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The Wisdom Chronicle is designed to bring nuggets of wisdom from the dozens of books I read every year. I endeavor to share the best of what I have gleaned. The determination of relevance lies with you. Blessings, J. Whiddon

  1. BIBLE WISDOM: POLITICS? “A wise man’s heart inclines him to the right, but a fool’s heart to the left.” (ECCL 10:2)
  2. TAKE A CHANCE “If you want the fruit, you have to go out on a limb.”

–Joey Reiman

  1. SLOW DOWN “Woody Allen once said he took a speed-reading course and read War and Peace in twenty minutes. “It involves Russia,” he quipped. Too many of us read, write, and have relationships at that speed. And at breakneck speed, one is bound to have an accident.”

Excerpt From: Reiman, Joey. “Thinking for a Living.”

  1. COINCIDENCE? For CHRISTIANS, coincidence is just God’s way of staying anonymous. [See Romans 8:38] — Unknown
  2. CITY VS. NATURE “Does it make sense as well that when we surround ourselves with less of God’s creation (clean air, trees, grass, lakes and rivers, and creatures) we remove an aspect of God’s presence from our lives?

I’ve come to believe that this is one of the prime reasons we have such chaos in cities, crime is more prevalent, there is less peace, and liberal thinking is dominant.

If we strip away the things of nature that by design communicate a sense of order, tranquility, and transcendence, then society will gravitate toward the antithesis of those things—disorder, stress, and focus on self, which breeds selfishness. Without a God to embrace, we create our own gods to fill that vacuum in our souls for which we’ve been hardwired.”

Excerpt From: Battaglia, Joe. “The Politically Incorrect Jesus.”

  1. WORDS “The Lord’s Prayer contains 56 words; the Gettysburg Address, 266; the Ten Commandments, 297; the Declaration of Independence, 300; and a recent U.S. government order setting the price of cabbage, 26,911.

At the state level, over 250,000 bills are introduced each year. And 25,000 pass the legislatures to disappear into the labyrinths of the law.”

Excerpt From: Al Ries & Jack Trout. “Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind.”

  1. CANT TAKE IT “Man is born with his hands clenched; he dies with them wide open. Entering life, he desires to grasp everything; leaving the world, all he possessed has slipped away.”

–Jewish Talmud

  1. LAST HOPE “Richard Wurmbrand (1909–2001), a Romanian evangelical Christian minister and author who spent a total of fourteen years imprisoned in Romania for his faith, founded the Voice of the Martyrs, an interdenominational organization working with and for persecuted Christians around the world. In 1967, he shared his view of America: “Every freedom-loving man has two fatherlands; his own and America. Today, America is the hope of every enslaved man, because it is the last bastion of freedom in the world. Only America has the power and spiritual resources to stand as a barrier between militant communism and the people of the world. It is the last dike holding back the rampaging floodwaters of militant communism. If it crumples, there is no other dike, no other dam; no other line of defense to fall back upon.

America is the last hope of millions of enslaved peoples. They look to it as their second fatherland. In it lie their hopes and prayers. I have seen fellow-prisoners in communist prisons beaten, tortured, with fifty pounds of chains on their legs—praying for America . . . that the dike will not crumple; that it will remain free.”

Excerpt From: Lee, Richard. “In God We Still Trust: A 365-Day Devotional.”

  1. SUCCESS “If you are greatly gifted, you may be able to do marvelous things that would cause the public to be swept up in your skills and in your abilities. In the process of your growing, you will find great temptation to make a name for yourself, to make a big splash, to gain attention, to get the glory, to strut around, to increase your fees, to demand your rights, and to expect kid-glove treatment. People are talking about you!

Let me remind you that if you’re in life only for yourself, you’ll have no endurance. On that precarious top of the ladder, you’ll always have to maintain your balance by maneuvering and manipulating, lying, deceiving, and scheming.

But if you’re committed to kingdom-related excellence, when you go through times of testing, you can count on kingdom endurance to get you through.”

Excerpt From: Charles R. Swindoll. “Dear Graduate.”

  1. DISCIPLINE “General Norm Schwarzkopf (of Operation Desert Storm fame) once said: “Shined shoes save lives.”

Norm went on to explain that in the heat of battle, the fog of war, under pressure, the undisciplined die. So it is in business.”

Excerpt From: Brunson, Russell. “DotCom Secrets.”


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