Is Progressive Christianity really “Good News”?

The emergent (and dangerous) phenomenon of “Progressive Christianity” is coming to a church near you. Our guest host Alisa Childers is not only an expert in the topic, but she has experienced it first hand. We’re going to list a few symptoms of a progressive church here, but you will have to listen to this episode to learn more. Here are the symptoms:

∙ A lowered view of the Bible
∙ Feelings are emphasized over facts
∙ Essential Christian doctrines are open for reinterpretationHistoric terms are redefined
∙ The heart of the gospel message shifts from sin and redemption to social justice

Uh oh! If this sounds familiar, you really need to listen to this podcast with Alisa Childers. Don’t miss it and make sure to share it with a friend that may need to hear this!

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