Our culture says, “you do you” and “follow your heart,” but the Bible paints a much different picture. However, it seems that even those who don’t have high regard for Christianity or God’s Word are beginning to point out that all we need is common sense to see that our culture’s view of issues like family, gender, and sexuality don’t line with up how the world and reality is structured.

In this special episode recorded at CrossExamined Instructors Academy (CIA) 2022 in Cincinnati, OH, Frank teams up with guests (and CIA instructors) J. Warner Wallace and Greg Koukl to discuss our fallen human nature, why defunding the police is a bad idea, the importance of fathers in our communities, and how people who don’t like to deal with truth are just going to use their power to overwhelm you. Greg Koukl also gives us a good reminder that “faithfulness is not theologically difficult,” and just because the culture is confused on many of these important issues doesn’t mean that we need to compromise on defending the truth.

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