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The Culture Chronicle

The following list of events is a representative sample lifted from recent headlines and compiled in this format to offer some perspective concerning the current trends in our culture.  Items included were selected at my sole discretion.  Jim Whiddon.


January 1 – February 28, 2014

Over 40,000 new laws went into effect across the US on January 1. One Oregon law allows mothers to take home their baby’s placenta as some believe that eating the tissue in pill form, raw or perhaps in a smoothie can help ease postpartum depression.


Flower Mound, TX mayor Tom Hayden publicly declares 2014 “The Year of the Bible.”


“The Wolf of Wall Street” sets record for “F-bombs” in a motionpicture with a total of 506.


The English department at UCLA; considered one of the US’ premier programs, has replaced curriculum requirements of Shakespeare, Milton and Chaucer with courses on gender, race, ethnicity, disability and sexuality studies. (Wall Street Journal)


The WSJ reported that 41% of American children are born out of wedlock today. By comparison, in 1963, that percentage was 6%.


A two-year old child in Longmont, Colorado was rushed to an emergency roomafter ingesting a marijuana-laced cookie.


“Smart” PJs are now available that read bedtime stories to kids via smart phone or tablet.


After seven years in the Top 10 among nations, the US has fallen to #12in the annual Index of Economic Freedom. (WSJ)


A judge strikes down the Oklahoma ban on gay marriage previously approved by over 70% of voters in a state wide referendum in 2004.


NFL commissioner now considering removing marijuana from bannedsubstance list for players and allowing them to use the drug in states wherelegalized.


The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education survey of 427universities indicated that ~60% of them have speech restrictions which violatethe First Amendment of the Constitution. Many have set up very small “freespeech zones” on campus which must be reserved months in advance and come with alabyrinth of rules.


In a lengthy interview with The New Yorker magazine, Pres. Obama conveyshis belief that pot smoking is no more harmful than cigarettes or alcohol. (Washington Times)


The Dallas Morning News reports that now 60% of college degrees are earned by women. For the first time ever, women earn more bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees. This is a recent (3-5 years) phenomenon.


A White House report says 1 out of every 5 college women have beenphysically assaulted while pursuing their degree.


HSBC [Bank] customers are being asked to provide documentation for reasons cash is needed for withdrawals of 3000 pounds or more. (BBC)


San Francisco is considering handing out free crack pipes to slow the spread of HIV.


The Pentagon has changed uniform rules to allow Sikhs to be able to wear a turban and/or maintain a beard while in US military uniform. (FOX News)


Christian music artist Natalie Grant walked out of the Grammy Awards because of what she called a “satanic performance”.


Russian President Putin suggests the US is “godless” under Obama. Aspart of its defense of “Christian values”, Russia has adopted a law banning”homosexual propaganda” and another that makes it a criminal offense to “insult” the religious sensibilities of believers. (Wash Times)


A North Carolina High school football coach was ordered by the school superintendent to stoppraying with players and/or baptizing them after a suit is threatened by the FreedomFrom Religion Foundation. (CBS Affiliate, Charlotte)


In the US, 143 million Americans check their Facebook account daily compared to 40 million (est.) who read the Bible. (Associated Press)


The SEC Defensive Player of the Year, Michael Sam of the University of Missouri announces he is gay.


Vancouver, Canada officials have allowed the installation of crack pipe vending machines.


Attorney General Holder calls for allowing America’s 5.8 million felons to have voting rights.


Carl DeMaio, an openly homosexual Republican candidate for Congress in California, rolls out election ad featuring him and his partner.


A federal judge reverses the gay marriage ban in Virginia negating referendum by state’s voters.


The Ninth Circuit in CA rules in favor of allowing the carrying of a concealed handgun. Meanwhile, as many as 300,000 Connecticut  gun owners defy a new lawto register their “assault” weapons, thus technically committing a felony offense in that state. (Fox News)


Facebook adds about 50 new terms – other than Male and Female – to allow users to identify their gender. Examples of new terms: androgynous, bi-gender,inter-sex, gender fluid or transsexual. (AP)


Music network VH-1 announces plans for a 10 episode series called “Naked Dating”. Each episode will feature a man and a woman each having a date with two naked suitors with the idea of “what happens if you take one man and woman and strip them of all their pretenses.” (The Hollywood Reporter)


A federal judge strikes down the gay marriage ban in Texas which has been in place since voters approved in 2005. In Dallas, a gay couple with a 53-year relationship are publicly married by a United Methodist minister. (Dallas Morning News)


So we can confidently say,

 “The Lord is my helper;

 I will not fear;

what can man do to me?”

— Heb. 13:6

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4 replies
  1. Stephen B says:

    “A judge strikes down the Oklahoma ban on gay marriage previously approved by over 70% of voters in a state wide referendum in 2004.”

    Interesting stuff. A year after all restrictions on interracial marriage in America were ended, a Gallup poll showed that 73% of the population still opposed marriage between blacks and whites.

    I think we can agree that it’s a good job the Virginia vs Loving judge wasn’t using public opinion as his guide, or we’d have waited an extra 30 years before black and white people could marry – it wasn’t until 1991 that equal numbers of US citizens opposed and supported inter-racial marriage, and another six years before the supporters were in the majority!

    “Russia has adopted a law banning”homosexual propaganda” and another that makes it a criminal offense to “insult” the religious sensibilities of believers.”

    They’re also invading Ukraine. Quite a country, eh?

    To your list you could also have added that abortion rates have fallen again, continuing a trend lasting several years now.

  2. Jim W. says:

    The discrimination in the US based on skin color is the most despicable chapter in our nation’s history which sickens me no end. What few people ever consider is that God created only one race – humans. Skin color is simply one of over two billion physical characteristics that make each of us unique.
    Also, don’t confuse votes and polls. You are also comparing an inherited trait which one cannot change (skin color) with a chosen behavior which one can change (homosexuality). Homosexuality is a harmful behavior to the one involved. We should have a heart for helping them escape it for that reason. But we should not mistreat anyone because they look different or behave differently than we happen to.
    As for Russia, their laws on “homosexual propaganda and criticizing one’s faith” would violate the First Amendment of the US constitution in my opinion. I am for you being able to say anything you want except “fire” in a movie theatre (assuming there is not really a fire).
    Finally, I thank God that murdered babies are fewer and fewer in number. A child in a mother’s womb is the very essence of innocence, wouldn’t you agree?

    • Stephen B says:

      “You are also comparing an inherited trait which one cannot change (skin color) with a chosen behavior which one can change (homosexuality). ”

      To be fair, Jim, we’re either comparing two unchangeable inherited traits: skin color and gender; or we’re comparing two chosen behaviours: sleeping with another race and sleeping with the same gender.

      My point remains: If you’re going to complain about judges making decisions relating to who can marry that go against the general will of the people, be consistent. It’s clear that you think the Virginia vs Loving judge was right to ignore popular opinion with regards to interracial marriage. Whether or not you agree with the OK judge with regards to the constitutionality of anti-SSM laws, the number of people who voted in the referendum is irrelevant.

    • Stephen B says:

      “wouldn’t you agree?”

      Sure. That’s why I support the measures that have been reducing abortion rates such as more comprehensive sex eduction and greater availability of contraception, bringing the US more in line with Western Europe.


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