Turek & Cornuke to Lead Footsteps of Paul Cruise, July 2012

Frank Turek and Bob Cornuke (the REAL Indiana Jones) will be leading a “Footsteps of Paul” cruise in July 2012!  Our ship will be Oceania’s beautiful “Regatta.”  We’ll present evidence and insights about the New Testament while we tour the Biblical sites of:

  • Ephesus (Ephesians, Paul’s home for three years, and his confrontation with Diana worshipers in Acts 19)
  • Athens (Paul’s Acts 17 speech)
  • Corinth (1 and 2 Corinthians)
  • Malta (See the site and anchors of Paul’s shipwreck from Acts 27)
  • Rome (Romans, and where Paul was imprisoned and executed)

We’ll also visit other beautiful and interesting sites such as Istanbul, Sicily, Pompeii, Sardinia and Santorini.

Douglas Gresham, stepson of C.S. Lewis, will join us in Malta and give us a special presentation there! 

We hope you can join us! Go here for all the details http://www.livingpassages.org/tours/footstepsofpaul.htm or call 1-888-771-8717. Space is limited so sign up soon!


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