monetary worth on people but to God I am priceless.

            Now that has all kinds of meaning for me.

            Can you apply the same analogy to yourself?

            You should be able to unless you overly subjected and enslaved your own thinking to the weakminded thinking of the world.

            We do need to learn some carnal knowledge to make it successfully through this lifetime but we don’t let that knowledge master us and make slaves out of us.

            With Christ we are free.

            God Bless!

            You are the slave to anything you idolize i.e over value.

            But the only object worthy of worship is the God of the Bible.

            Materialism is just one kind of worldly thinking.

            But God gave you a mind to transcend worldly thinking. Plus He sent you a personal message. You are priceless to Him.

            Will you receive that message or will you allow some cheap ideas you learned from this world block you from receiving that message?

            Pray and meditate on it and pray again.

            Why shouldn’t you have an abundant spiritual and carnal life?

            Why settle only for the carnal life?

            Take care!

          • jcb says:

            Susan’s post below is more of the same: empty assertion after empty assertion. Susan:
            Christ did not die and thereby give us all eternal life. (Perhaps that’s why you use “if”).
            There is no god, and thus it is false that “to God” you are priceless.
            Yes, acquiring knowledge helps us in many ways. The only slave here though is not Bob, but those who enslave themselves with false ideas (or false hope).
            I am glad that your false belief gives you hope. I only object when you say that a false belief is a true belief.
            We are just as free, with or without Jesus. Jesus adds nothing to our freedom, although belief in Jesus/god often leads people to think they are less free than they really are!
            Fictional beings are not worthy of worship.
            God did not give us our minds/brains.
            It seems like everything Susan asserts is false, and of course none of it (the problematic assertions, which is most of it) is supported by any evidence.

          • bob says:

            “If you can think for yourself instead of following the crowd then you may be able to reason your way to the fact that God exists some day.”
            I was a Christian for 25 years…
            “If you are Bob Seidensticker…”
            I am not Him, for the straps of his sandals I am not worthy to untie…and he is much more eloquent and knowledgeable than I.

  2. bob says:

    “I believe there probably isn’t a God, that the evidence I perceive of his existence is less compelling than the evidence which supports a conclusion that he does not exist.”
    I CONCLUDE there probably isn’t a God because I have never been presented any reasonable and convincing evidence that a god exists.
    “But this begs the question: what is it that you are relying on forming this belief?”
    Not a “belief” as you claim, but a CONCLUSION based on the fact that the claim of Gods existence is not supported by any reasonable and convincing evidence.

    • Brian says:

      While there are a number of variations on the definition of the word “belief”, a typical definition within the realm of philosophy is that a belief is an attitude or judgment that something is true. So it seems to me that belief requires one to draw a conclusion regarding the various forms of evidence available to that person. So your attempt to distinguish between belief and conclusion doesn’t seem to hold any philosophical water. It’s a difference without distinction.

      So I would say that you have examined evidence regarding God’s existence and have concluded that it is insufficient to support the God hypothesis. Therefore, you believe that there probably isn’t a God.

      • bob says:

        “So your attempt to distinguish between belief and conclusion doesn’t seem to hold any philosophical water. It’s a difference without distinction.”
        You neglected to offer a definition for the word conclusion – “to arrive at a judgment or opinion by reasoning”.
        Your criticism looks good in writing Brian, but we are not talking about typically defined “belief”. We are talking about religious belief – belief in God that is bolstered by feelings, by emotions. I have never encountered a Christian that proclaimed as part of their personal testimony that they have “concluded” that God exists. They ALWAYS describe (whether they know it or not) a belief as a result of an emotional experience.
        This is why incorrect conclusions can be changed or modified by reasoning and the examination of evidence. Incorrect beliefs, such as beliefs in a God, are not so easy to change or modify.
        So, I stand by my distinction.

        • Brian says:

          Thanks for your reply Bob.

          “I have never encountered a Christian that proclaimed as part of their personal testimony that they have “concluded” that God exits.” – Now you have.

          My opinion is that the Church, by-and-large, does a terrible job speaking Biblically about the Biblical understanding of belief or faith. However, if one reads thoughtfully, it becomes clear that the Biblical concept of faith is one that is founded on evidence (see John 20, Hebrews 11, 1 Cor. 15) So, if you ask me “why are you a Christian?” I would answer that the primary reason is that the Biblical account of reality best explains what I observe and experience to be true. In addition, the evidence for the historicity of the Bible and the existence of God is compelling to me.

          So I guess from now on you will not be able to write or say “They ALWAYS” describe…

          As to the distinction between belief and conclusion, the apparently large distinction that you see and I do not, is likely based on the many interactions you’ve had with mostly “emotional Christians”. But I hope you see that from my perspective, that my belief is emotional, but not grounded in any kind of emotional experience.

          • bob says:

            “Now you have.”
            Brian, share your actual testimony, the circumstances surrounding and the thought process that you went thru as you were converting from…what ever you were before you were a Christian…to Christianity. That’s what I meant by “testimony.
            “…if you ask me “why are you a Christian?”…”
            Two very, very different questions:
            1 – how did you become a Christian
            – and –
            2 – why are you still a Christian
            “So I guess from now on you will not be able to write or say “They ALWAYS” describe…”
            But you haven’t really “described” anything for me.
            A few years ago I was having an email dialogue with a minister and we were having a discussion on just this topic – I was pointing out that in my experience Christians don’t become Christians after a lengthy examination of the evidence for and against the truth claims of Christians, but most usually they become Christians after the emotional appeals from other Christians. He referred me to a video of Ravi Zacharias, claiming that video as a counter to my claim – but – just a few minutes into the video shows Zacherias describing his emotional conversion, not based on a lengthy examination of the evidence…? After I pointed this out to him he never responded back…?
            So – if you would like – actually describe your conversion process to me.

  3. Mirza Ali says:

    The atheists should visit mars or Venus to know how perfect earth is
    Or visit genitiv defect section of hospital to
    See how perfect miracles birth is

    • Andy Ryan says:

      Why would seeing how many births have defects tell us what a miracle birth is? I’ve seen childbirth – it’s painful, messy and often goes wrong. Doctors had to cut open my wife’s vagina to let my first daughter out. This is a poor argument for perfection.

  4. Wayne Franklin says:

    I know that Bob has a hard time accepting that there was a Creator of this vast universe. I believe that satan has been loosed on the earth and that he occupies the heart of people that find it hard to understand that such a Being, called “God”, exists in the minds of people that will accept the Scriptures as “Holy” and unerringly “True” and without any errors. I know and understand that not all people see the Scriptures exactly the same, but the ‘Truth is the Truth” from any angle you wish to cast an critical eye upon the Holy Scriptures. I read in Matthews 7:6 a warning that such people exists. That same Scripture tells me that if one wants to believe there is no “God”, that is your prerogative. Those of us are told in this Scripture by Jesus Christ Himself: Matthew 7:6 (KJV) 6 Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.
    In a word, you must be convinced that Jesus’s words are True and as a consequence that the Bible is the Living Word of God. And if you ‘won’t’ accept it as the Truth that it is, then we must do as Apostle Paul spoke of in 2nd Thessalonian 2:11-12. 2 Thessalonians 2:11-12 (KJV)
    11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:
    12 That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.
    Please consider the warnings shown above.

    • KR says:

      Wait, what?
      “11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:
      12 That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.”
      So God makes some people believe a lie just so that they will be damned for believing it, did I get that right? Does this actually make sense to you? I’m asking, of course, because it makes absolutely no sense to me – unless God is a sadist who enjoys deliberately making people believe in lies and then punishes them for it.

  5. Andy Ryan says:

    “That same Scripture tells me that if one wants to believe there is no “God”, that is your prerogative.”
    Beliefs are not a question of what one wants. You either believe or you don’t. I’d LIKE to believe I’ve got a thousand dollars in my back pocket, but I don’t. Similarly, I’m unconvinced by claims that a God exists, and that has nothing to do with whether I’d LIKE the claims to be right or not.

  6. Kalmaro says:


    For some reason there was no prompt to reply to your last comment. In any case, it seems like you believe that we should not use belief. Am I understanding you correctly?

    • bob says:

      “For some reason there was no prompt to reply to your last comment.”
      I get the same thing – I think if you just go back up to the initial post from the person you want to reply to, it will drop your reply below the others that have clicked reply to that person…that’s how I have done it anyway.
      “In any case, it seems like you believe that we should not use belief.”
      Well, I guess we can’t help but believe some things. But I think we should be able to justify our beliefs with GOOD REASONS, especially if we are going to tell others that they should believe as we believe.
      Matt Dillahunty often says – “I want to believe as many true things and as few false things as I possibly can.” I agree with him. Christians seem to hold to a slightly different philosophy – “Anything contrary to what I believe concerning Jesus is probably a product of Satan, so I’ll pray it away.”

  7. Susan Tan says:

    JCB your claim that there is no evidence is a false claim.

    Eyewitness evidence is evidence.

    So you are an evidence denier.

    Why do you hang out on Christian mesaage boards denying God’s evidence?

    Do you think you will sabotage Christians’ beliefs by a false claim?

    Christian faith is backed by evidence.

    It is just many people forget that eyewitness evidence is evidence.

    All the apostles testified to seeing Christ.

    That is one of the reasons why the Gospel is still being transmitted every generation.

    Your false counter claims can’t stop God’s.

    So I don’t know why you continuously engage in false assertions.

    Go hang out on atheist boards where you can make your false claims unchallenged.

    Can I help it if you stubbornly refuse to accept God’s evidence.

    Just because you refuse to accept God’s evidence dosen’t mean the evidence doesn’t exist.

    God asserted in the Bible His claim that He made everything.

    He reveals Himself in the pages of the Bible yet you go around examining the world to deny His claims.

    I don’t have to answer your false assertions any more when you know eye witness evidence is evidence.

    So you will re-evaluate your false assertions and if you are smart stop making the claim that Christians don’t have evidence or some day you will answer to God for denying His eyewitness evidence.

    Your judgment and false assertions don’t overr rule everyone else’s judgment.

    It just dosen’t.

    So why don’t you go hang out on an atheist blog with a bunch of likeminded evidence deniers.

    I am sick and tired of watching you call God a liar by calling His evidence into question.

    Many many people have accepted His account into evidence. And. many many people have backed up that evidence with their own lives.

    But you refuse to see.

    There IS no evidence burden on Christians to prove a proven fact to someone who stubborn,y insists on denying the facts.

    So stick to atheist blogs where they will agree with you.

    You are getting no where on here with the more reasonable people who can acknowledge that eye witness evidence is evidence.

    • bob says:

      “Eyewitness evidence is evidence.”
      You are wrong. There is fingerprint evidence, DNA evidence, blood splatter evidence, ballistic evidence, video evidence, tire track evidence, handwriting evidence, and then you have EYEWITNESS TESTIMONY, which very, often is mistaken, confused, coerced, or fabricated.
      How would you like to be accused of a crime that you didn’t commit, and the ONLY “evidence” standing between you and freedom is some people saying that they saw you do it? I am going to go out of a very strong limb and say – you would not want the judge or jury to believe these eyewitnesses. You would want the judge or jury to see that there is no ACTUAL EVIDENCE that you committed the crime.
      …and besides – your “eyewitnesses” have been dead for 2,000 years…what have they done for me lately?
      There is so much more I could say about your belligerent and condescending post, but why bother.

      • Susan Tan says:

        Belligerent and condescending? The truth is the truth however YOU choose to react to it.

        Do you know where seeing starts? Not with the eyes only but in the mind.

        That is why faith is by hearing.

        You were never a Christian, Bob, because you only went through the motions and never dedicated your whole heart, soul and mind to God. If you had you would never have fallen away.

        So you were a self deceptive fool never really living for God.

        God tells us that we are all self deceptive.

        But there can be levels to it…No doubt about it. There are plenty of people more self deceptive determined not to face the truth about themselves than others like narcissists, like people with paranoid delusional disorder, etc. etc.

        Why was God so angry with the Hebrews. Because they kept creating false worldly idols and dedicating themselves to them. Some of them even went so far as to deface their bodies which are God’s temple.

        The devil fosters a spirit of confusion.

        So if you are self deceptive enough to fall for worldly confusion then you end up programmed to be like the world and the world is evil.

        God came down from heaven in the person of His Son determined to fight for you and set you free from evil once and for all and what was your response: double blindedness.

        You refused to see the mind picture God provides in the Bible in favor of serving your own worldly desires. Everyone does to differing degrees.

        But some people deliberately lie to themselves more than others.

        What is your idol, Bob? Mammon, etc. Which personal idol are you favoring ahead of a holy God.

        Try getting real with yourself without skirting the personal issue for once in your life.

        Do you really want to be a weak, worldly materialistic person or a strong minded spiritual person?

        You only have one lifetime to get this right but you can doodle away all your time being deliberately self deceptive and spiritually blind.

        Pray to the Spirit for help.

        Ask God for some real faith instead of that weak substitute you subjected yourself to.

        God Bless You and Keep You! All you have to do is a full repentance and an absolute surrender to God.

        Google and read “Absolute Surrender” by Andrew Murray.

        People are just like computers. Someone is always trying to program us towards good or evil.

        The devil is the god of this world and he always tries to tempt and program people away from God. One of his primary programming tools is the senses.

        But a godly man has self control and can turn away from temptation. He’s spiritually strong enough to turn or run.

        A worldly weak minded man gives into temptation all the time.

        Your spirit isn’t built in a day. You have to feed it from God’s Word until more and more understanding dawns.

        Are you really going to refuse to repent and turn from your wicked ways so you can starve your spiritual man?

        Or are you going to buckle down and study to be an approved man and escape the devil’s footholds ince and for all?

        Meditate on it….See Psalm 1.

        I wish you the best but if you hang around fools they sell you their idols and you pick up their spiritual errors and that virus is hard to shake.

        Thanks be to God. Christ is victorious over the devil. No matter how much the devil meddles in this world.

        It is up to you whether or not you will value and uphold God’s image in you or let the devil deface it.

        Peace Be With You!

        • bob says:

          “You were never a Christian, Bob… you were a self deceptive fool never really living for God.”
          Funny, you mention the book by Andrew Murray. I had a 1st edition copy of his book “With Christ in the School of Prayer” – read that thru several times WHEN I WAS A CHRISTIAN 🙂
          Also had in my library “In God’s Underground” by Richard Wurmbrand, “Rees Howells – Intercessor” by Norman Grubb…how about “Life and Diary of David Brainerd” by Jonathan Edwards, “The Pilgrims Progress” by John Bunyan, “Foxes Book of Martyrs”, and on and on, etc, etc.
          Oh well. Sure wish I had a dollar for every time a Christian has told me I was never a Christian (though usually they say “True Christian”).
          You do realize, Susan, that there are Christians who would say that YOU are not a Christian.

          • Susan says:

            I define a Christian as a person in a committed relationship with God and I think God does too or else why describe the church as the Bride of Christ? Walk out on God because this stupid evil world raised an objection or question? That is too absurdI to contemplate. I finally learned to stop taking seriously the evil people who weren’t even trying but it took me a while to realize that was happening. Why should I when taking them seriously could set me up for spiritual failure. We choose who we listen to and we all reason to different conclusions based on our value judgments of the facts.

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