Four Questions about Same-Sex Marriage

Now that the California Supreme Court has usurped the will of the people by striking down their democratically-decided law,  there is sure to be a debate over the next few months about the merits of Same-Sex Marriage.   The issue may even make it to the ballot box in November in the form of a California Constitutional Amendment. 

Political process aside, I’d like for you to weigh in on the following four questions:

1.  For what secular purpose does the state endorse traditional marriage (i.e. what benefits does the state experience from traditional marriage)?

2.  What would be the results to society if every adult lived faithfully in traditional marriage?

3.  What would be the results to society if every adult lived faithfully in same-sex marriage?  

4.  In light of your answers above, should the state legally equate heterosexual and homosexual relationships by endorsing same sex marriage?

Sorry if this sounds like a test.  I just want to see how much people have thought through this very controversial issue.


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