Are you ready to laugh and think your way through a timely update of a classic tale?

Kyle Mann, editor-in-chief of The Babylon Bee, joins Frank to discuss his new book, The Postmodern Pilgrim’s Progress (co-authored with Joel Berry). Part novel and part “sci-fi fantasy allegory”, The Postmodern Pilgrim’s Progress is a modern-day version of John Bunyan’s classic book and tackles subject matter that is unique to our culture today–including the prosperity gospel, deconstruction, humanism, evolution, skepticism, abortion, and more.

Here’s a short excerpt from the beginning of the book:

“On this journey, Ryan will learn something, which is more than most people who go on journeys can say. When he wakes up, he won’t remember the dream, but he will be a changed man. He will be made new somehow, even if he can’t explain exactly how. This will be the first in many thousands of dreams, interactions, moments, and strange coincidences that lead him to a moment every created being was created for: reconciliation with the Creator.”

In this episode, Frank and Kyle also talk about how The Babylon Bee got started, and the controversy surrounding their recent Twitter censorship. You don’t want to miss it!

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