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he world defines truth as relative and subjective: “You have your truth, I have my truth.” It is customizable to one’s preferences and lifestyle. Definitive or absolute truth is considered offensive to the culture at large. This confusion over truth is further fueled by social media. Liking, sharing, retweeting, and posting happen with the click of a button. To promote and defend “your truth,” all you have to do is open an app on your phone. Though some may suggest that our culture is more unified based on the controversial matters of our day, I would argue that we are walking in greater disunity than ever before.

Can’t We All Just Coexist?

The Coexist bumper stickers often seen on the back of vehicles advertise that all religions are equal with a mutually unifying end. To argue against this can be considered hate speech in some spaces. The irony in this pop-culture view of truth, however, is that the major world religions have some profound differences that mutually exclude the other. It does not take very long to find contradictions between Mormonism and Islam.

Furthermore, there are particular instances of absolute truth that no logical person could deny. Gravitational pull or mathematical equations are proven true with singular explanations and sums. Your trash pick-up being on Monday is a fact. If you decide to put your garbage can at the curb on Tuesday because that is your truth, you will be disappointed to find overflowing trash the next day. Yet, the larger issues in life take on a whole different meaning to the word “truth”.


Scriptural Definition of the Truth

In John 14, Jesus names himself to be the way, the truth, and the life. The familiar passage goes on to say that no one accesses the Father except through Christ. Anyone claiming another means to heaven apart from Jesus the Messiah is promoting a lie.

“Jesus answered, ‘I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.’”
John 14:6

Upon the trial and accusation of Christ, just before his crucifixion, Pontius Pilate asked the question “What is truth?” (John 18:38). The question is still being asked centuries later, and the answer remains. Jesus, being God himself was, is, and always will be the truth. Our triune God displays the reality of truth. The Holy Spirit leads the Christian into all truth (John 16:13). God the Father never lies, He fulfills all His promises (Numbers 23:19). Jesus the Messiah is the only true path to restoration and eternal life (John 3:16).


Why Truth Matters

In 2022, I prepared for an unmedicated birth. Among many things, I conducted research and read books about the goals I had for labor. I found myself needing to carefully filter content that included New Age and witchcraft practices. Much of what I came across revolved around feelings of empowerment and self-expression. However, bringing a new baby into the world is a complete act of surrender to the Creator of the universe. It is emptying oneself to rely solely on Christ. It is for the glory of God that none may boast.

Satan strives to keep us in a feelings-based mindset. He convinces us that life is about us and the benefits we can receive. Faith in Christ must extend beyond feelings to facts. Otherwise, we blend in with the culture around us. It was invaluable to study the creation account in Genesis and to spend time prayerfully considering the heart of God as our due date neared. In Scripture, we unfold the truth of Christ and are changed to reflect him. We exist for the singular purpose of glorifying Jesus our Lord.

To distinguish truth as absolute and to follow Christ with wholehearted devotion is the greatest threat to Satan. He is unbothered by “his truth” and “her truth.” He is, however, thrown off his high horse when a people boldly stand for and confidently share the truth.


Living Transformed by the Truth

As said in Matthew 7, there is one path to heaven, and it is indeed narrow (Matt 7:13-14). To say that Jesus is the only way may feel a bit too exclusive and limited to an on-looking unbeliever. Therefore, it is deemed best to reject singularly defined truth. As Christians, we are to take up our cross, forgoing anything within us that does not align with the will of God by bringing his name glory. The word “cross” in Matthew 16:24 means only one thing. In the first century, a cross represented death by crucifixion. Though the emblem of the cross is undoubtedly viewed through a lens of agape love, it very much signifies death. The Christ follower is to die to themselves and the sin that so easily entangles. Though actions based upon one’s personally determined truth are appealing for a time, there will inevitably be an ongoing search for more apart from an intimate relationship with Christ the King.


Subjective Truth is Unloving

Affirming the idea of truth being subjective is one of the most un-loving things we can do. If Jesus is the only way to the Father, and therefore eternal life, we have the tremendous responsibility of shutting down every other notion besides the inspired Word of God. Speaking the truth means that we know the truth. In Philippians 4, Paul the Apostle provides a beautiful list of things to think about in combating anxiousness (Phil 4:16-17). From a prison cell in Rome, he tells the church to remember that which is true. In doing so, we remember the very nature of God. All that God is, he is truly. He is true love, true kindness, true mercy, true forgiveness, true hope, true life, true light, true grace, true rest, true wisdom, and the list goes on. When we think about the trueness of God, anxiety and fear diminish. How profound and contradictory to the rest of society when a person chooses to humbly submit to the revelation of God as the only means to authentic understanding and perfect clarity.


The Truth is Transformative

A belief in the one truth that exists is transformative. We are brought to life upon our confession of faith and trust in Christ. Manifestation says, “Believe in me and my ability”, but transformation says, “Believe in Jesus and his sovereignty.” Jesus being the truth means that we acknowledge our limitations and humbly submit to the Lord who has none. John 8:31-32 says, “So Jesus said to the Jews who had believed him, “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” Believing and abiding in the infallible, inerrant, and inspired Word of God is the most freeing thing a person can do. The shackles we were once bound by are broken by belief in Jesus Christ. This is the good news of the Gospel, and it is available for all people, everywhere. Sharing the truth in boldness is a radical act of love.

Our world measures truth based on personal preference and ideology. It is ever-changing and regularly modified to best please mankind. Freedom is miraged by temporary happiness and affirming acceptance. Freedom in its truest form is found in one place; it exists in one person. His name is Jesus, and it is in his presence that we walk in perfect clarity. His presence abides in us, and we have the unique privilege of inviting others to dwell with Christ who is our peace. There is no greater combat against division than Divine intervention.

God is not the author of chaos or confusion. We do not have to question right from wrong or good from bad. His Word makes it clear. In both our belief and our obedience, we are blessed beyond our comprehension by the Lord of Hosts.  The truth found in Scripture is both life-giving and life-changing. Second Timothy reminds us that the entirety of the Bible is useful for teaching and training us to look more like Christ (2 Timothy 3:16-17). All sixty-six books hold tremendous weight and power in our lives still today. As we learn it on an individual basis, we are drawn closer to the heart of God, and our belief is confirmed time and time again. Let God’s truth transform you because it is the only thing that will.


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