Miracles Are Useless, If…

By Rajkumar Richard

The Bible is replete with miracles[1]. Sincere Christians who worship the Triune God will objectively believe every recorded miracle in the Bible. Miracles are intended to glorify God, meet human needs and establish the supernatural basis of revelation.

Miracles Useless Evangelism

Sincere Christians will also affirm miracles subjectively. They will subjectively assert their existence as a product of not one or two, but many a miracle. A classic spiritual example of a miracle is the born-again experience.

Postmodern Christians, however, will arrogantly deny miracles. Consequently, they will deny that the Bible (God’s Word) is inspired by God, is error -free and absolutely trustworthy.

Miracle, by definition, ought to appeal to God as its ultimate source. So atheists are not expected to believe in miracles. However, their beliefs in life from non-life, order from chaos, rational from non-rational are miracles in themselves. It’s just that atheists would attribute miracles to random occurrences without scientific explanation[2].

This article is neither intended to deny miracles nor affirm its absolute uselessness, but it will endeavor to highlight specific instances of application where miracles could be rendered useless.

Miracles Sustain Unbelief

Miracles would be rendered useless if it were solely used as an evangelistic means to bring people to Christ.

Miracles bring people to Christ. The Jews who witnessed Lazarus’ miraculous resurrection believed in Christ (John 11: 45).

However, the Lord Jesus performed numerous miracles. Nevertheless people abandoned HIM. So miracles were either rendered useless when people did not respond with belief in Christ or miracles were not performed with a motive for people to believe in HIM.

The 6th chapter of the gospel of John offers a remarkable insight into people’s disbelief and abandonment of the Lord. Although they were cognizant of the Lord’s miraculous feeding of the 5000 and the miraculous walking on the water, many disbelieved and abandoned HIM (John 6: 30, 66).

This is the problem. Without adequate biblical support, miracles are posited as a vital means to evangelism by certain Christians. But there are instances of people refusing to believe in Christ even upon witnessing miracles. (An overnight change in character from bad to good need not be construed as a miracle by those who are not predisposed to believing in miracles.)

On the other hand, when miracle-workers fail to perform miracles, they ascribe the failure upon the audience. They could claim that their audience did not possess adequate faith in Christ for miracles to occur.

These Christians commonly believe that miracles cannot be performed when there is no faith in people (cf. Matthew 13: 58, Mark 6: 5). This is an invalid notion.

The sovereign God cannot be limited by man’s belief. Christ healed a faithless man who was invalid for 38 years (John 5: 1-9).

Since not all miracles lead people to Christ, a conclusion that miracles sustain unbelief in Christ is reasonable.

Miracles Deceive People

The notion that miracles are solely meant to draw people to Christ presupposes an argument that Christians are the one and the only group who could perform miracles. This is an invalid notion.

The Egyptian magicians imitated the miracles of Moses and Aaron to a large extent (Exodus 7). If miracles are solely meant to draw people to Christ, then the miracles performed by those in the name of their gods would deceptively draw people to their gods. If miracles lead people away from Christ, the notion that miracles should solely lead people to Christ is self-defeating.

The fact remains that miracles could be deceptive.

Satan deceives people through miracles, “The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with how Satan works. He will use all sorts of displays of power through signs and wonders that serve the lie, and all the ways that wickedness deceives those who are perishing…” (2 Thessalonians 2: 9-10, NIV, Emphasis Mine).

Therefore, miracles are useless when it deceives people and draws them away from the living God.

Miracles Propel Evangelists

Quite a few evangelists / miracle-workers perform miracles to propel themselves into greater fame and power. The Bible reveals this fact.

The Bible records Simon’s unholy eagerness to perform miracles (cf. Acts 8: 21-22). Simon probably desired to perform miracles to propel him to greater fame. The depravity of man’s heart remains the same then and now. Now quite a few evangelists use miracles to glorify themselves.

Sadly the destinies of these people are abundantly clear. They are eternally doomed (Matthew 7: 22-23). Although the miracles these people perform could bring people to Christ, these miracles, in their own eternal context, are useless (these miracles do not save the miracle-workers).

Miracles Entertain People

Miracles do possess an entertainment value.

Herod desired entertainment from Christ, so he hoped that the Lord would perform miracles (Luke 23: 8-9). This is the situation with quite a few people today. They look upon miracles as a means of entertainment.  This is another situation where miracles would be rendered useless.

Furthermore, could we pray for miracles in our life today? Yes! Miracles could be a means of God’s answer to our prayers.

How do we recognize if a miracle is from God or not? Miracles from God save man from his terrible predicament. Satan, as an agent of destruction, need not always save man from his predicament, unless ordained by God for a specific reason.

On a rather detached tangent, what about those among us who remain idle while expecting a miracle to happen?

This is a complex question. A universal answer is not a good choice to deal with this predicament. A suitable alternative is to examine every situation as independent of another within this context.

As a case in point, consider a Christian who refuses to eat medicines but waits on God to perform a miracle of healing. While God can accede to this request, HE could, as a just and a sovereign being, deny this prayer request. Hence, it is upon the Christian to know the will of the Lord.

The prayer life of a Christian should determine whether he/she waits upon the Lord for a miracle or consumes medicines, all the while knowing that medicines are also an agent of God’s healing for man.

So to conclude, the Bible reveals that Satan (a created being and enabled by God to perform miracles) could be a secondary source for miracles. In this instance, miracles will lead people away from Christ. So miracles need not always have God as its source (although God is the ultimate source for all miracles).

Man could also employ his [corrupt] freewill to draw people to himself rather than God. So miracles need not always be for the sake of God’s glory.

When a believer of Christ employs miracles for his selfish agendas, God need not necessarily confiscate the spiritual gift of miracles from him / her. The believer is responsible to use every gift for the sake of God’s glory.

Therefore, miracles should not be blindly believed to be as from God or as approved by God. Miracles ought to be perceived with utmost spiritual diligence.


[1] Dr. William Lane Craig defines miracles as extraordinary acts of providence which should not be conceived, properly speaking, as violations of the laws of nature, but as the production of events which are beyond the causal powers of the natural entities existing at the relevant time and place. (http://www.reasonablefaith.org/creation-providence-and-miracle, last accessed on July 13, 2015)

[2]  http://www.bbc.co.uk/religion/0/24660240, last accessed on July 13, 2015

Original Blog Source: http://bit.ly/2tRFqX0


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26 replies
  1. TGM says:

    “It’s just that atheists would attribute miracles to random occurrences without scientific explanation”
    Dear Author of This Article… Have you or the author of the article you cite for this statement ever met an atheist? Please introduce yourselves to one. We are not that difficult to find.

    “…their beliefs in life from non-life, order from chaos, rational from non-rational are miracles in themselves.”
    So do you mean that our beliefs, themselves, are miracles or did you just write that sentence poorly? Now…
    1. Can you tell me the difference between life and non-life? This is not trivial.
    2. Explain why you assume order comes from chaos. I mean… every creationist in the world loves to cite the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics as evidence of chaos coming from order.
    3. Explain what makes you think that the irrational preceded the rational.

    Heya… how do I tell the difference between a miracle and an event that simply has not been explained yet?

  2. Susan says:

    Be sure to google: “More Evidence of Chariot Wheels in the Red Sea Found in 2000” on youtube for some evidence of God’s miracles.

      • Susan says:

        Mockery? What a pathetic line of defense.

        So flippant. A more serious person researches the things of God for an answer until God gives him one.

        If atheists were better researchers and thinkers they might be better Christians than some Christians who are around today but you have issues that you let dominate you.

        So what is left when you’re left in the dark? Mockery or sarcasm.

        Well serious people aren’t impressed with that.

        It’s too bad so many atheists have been duped by religious counterfeits.

        You guys really have no curiosity though you claim scientific curiosity.

        If you had real truth seeking ability you might have requested a little help from God and He might have inspired you to ask the right set of questions to discover the truth.

        Too bad more of you weren’t investigative journalists willing to take a risk to establish the truth. Then maybe God would take notice of you.

        Instead you claim a false authority: materialism to try and explain a spiritual Person away.

        You have a real problem keeping apples separate from oranges, don’t you?

        May God have mercy on your soul.

          • Susan says:

            Well have a great day. Sorry you didn’t like the video.

            I suggest you find a more logical person to engage.

            I am an intuitive type so I really just know a lot of things that are hard to explain.

            And you might need the logic response in a certain way because that makes more sense to the brain type that you have.

            IMHO the Bible actually in it’s way break everything down in verse steps for anyone that wants to know God’s truth but that means you have to actually have read the whole Bible first.
            Later you can go back and ask questions and retrieve the answers that God gives from the Bible.

            That is what doctrine is. Men going back and retrieving God’s logic one piece at a time until they have constructed God’s revelation picture to refer to for easy reference in their own minds.

            God is logical but He has made a treasure hunt out of the Bible. You ask the question and He has already supplied the answer some where in the book.

            So I hope you struggle with the text until you obtain some mastery. Otherwise the best route for you is to find a good Bible teacher.

            There are plenty of bible commentaries online though when you have interpretive problems.

      • Susan says:

        Here google this video and watch it if you want to see some mental and moral heavyweights duke it out:

        On youtube:
        A Lamp In the Dark: The Untold History of the Bible

        Some people don’t goof off on message boards. They actually lay it all on the line for God so maybe they know something that you don’t because they do that. Enjoy!

  3. ANTHONY says:

    Susan: I didn’t mean the video was codswallop. I haven’t watched it. I meant your message was codswallop. I have no intention of either watching the video or reading the Bible.

  4. Susan says:

    Well go your own way then. I choose not to get offended at your language but
    I don’t argue with people’s who’s minds are made up.

    If you have to take your rough language and attitude out on someone then you will have to find someone stupid to talk to who will put up with that kind of thing.

    God says a Christian only has to give an answer. There’s no requirement on us to wrangle at all.

    If you’re not saveable then that is your own self determination and I am not a boundary stealer willing to force God’s will onto people.

    You can think for yourself and be in error all you want. That is your personal prerogative.

    God Bless! Have a great day.

  5. Tracey. says:

    There is not a single reason to stop believing in miracles, just because Jesus Christ the Lord, has died on the cross, he rose again, and said, I leave with you, the Holy Spirit, so, miracle/s continue on, whether a person believes or not is not the matter, of the blessed one who is witness.
    Mighty God, needs not one person to justify Him, he is the Righteous One, The Ancient One. There will never be a day, when Might God, will say, justify my existence, oh human, tell me I am real and that I need you to do so, this day, moment, time will never come, in Job, this is fully explained
    Life and non-life. Isaiah, 9.10, The bricks have fallen,-man made, the stone ready to throw/cast/condemn at the women alleged of Adultery, God made.

  6. Susan says:

    Miracles are interesting because sometimes they serve as credentials for God but they are useless when people let those flashes of power distract them from focusing on Jesus Christ.

    Christianity is not a religion.

    It is a relationship.

    gotquestions.org has an answer to the question:
    “Is Christianity A Religion Or A Relationship?”

    • Tracey. says:

      Religion is a man-made, corporate entity to do the, ‘business workings of,’ enslaving many. So a no Christians are not a religion they are children of God, not corporate entities, bought and sold.

    • Susan says:

      Well you can say that all day but I provided the article name above that explained it and you didn’t read it to inspect the claim.

      You should be more cautious about calling an insider’s claims ridiculous.
      You’re an outsider. How could you possibly know the inner world of a Christian and their relationship with God especially when you go out of the way to devalue them in your own mind.

      Yes, your words reveal that you devalue people.

      At least most Christians know to respect people because they are made in the image of God.

      Unlike some religions like Hinduism which has a caste system so they can have Dalits. Dalits are known in the English speaking world as Untouchables and there is no escaping this status if one accepts one’s birth into it.

      The only way out of being an Untouchable that I know of is conversion.

      Untouchables are frequently subject to abuse by other castes that consider themselves better than the untouchable caste people.

      But here is Jesus speaking about how people should treat others:

      Matthew 22:36-40English Standard Version (ESV)

      36 “Teacher, which is the great commandment in the Law?” 37 And he said to him, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. 38 This is the great and first commandment. 39 And a second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself. 40 On these two commandments depend all the Law and the Prophets.”

      Peace Be With You! Meditate on it. You are loved by God y’know and Jesus has already paid for all your sins on the Cross. Paid for all of them past, present and future. All you have to do is acknowledge Him as per Romans 10:9 and you receive a whole new life.

      Take care and God Bless. This is a most serious relationship with God that he is offering. He adopts His children so be sure to carefully read the whole Bible and think hard on it.

      You can always google gotquestions.org if you have questions on the doctrine of adoption.

      Don’t forget it. Every human being is personally important to God.

  7. Susan Tan says:

    Does anyone else find it ridiculous that some people want miracles more than they want a relationship with the Source of the power i.e. miracles?

    Simon Magus was like that seeking access to the power without seeking to know the True Person wielding the power.

    Jesus spoke with authority and was marvelled at because he had the power to back his authority and everyone observing him knew it though some like the Pharisee High Priest attempted to deny it so they could stay in charge in a worldly way.

    Matthew 7:28-29King James Version (KJV)

    28 And it came to pass, when Jesus had ended these sayings, the people were astonished at his doctrine:

    29 For he taught them as one having authority, and not as the scribes.

    Cross cites to check: Mark 1:22, Mark 6:22, Luke 4:32 for verse 28.
    Isaiah 50:4, John 7:46 for verse 29.

    Jesus says right in the middle of Matthew 7 to his disciples if you ask, seek and knock then a person can receive and find and a door will be opened.

    But not everyone is going to do what Jesus says to do.

    Jesus left everything in heaven, came down from God to teach a group of people to follow him. The knowing is in the revelations that come from following him.

    So the thing people should be seeking to know first is Jesus Christ.

    If you deny he exists then you are no longer seeking to know from the source of spiritual truth.

    God is the authority on the spiritual realm and if He has a set of rules that one must observe to have access to Him then there is no objecting to them. He is the Sovereign of the Universe. The kingmaker is God that’s why kings ruled by the divine right of kings.

    People can break their connection with God though by what they entertain in their hearts. The ancient Israelites broke with God by seeking a human king to rule over them. They didn’t even realize what made them special was belonging to God. They compared themselves to the world and then sought to be like the world by elevating a man over them into the place that God occupied.

    You can learn a lot about the things that people did right and wrong spiritually by reading the Old Testament. People just started to get things much more right once Jesus came down to lead his disciples personally. But worldly people still like to rebel more than they like to seek God to know Him. That is partly inevitable from being born carnal. First comes the natural birth then comes the spiritual later but only if you have the good common sense to recognize and accept Jesus for exactly who he says he is.

    Peter was able to do that. He set the example for doing that so the Lord called him the Rock.

    Isn’t a revelation a firm apprehension, a knowing in one’s mind?

    Belief is just a stepping stone in the direction of knowing.

    Ask almost any Christian if Jesus Christ is their Lord and their Savior and they will say yes if they belong to Jesus.

    That demonstrates a relationship not a religion. Religion is just an outward observance.

    The inward form is the relationship and most Christians that have spent enough time around Christ in the scriptures will tell you they are trying to conform to him.

    You don’t conform to religions.

    You conform to role models and role models are people.

    So Christianity is a relationship.

    The world doesn’t define Christians because Christians are defined by their relationship to Jesus Christ once they repent and make an absolute surrender to him and change their ways.

    So calling Christianity is a misleading. It dumbs down the world’s perception of the fact that Christians have something most people lack which is a relationship with God. God’s assembly of His people is even called the Bride of Christ and brides have relationships to bridegrooms based on personal vows that cannot be broken.

    So so much formthe outsiders calling Christianity a religion.

    We’re God’s new and improved people….we’re not just chosen. We’re adopted and a part of the very family of God.

    So Christ tells His people to ask, seek and knock and the door will be opened.

    Who is going to know more about the spiritual realm better than Christ who taught His disciples spiritual principles?

    Nobody is.

    Nobody is going to be a bigger expert on God than Christ who was the image of God and was called “Rabbi” which means teacher in Hebrew.

    Teachers teach because they know a subject and Christ knew God better than anyone else so He taught the most obedient how to know God.

    If you want to oppose spiritual knowledge with earthly knowledge then go ahead. Just don’t get angry when people don’t respect your lack of experience in the spiritual realm when you do that.

    If you want to learn from the best then you learn from Jesus Christ in the scriptures. Everything else is inferior to learning from him personally and don’t expect miracles over night. God is in charge of the whole spiritual building process.

    If you want the spiritual work to proceed then you get active in a way that God recognizes. He has His ways and they are not the world’s ways.

    Follow Christ if you want to know who God is otherwise you don’t know what you are arguing against.

      • Susan says:

        The Jews look for SIGNS while the Gentiles (Greeks) look for wisdom. But dosen’t God provide both?

        Interesting video on youtube:
        Is the USA in the Bible? Great American Eclipse Aug 21st, 2017 a Real End Time Sign?

        • Tracey says:

          Susan. Great will watch.
          Yes I do believe we are in the middle of signs.
          Yes I do regard God supplies all knowing in various forms at different times.
          I wrote a response to a septic comment by one other.
          And it is not on.

  8. Susan says:

    Tracey, there is an excellent video called “Warning: 8 Super Signs in the Heavens” on youtube.
    We seem to be in the middle of these signs. Simply incredible.

    Acts 2:20 – The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before that great and notable day of the Lord come

    The Great American eclipse will occur on August 17, 2017.

      • Susan says:

        There are certain people who like to argue. They run the gamut from simple unbelief to hostile unbelief. Some just like to argue to play logic games, some are actually militants who are on some kind of mission to deconvert people. Some are people who just like to get personal and hate on others. I have seen all kinds on message boards where they discuss religion heavily.

        Not all atheists argue though. I know one once who told me that she avoids politics and religious discussions because that is where all the crazies hang out and she had a point. There are a lot of atheists trolling and insulting Christians online and I even know of one blog where an atheist stalks a pastor.

        It is really not safe to argue online because it is impossible to truly moderate online discussions and there just are too many “crazies”. No population groups regardless of label lack for people with emotional issues or personality disorders.

        If anyone is “teetering” you won’t know it on here. But sometimes you actually run into a person who actually reads and tries to think.

        So posting on a message board could be a really good thing to do or might not be worth the time it all depends on who is reading. People like to think they are openminded when a lot of people aren’t. If you’ve claimed a label like “atheist” or “theist” then by definition you have taken a stand in your own mind. So what is the point of all this arguing.

        I am starting to think it is just better to point out that philosophy obscures the nature of Christianity.

        There really is no reason we should play the world’s game i.e. logic or philosophy and let it get away with redefining things.

        We’re the family of God and that is a relationship at the core not a religion and that is what makes us different from every other religion.

        If atheists want to dodge the relationship aspect then fine but they should mind their own business and stop intellectualizing about things they don’t know about.

        Unfortunately, these historical arguments have been tolerated for a long time.

        But redefining terms just muddies the waters.

        We should be using God’s language and terms all the time not the world’s because the world just uses the world’s terms to let themselves off the hook.

        If they were really so secure in their unbelief then why argue at all?

        In any case, why pander to the world’s philosophical vanities and pretensions?

        I respect people. I don’t respect all beliefs and I am not going to pretend I do. It just lets the lies and false beliefs to continue and why should I be feeding anyone else’s intellectual ego by playing his game?

        There is no reason to argue if you can’t arrive at the truth is there?

        But Christians already assert we have the truth.

        The Gospel is the truth and is supported by eyewitness evidence.

  9. Susan says:

    Interesting video on youtube about the Sept 21, 2017 solar eclipse naming the 7 Salems it passed over and with info on the 2024 eclipse.

    Google “A News Update Solar Eclipse Will Go Through Seven Salems in America”. The video is short but informative.

  10. gary says:

    And He went into their synagogues throughout all Galilee, preaching and casting out the demons. —Gospel of Mark 1:39

    When I tell Christians that I do not believe in the supernatural, Christians usually respond that miracles are occurring all the time, all over the world. They say that the occurrence of miracles today is proof of the reality of the supernatural, and by extension, proof of the existence of their god. When I ask for evidence of these modern miracles, I am often told to read evangelical Christian scholar, Craig Keener’s, two volume work, “Miracles”. Well, I have read it. What is really interesting about this book is that Keener admits that he did not research even one of the hundreds of miracle claims he presents. He simply accepts the word of the various people who told him the stories.

    What is even more interesting about this “Christian textbook of miracles” is that the most fantastical of miracles (eg. raising from the dead) always seem to occur in poor, Third World countries where the level of education and income is low and the level of belief in the supernatural (superstitions) is high.

    When I point out this discrepancy to Christians their typical response is this: “God works his miracles among those with the greatest faith. People in the developing world have more faith in God than materialistic westerners whose cultures are turning their backs on God.”


    Well, if that is true—that the reason that the more spectacular of miracles do not occur in the once-Christian West because these cultures have turned their backs on God and have engaged in willful sin against Him—then shouldn’t we see more demon possession in the West??? But we don’t, do we? When was the last time your neighborhood pastor or priest cast out demons from one of your neighbors or one of the homeless in the area? Never? Isn’t that odd? In Jesus’ day demon-possessed people seemed to be hanging out on every street corner! And according to Kenneth Woodward, author of “The Book of Miracles”, the belief in demon-possession and the need for exorcisms continued in the late Roman period and throughout the Middle Ages (500 CE – 1500 CE). So why are exorcisms so rare now?

    Is it possible that the reason that there are few if any exorcisms today in the “sinful, God-rejecting” West is because “possessed” people in these cultures today are being medicated for their psychotic mental illnesses and seizure disorders??? Is the real reason that there are few if any exorcisms in First World countries today because demon-possession is nothing but an ancient superstition??? And what does that say about Jesus and his fame as an exorcist?

    The absence of exorcisms today is excellent evidence that the miracles and exorcisms of the first century were legends, the exaggerations of emotionally hysterical, superstitious, scientifically-ignorant peoples; no different from the fantastical miracle claims which regularly come out of impoverished Third World countries today, mostly from Pentecostal sources…such as those in Craig Keener’s book. Modern, educated people should not believe in ghost impregnated virgins, water-walking, demon-possession, nor in the resurrection of the corpse of a brain-dead first century apocalyptic preacher.

  11. Andre says:

    When I was around seven years old my late mother related a magic show she once attended in the early 50’s. Included in this mix bag of stories were the ones about Houdini. The memory of what happened at the show became corrupted to the point where the reality of what transpired were eventually lost. She believed magic was real until our neighbor informed her it was mass hypnosis(?) That became her new understanding of magic an illusions. Of course today we know better. Magic that fooled adults 50 years ago are barely fooling youngsters at a kids party in the 21st century.

    Claimed psychics viz. Uri Gellar and Steve Shaw not only fooled the world but even hard core scientists who were thoroughly fooled in believing psychic power – and this during an age of information, high levels of literacy, and enlightenment. When David Copperfield performed in South Africa a few years back there were numerous conservative/religious folks who believed he had real powers. These were/are honest witnesses

    Why am I mentioning this? Well if a group of psychics/magicians fooled so many learned well informed witnesses in today’s age. How easy was it 2000 years ago to fool illiterate, ignorant desert folk in so called miracles and resurrections to get them to believe for religious or political gain?

    There is NO evidence to support these supernatural events – 0% proof that these were real because being fooled is easy. Christianity contains plenty of historical evidence, plenty of philosophy, culture, rules and laws that can be tested and examined, but you cannot prove or test a supernatural event that took place two thousand years ago irrespective of the ‘quality’/reliability of the witnesses. The witness account was real to them and they probably reported on it honestly. But it doesn’t make it real anymore than a learned scientist witnessed a psychic demonstration.


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