If you’re an apologist in training, I want to call your attention to a really neat resource. is a pretty neat Christian apologetics website, which is building online “pocket-apologist” for believers and nonbelievers to use. Imagine an encyclopedia that allows users to interact with academic material in a point-counterpoint debate format. That is to say, navigating the site feels like debating an expert Christian apologist, and you can get to information really quickly from it. All I can say is, try it out! Above is a 3 minute video tutorial of how it works.

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Get the first chapter of "Stealing From God: Why Atheists Need God to Make Their Case" in PDF.

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  1. Jason Muniz says:

    Wow! What an AMAZING resource! Thank you. Any plans for an Android app? I would pay good money for that.

    Stay blessed

  2. Ron Wolff says:

    I have downloaded the app and have looked at the web site. Other than the tutorial, i can not find the belief map. How do I find it, or is it right in front of my nose? Thank-you.


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