Why Would God Make Me a Lesbian?

Could there be any more sensitive and provocative question in our culture today?  (Since we posted this video on YouTube two days ago it has averaged nearly 2,000 views per hour.)  A student posed the question at Towson State University.  Here is our four-minute discussion:

The video ends abruptly because the young lady went on to ask another question (you can see the entire presentation and all of the Q&A here).

The bottom line is that we all have an orientation to sinful behavior.  We all have attractions we ought not act on, and we all have to restrain ourselves on numerous fronts each day.  The only one who did that perfectly and completely was Jesus of Nazareth.  That’s why only he can be our sacrifice.  He didn’t die for his own sins, but for ours.

Of course, much more could be said on the issues of love, sex, natural law, homosexuality and same-sex marriage than one can say in a four-minute video.  I may touch on this a bit in the podcast later this week.  But if you want to go into even more depth, I have done so in this recently updated little book.

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