Atheists are fond of asserting that religion and science are at war, and that science supports atheism.   Upon closer review, however, “science” doesn’t support atheism or anything else.  Why not?  Because science doesn’t say anything—scientists do!

Are Science and Faith at Odds? Insights by Augustine

Science is a method that people use to discover cause and effect relationships.  Science doesn’t gather and interpret data, scientists do.  Unfortunately, some scientists allow their atheistic worldview to dictate how they interpret the evidence. Since they’ve ruled out intelligence in advance, there’s no way they will ever interpret the data to conclude an Intelligence such as God was involved.  They don’t seem to realize that science needs someone like God.

How so?

In order for us to do science, natural laws must be orderly and consistent. We couldn’t do science if natural laws weren’t held constant or nature behaved in a completely random manner.  But where do natural laws come from and why are they so consistent?  And why do all physical things change, but not the natural laws that govern them?

In all our experience, laws always come from lawgivers.  That’s why the best explanation for the orderly and consistent natural laws that make science possible is a rational Law Giver who created and sustains the universe—the same spaceless, timeless, and immaterial Being that created and fine-tuned the universe at the Big Bang. So even if atheists succeed in demonstrating that natural laws can and do explain cause and effect inside the universe, they still have to rely on God for the existence and persistence of those laws.

Atheistic materialism can’t account for those laws or the orderliness of nature. But a rational Creator and Sustainer powerfully explains the unchanging laws that make science possible.  Thus, the war is not between science and religion, but between science and atheism.

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