You have three outstanding opportunities to participate in apologetics conferences over the next several weeks.

Your first opportunity is to join me, Doug Groothuis and Mary Jo Sharp online this Saturday, September 7, for the “Is Christianity Actually True?” conference put on by the C.S. Lewis Society of New Zealand.  There will be time for Q&A.  Again, this is an ONLINE event, so you have no excuse.  Click here for details:

Your second opportunity is the “Truth for a New Generation” conference led by Alex McFarland September 27-28 in Charlotte, NC.   Alex has a great lineup that includes Lee Strobel and Eric Metaxas.  He even has a session on religious freedom moderated by Lauren Greene of Fox News.  Click here for details:

Your final opportunity is the 20th annual “National Conference on Christian Apologetics” October 10-11 also in Charlotte, NC.  I will be emceeing this along with Southern Evangelical Seminary President, Dr. Richard Land.  This lineup is also impressive and includes Josh McDowell, Hugh Ross and Jay Richards.  There are several debates during this conference as well.  Click here for details:

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