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Objections to Objective Morality

By Cole James I took a philosophy class while I was in college. The topic of this class was on contemporary moral issues, so you know we got into some heated topics. I heard every objection under the sun to objective morality. Everything from it was not very “tolerant,” to different cultures act differently so therefore […]

Miracles Are Useless, If…

By Rajkumar Richard The Bible is replete with miracles[1]. Sincere Christians who worship the Triune God will objectively believe every recorded miracle in the Bible. Miracles are intended to glorify God, meet human needs and establish the supernatural basis of revelation. Sincere Christians will also affirm miracles subjectively. They will subjectively assert their existence as a […]

God, Patience, and Creation

By Luke Nix   Introduction One of the challenges skeptics raise against God as the Creator is the idea that He took entirely too long to create: God is inefficient and wasteful with time, if He did, indeed, take 13+ billion years to create the universe. Why did God take so long to create the universe […]

¿Quién Escribió el Evangelio de Mateo?

Por Brian Chilton En el curso de las siguientes semanas, discutiremos las razones para aceptar los puntos de vista tradicionales para la autoría del Nuevo Testamento. Hoy comenzaremos con el Evangelio de Mateo y luego nos moveremos hacia los otros tres Evangelios antes de mirar algunas de las cartas en Apocalipsis. El Nuevo Testamento comienza […]

El Precio De Negar El Libre Albedrío

Por Tim Stratton Cada vez que me doy la vuelta, encuentro a alguien que niega que los humanos tienen libre albedrío. Desde los científicos, filósofos a los teólogos, es la nueva tendencia fresca. En realidad, no estamos tomando decisiones libres. Hemos sido programados por Dios o nuestro ADN para actuar de cierta manera y no tenemos […]

Should We Be Moral Relativists?

By Rajkumar Richard INTRODUCTION This is a short introductory essay to defend objective moral values. In philosophy, the term ‘objective,’ is defined as the existence of an object independent of human mind (mind-independency); “the object would “be there,” as it is, even if no subject perceived it.”1 In contrast, the term ‘relative’ refers to the […]

Why Does God Love Satan?

By Rajkumar Richard The question, “Does God love Satan?” seemingly yields diametrically conflicting answers from conservative Christian theologians. Some assert that God cannot love Satan. In contrast, others claim that God loves Satan. So does God love Satan or not?  Answers to the question, “Does God love Satan?” cause further complications. If God does not […]

El Amor De Dios Y El Dilema De Eutifrón

Por Tim Stratton PREGUNTA Estimado Tim: En tu artículo “La Omnibenevolencia de Dios” señalaste que en el punto de vista islámico, Alá es muy similar a algunas opiniones calvinistas de Dios. En relación con este punto de vista, dijiste: “Dios no es todo-amor, y cualquier cosa que Alá haga es simplemente llamado “bueno” incluso si es aborrecible”. Estoy […]

Who Wrote the Gospel of Mark?

By Brian Chilton Last week, we began a series on the authorship of the New Testament documents as we discussed the Gospel of Matthew. This week, we continue our series as we consider the authorship of the Gospel of Mark. We will consider the internal and external evidences, as well as the date of the […]

The Price of Denying Free Will

By Timothy Fox Every time I turn around I find someone else denying that humans have free will. From scientists to philosophers to theologians, it’s the cool new trend. We aren’t actually making free choices. We have been programmed either by God or our DNA to act in a certain way and have no choice but […]

Is Religion the Practice of Avoiding Truth?

By Luke Nix Introduction A month or so ago, I came across an interesting challenge to Christianity. A skeptic told me that religion was an exercise in avoiding truth- a willful delusion. He observed that many Christians (and religious people, in general) tend to believe the claims of their “holy” books over what has been […]

Who Wrote the Gospel of Matthew?

By Brian Chilton Over the course of the new few weeks, we will discuss the reasons for accepting the traditional viewpoints for New Testament authorship. We will begin with the Gospel of Matthew today and will then move towards the other three Gospels before looking at some of the letters in Revelation. The New Testament […]

Was Paul the Founder of Christianity?

By Brian Chilton Skeptics, such as Gerd Ludemann, charged Paul for being the actual founder of Christianity. Such ideas come from either a belief that Jesus never addressed difficult topics, or a belief that Paul was too radical in his teachings for it to have come from Jesus. Both views are inherently wrong. A closer […]