Yesterday I got a call from my friend Bob Cornuke who is a Christian Indiana Jones.  He had big news.  Three years ago, Bob led me along with an expeditionary team into Iran to look for remnants of Noah’s Ark. In addition to Noah’s Ark, Bob has been looking for other major biblical archaeological finds including the real Mount Sinai (it’s in Saudi Arabia, not the Sinai Peninsula), and the Ark of Covenant—the golden chest in which the Israelites carried the actual stone Ten Commandments Moses received on Mount Sinai (yes, the Ark that was the subject of Raiders of the Lost Ark).

Here’s why Bob called. For years Bob has taken trips to Axum Ethiopia to the church where he, and others, have long-believed the real Ark has been kept.  According to a report here, their beliefs are going to be confirmed today, June 26. 2009.   Those supposedly in control of the ark for over 2,500 years are in Rome today after meeting with the Pope.  They say they are going to reveal the Ark to the world and put it in a new museum in Axum.  When will it be available for inspection? We don’t know. Bob thinks it might take a year to get the museum built.  Hopefully more details will be revealed today.  Bob is heading to Axum in a couple of weeks and again in January.  Lord willing, I may join him for the January trip.

Who knows if this is the real deal, but it sure is interesting.  If this report is true and it turns out to be the real Ark (we don’t know at this point), we won’t open it because we don’t want our faces to melt!

I’ll keep you informed of any developments from the inside.  In the meantime, keep an eye on the news today, and read more about the Ark and Bob’s adventures here:

Here is an UPDATE for FRIDAY Evening:  Nothing revealed from the Ethiopian official today.  Click here for the story and more details on theories about the Ark.  If an announcement is made, I’ll report it here.

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