As the world continues to get darker, is there hope in a Godless society? What does it mean when a feminist liberal icon like Naomi Wolf starts talking about spiritual warfare and says “it’s time for intellectuals to talk about God“? Is the world starting to get so dark that even atheists and those on the extreme left are seeking out the light? Could it be that the REAL war doesn’t originate with Republicans and Democrats but spiritual dark forces?

Todd Herman was a dominant talk radio host in Seattle for eight years and was a regular fill-in for Rush Limbaugh (God rest him). In November of 2021, after being told he couldn’t say certain things on the air, Todd made the decision to take his show private to what is now ‘The Todd Herman Show‘. On this episode of ‘I Don’t Have Enough Faith To Be an Atheist’, he speaks candidly with Frank about many of his experiences as a conservative talk radio host living in Seattle and how God is using these dark times to bring people on all sides of the political spectrum closer to the truth of His Word. He also cautions us on making politics our idol (should churches even talk about politics?), and why today is one of the greatest times to be a Christian. If you know God and His Word, you know that ultimate hope doesn’t come from the government or the next election cycle. It can only come from the Creator Himself.

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