Why Do You Believe In God?

by Justin Steckbauer

If someone asks me, “Why do you believe in God?” I don’t necessarily say “I just have faith.”

Why Do You Believe In God_

Many might say that. But for someone who asks that question, I need to know how to defend my faith. So my response is this:

I think it’s very reasonable to believe in God. Let me tell you why:

  1. The universe exists, and it must have a cause, everything that begins to exist has a cause.  The universe began to exist. Evolution can’t create, neither can science. The universe needs a first cause that is timeless, outside the system and infinitely powerful.  God is the logical first cause (cosmological argument).
  2. The universe is finely tuned, there is order in the universe at work that allows for planets, stars, and galaxies. There are laws in the universe, constants like gravity, relativity, and so on. It’s reasonable that when we find mathematical laws and cosmological laws in the universe, that there is a powerful being that created those systems (argument from design).
  3. Within the human cell, we find massive amounts of information. When we look at the human eye, we see a system so incredibly complicated that it could never come about by chance. When scientists look into the human body, they see a complex yet harmonious system of machinery. We see cells and tissue, and DNA and systems that all function as one, and are irreducibly complex. (specified complexity, irreducibly complexity).
  4. The human mind intuitively knows that there is good and evil, right and wrong, good and bad. Objective moral laws exist, they are universal. If objective morals exist, then an objective moral lawgiver must exist; therefore God exists (moral argument).


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7 replies
  1. jcb says:

    “It is reasonable to believe in God” (F: The evidence we have doesn’t make a perfect in all ways being probable)
    The universe exists, and must have a cause (F: it could have no cause, but yes, it is unlikely)
    The universe exists, and probably has a cause (T)
    Science (?) didn’t “cause” the universe to come into being, as far as we know (T)
    Evolution (?) didn’t “cause” the universe to come into being, as far as we know (T)
    The universe has to be/is probably caused by a timeless (?), infinitely powerful being that is other than itself (F)
    The universe was probably created by something other than itself (T)
    The universe was probably caused by something that existed before the universe existed (T)
    Thus that cause was probably “timeless”, meaning, not relating to time (F)
    Thus that cause was probably “timeless”, meaning, existing for all time (F)
    Thus that cause was probably all powerful (F: that the cause had the power to create our universe doesn’t entail that it is all powerful/could create a million other universes)
    The first cause, if there is one, is the first cause (T)
    Calling that “god” doesn’t add anything useful here (T)
    The first cause must be all powerful (F)
    The universe is known to be deliberately (“finely”) tuned. (F)
    There is order in the universe (T)
    This order shows that a perfect being probably exists (F)
    A perfect being probably “created” mathematical laws (like 1+1=2?) (F)
    The human cell has much “information” (T)
    If something didn’t come about by chance (which is what?), then it probably came about from God (F)
    The human eye is complex (T)
    Thus it probably didn’t just happen overnight (T)
    Thus it probably was created by God (F)
    All human minds know that murder exists (F)
    Virtually all humans have desires and values, and thus things we call “good” and “evil” (T)
    Thus objective, godly, moral laws exist (F)

  2. bob says:

    Mr. Justin Steckbauer is just another reality avoiding, pro Trump, science denying, Liberty U graduate, apologetic’s wanna-be. Why in the world would anyone think that this silly little post (from 2016) is worthy of re-posting?

    • jcb says:

      So I often reply to these articles, and then send my replies to the original author. I messaged this author, and he said he would take a look (and presumably respond) to my comments. We shall see!

      • bob says:

        I googled his name, found tripe – pro Trump, anti-abortion, anti-evolution, etc, etc, etc.
        JCB, if he responds it will be entirely unimpressive, so prepare yourself now (by taking a nap or watching Andy Griffith re-runs) because you already know what his impending response will be.

        • Wes says:

          Sounds like he isn’t the only one clinging to an ideology. But hey what do I know I’m just a dumb Liberty University grad, though not a big Trump guy.

          • Bob says:

            Sounds like he isn’t the only one clinging to an ideology.
            Ideologically, I stand in one place at any point in time, completely open to being persuaded that I should move. Can you say the same? – I doubt that you can.
            But hey what do I know I’m just a dumb Liberty University grad…
            My comment said nothing about intelligence. Perhaps re-read what I said…?
            …though not a big Trump guy.
            Did you vote for him?

      • jcb says:

        So now it has been 5 days since the author said he’s take a look at my comments (and presumably respond). There is still no reply.


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