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Does The Minimal Facts Approach Dishonor God’s Word?

By Evan Minton The Minimal Facts Approach is an approach to establishing the truth of Jesus’ resurrection using two criteria; (1) they must be facts that have a lot of evidence in their favor, and (2) these facts must be universally or nearly universally agreed upon by scholars and historians who study the subject, even […]

How to Become a True Student and a Better Apologist

By Michael C. Sherrard This is a bit exaggerated, but I’m not sure that anybody is actually interested in learning anything anymore. We live in a political and religious playground filled with thumbs in ears and shouts of “nah nah nah nah, I can’t hear you.” Most people are guilty of this. You are likely guilty […]


By Tim Stratton It seems commonplace today for entire groups of people to be painted with a broad brushstroke and labeled as being afraid or fearful. The word “phobia” or “phobic” is often attached to the end of another word which is supposed to represent a group who is scared of other people. So, what does […]

So What If Hitler Was A Christian? (Would Hitler’s Christianity Hurt Historic Christianity?)

By Rajkumar Richard The holocaust, masterminded by Adolf Hitler and his Nazi regime, devoured 11 million lives, among them were 6 million Jews, and the other 5 million comprising of people with mental and physical disabilities, communists, resistance fighters, Slavic people, homosexuals, priests, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and anarchists etc. The antagonists of Historic Christianity argue that […]

A Quick Case For Jesus’ Resurrection

By Evan Minton I’ve always struggled with brevity some of my apologetic presentations. The trick is to keep it a decent length while simultaneously not skimming on important facts. A handful of my blog posts are kind of long due to my struggle, but fortunately, the vast majority of them are at a length you […]

Is Christianity Useful Anymore? The Younger Generations Don’t Seem To Think So

By Michael C. Sherrard According to recent research, the coming generations have no use for Christianity any more. I’m sure you’ve seen what these sociological studies have found: the younger the generation, the more post-christian it is. Young Americans are less inclined to believe in heaven and hell, that scripture is the word of God, that satan […]

What About God of the Gaps?

By Brent Hardaway If you present the cosmological or design arguments to skeptics at least a few times, it’s extremely likely that you’ll hear the words “That’s a ‘God of the gaps’ argument.” This objection is rooted in the idea that because a number of things throughout human history have been wrongly attributed to the […]

Why Is The Image of God So Important?

By Luke Nix Introduction Those who follow this blog are aware that I not only defend “mere” Christianity, but I also defend specifics in the Christian worldview. As I have written before, I believe that if a Christian is defending an incorrect detail of their worldview to a skeptic, that skeptic can easily use that […]

When Does Personhood Begin? Part II

By Clinton Wilcox Previously we looked at some of the arguments and assumptions made to assert that the unborn either are not humans or are not “persons”. But now we’ll look at another kind of objection. Some pro-choice advocates know that the unborn are biologically human from fertilization. However, they’ll argue that while the unborn are […]

10 Signs of a Cultic Church

By Brian Chilton A few weeks back, I was troubled to hear about a Word of Faith congregation in Spindale, North Carolina, that was guilty of abusing its members. Reports included young children being punched by the leadership while being called Satanists. Jane Whaley and her husband are at the center of these accusations. The […]

The Omnibenevolence of God

By Tim Stratton God is Omnibenevolent! Simply put, God is perfectly good and all-loving. Not only does the Bible make this clear (Psalm 100:5; Psalm 145:17; John 3:16), but logicians have also deductively concluded this apart from the Bible through the Moral Argument and the Ontological Argument. Now, if God were simply omnipotent (all-powerful) and omniscient […]

3 Startling Truths about the Early Church from the Pre-New Testament Texts

By Brian Chilton Throughout the New Testament, one will find early creeds, formulations, and hymns that predate the New Testament itself. These texts are often called “proto-New Testament texts.” Proto-New Testament texts date back to the earliest church from those who were eyewitnesses of Jesus himself. 1 Corinthians 15:3-8 is perhaps the most popular of […]

Unholy Benefits of Atheism

By Rajkumar Richard Examining atheism from the vantage point of Christianity motivates a Christian to ask two questions. First, “what would I gain if I convert to atheism?” Second, “is there any value to the benefits stockpiled from atheism?” What would I gain if I convert to atheism? Thankfully, the “Creed” penned by the English […]